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7th March 2005, 07:21 PM
:D I guess it's time to read about something interesting.

A couple of years ago I stopped at the local K Mart on a sunny, Saturday afternoon to pick up a few things I needed. The store is on a busy street and gets a lot of traffic. The neighborhood is lower income, so the customers can be really interesting. I'd just walked to the entrance when this women in her late twenties rounded the corner. She was an attractive, trim brunet and easily caught my eye. I suppose that some women just have that sexy walk of confidence that catches your attention. Anyway, this lady was wearing a dirty, grey sweatshirt that just reached her waist and had on a pair of fairly brief, faded out, blue short shorts. There was a nearly dried pee stain that stretched from her mid inner thigh on each leg and looped up over her pussy. A recognized the stain as the result of a classic wetting, but one that Iím sure, occurred earlier in the day. She must not have cared at the time it happened and then didn't even bother to change her pants, just wearing them until they dried and forgetting about it.

As my eyes moved from her crotch we made eye contact and I'm sure she knew what I'd been looking at. Her expression didn't change and she just brushed past me as she continued into the store. The stain on her butt was also quite obvious but only extended to cover her panty lines and wasn't nearly as visible as the stain on her front. Really, her pee had not been very strong and I think many people probably wouldn't even have noticed that she had wet herself. After our eyes met, Iím pretty sure she knew though because she reached around behind her to pull her shorts loose from a rather sexy looking bottom.

I suspect that she'd been in some situation where it was easier to just go in her pants. Maybe she was around the house or something where she thought it would not really matter. Later she changed her mind and needed to go to the store. Really rare to see a women just wear them dry and in fact Iíve only seen it a couple of other times where a pretty lady is walking around with a dried yellow stain surrounding her crotch.

Anyone seen this before? Please tell.

22nd March 2005, 02:45 AM
i have honestly nevers seen anything like that before, and i love yellow stains almost as much as swimsuit pissing.

31st March 2005, 05:16 PM
I used to play tennis with a girlfriend who wore shorts under her tennis skirt to hide her knickers. But I saw them on one occasion and the crotch had a big yellow stain. She would have been so embarrased if she knew I had seen her knickers at all, but especially wet ones.

31st March 2005, 05:37 PM
I once saw a lady pee beside her car on a rather busy highway, she didn't seem to mind that she did so in full sight af everyone going by.
Very sexi, I must say

1st April 2005, 05:47 AM
Last week at McDonalds in Berkeley, I could see the ladies restroom from my seat. There was a young woman waiting at the door doing a "rain dance" that was getting increasingly frantic. She had her hand pressed tightly into her crotch and her legs tight against it.

Finally she got in. As ahe walked toward me after finishing in the ladies room, I could see a nice fist sized wet spot and about the same on the back as she passed

Cookiepees (Almost Everywhere)
If my pants are dry, I must be sick! :rolleyes:

2nd April 2005, 01:55 AM
Never seen anything like this. I almost find it hard to believe except that this kind of thing HAS to be happening. Sites like this exist after all.

11th April 2005, 05:26 PM
my sisters panties always seemed to have peestains i dont now if she pissed herself (18yrs old) or if she just leaked a bit i wish i knew

11th April 2005, 11:32 PM
ya a girl at school wearing tight blue jeans had a little accident and was visible. but she was popular.

11th April 2005, 11:46 PM
I've seen a few people like that.....usually out in the early morning or late at night when they are going to the store or something and just threw anything on

10th August 2005, 04:51 AM
I've seen two. One just about a year ago in a supermarket was a mother with three kids. The oldest was about 5 and a real terror. Another was a toddler and the youngets was probably about 6months or so. She was wearing faded jean shorts. The stain, completely dry, was a halfmoon from her butt cheeks up halfway to her waist in back. The front wasn't as bad, only half the size. I know that pregnancies sometimes cause incontinence so my thought was she'd had an "accident" caused by that. But as to why she was wearing pants that were stained...???

The other was while I was in college. The sister of one of my roommates was attending a college about an hour or so away. She'd catch a ride from time to time to just drop in and say "Hi". On this one night we'd gone out to party a bit and lost track of time so she missed her ride back. When we realized it we decided to keep on partying. Somewhere along the line she wet herself and neither I nor her sister knew. We put her up in our room and when we woke up in the morning we smelled pee. It was Lisa (and her now dried jeans). She was at least 30 pounds heavier than either of us so we couldn't share our clothes with her. When she finally got somebdy to come and pick her up she went out in those same peed in jeans with the stain. Her sister loaned her a jacket to try and hide it until she got clean clothes.

I;ve worn clothes I've peed in and that had dried but I was always pretty sure that the stain wasn't visable. Color has alot to do with it and so does the material of the clothes. I have a pair of navy blue microfiber shorts that when I pee in them, the weave is so tight that the wetness doesn't show unless I actually rub between my legs. I'm certainly not going to do THAT in public so... no one knows (as far as I know). :p

10th August 2005, 01:37 PM
It's great fun putting on dried peed clothes. The only thing I worry about is the smell - sheluvs2Bwet, does anyone smell the dried peed clothes you're wearing? I've worn dried peed jeans to the supermarket and other public places the next day, but I don't know whether anyone can smell the pee.

I remember watching a webcam show once, and the model (I think her name was Michelle) said she was in the habit of wearing her dried peed jeans again the next day. Whether she was making it up, I don't know, but the thought turned me on.

I have an old pair of faded blue jeans that I never wash after I've peed in them. I simple leave them to dry, and end up peeing in them again when I next put them on. Does anyone else have items of clothing they don't wash after peeing in them? Wearing dried peed jeans is great.

10th August 2005, 04:19 PM
To Carol85:
In the summer, when I'm most likelyto be wearing clothes (and panties) that have been peed in and dried, I'll also be coated in sunscreen. As far as I can tell that does the job of masking the odor. In the winter I usually rub some cologne on my inner thighs just in case I decide to wet in some way.

I LOVE to wet and rewet the same panties and knit pants. I posted a few pix of me in the gallery the other day that you might want to take a PEEk at. :p
I would never think of wearing those in public though. It's just for my own personal pleasure. BTW: the smell is quite pungent!