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phoser 1st May 2006 12:16 PM

Re: men wearing panties
My thing is pantyhose and, or panties most always. But the highlight is to just pee away thru the pantyhose.
Even better is when wife and I are both wearing, we lay together and mutually release on each other thru the sexy material.

Lil_Robyn_Young1 2nd May 2006 02:36 AM

Re: men wearing panties
Peeing while wearing panties or better yet, some of the disposable panty like incontinence 'panties' is wonderful.. The excitement of girlish atire and the warmth of a wet, pair of undies prsssig close

matatoie 2nd May 2006 03:48 AM

Re: men wearing panties
Yes, there is just something really sexy about wearing panties. Especially silky ones...Anyone ever steal any from the laudrymat?

terrywet1 2nd May 2006 08:44 AM

Re: men wearing panties
Originally Posted by tbaybj49
I find it to be extra erotic to wear panties or pantyhose while peeing. It seems to make it even more naughty which really turns me on.

Yes, I like to wear my wife's panties to pee in, especially her silky satin type ones. I have worn pantyhose as well for pee fun, but I must admit I just prefer panties, I'm not really into wearing pantyhose that much. I agree it was fun though on the one or two occasions I did. Pantyhose makes the pee run down the legs nicely, rather than just run straight out of the front and crotch of the panties :) .

pissywink 2nd May 2006 11:30 PM

Re: men wearing panties
I love it when my partner dresses in my satin panties, stockings and my long blonde wig and then proceeds to pee so that it runs through the fabric and I can rub it all over his body and then lick it off again. He is tall and slim with a gorgeous arse you could die for so fits nicely into such sexy clothes. :wave:

forum155pl 3rd May 2006 02:51 AM

Re: men wearing panties
My girlfriend loves me to wear her panties... I like to wear hers all the time..

Macka_2186 3rd May 2006 04:14 AM

Re: men wearing panties
my preference is regular clothes, though i haven't gotten heavily into this yet so i'm still quite shy and haven't experimented much, i find regular clothes make it exciting, as if i'm out in public or something, not sure why, i just like it :p

luvhernectar 3rd May 2006 07:44 AM

Re: men wearing panties
i like when my wife pee's in her cotton panties and puts them on me, other than that she buy's me panty's she knows what i like i'm wearing her pantys right now. (i wish they were wet)

urokevin7201 3rd May 2006 08:54 PM

Re: men wearing panties
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Panties are great, but I love all other women's clothes. Teddies are probably my favorite. Enjoy slips, skirts and dresses. I've been posting pics and my peeing adventures over at the sprinkles board, but seems they have an image limit, so I'm moving over here. I have a location out in the desert that I stop at on the way home from work and change into something fun and pee and shoot images of it. I'll usually then wear the wet skirt (today, it was a pink teddy, long white slip, and a cotton dress) home then change in the garage before walking through the apartment complex...I'm not that brave! My wife doesn't like the crossdressing thing, so I have to do it in secret. Most of my clothes are from a local thrift store....recently I found a neat pair of British panties with some ruffle lace at the leg holes...that lace holds the pee agains my legs...great feeling. Never seen panties like those here in SoCal.

So another question related to the question of the thread...anyone else like to wear maxipads with their panties? I to dribble into it at work...can do that several times before risking a leak.


urokevin7201 3rd May 2006 09:13 PM

Re: men wearing panties photo attachment feature worked! Here's a challenge to all you guys who've posted that you like to wear panties while peeing...document it with pics and share!


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