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vnh_359 7th December 2008 07:00 PM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
I would never pee in the middle of the road but i have peed on the side of the road many times, also been caught most of the time.

truckman23us 7th December 2008 07:26 PM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
I was in disney world on line for one of the jungle rides and 2 geman woman had to pee. They did not want to get out of line so they just face into the bushes and pulled their shorts aside and peed. I had to spend the rest of the day listening to my wife bitch about it and hide my hardon!

Kellygirl59 15th June 2009 07:45 PM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
I don't pee in the middle of the road but have peed tons of times next to the car on the side of the road. :p

vpw 16th June 2009 05:31 AM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
Actually many women and young girls today are adapting a practical approach to peeing in the open. So spotting a woman or bunch of women peeing in the open is getting more frequent now. I have seen mothers and daughters peeing next to their car in crowded highway, laybys or parking liots. I have come across situations where busloads of strangers, men and women openly peeing in front of each other. Men would be lined up against the trees while the women would just squat with their backs against the trees if there was ever any. The women would be fully exposed in front of the men but that don't seem to bother them. Its definitely a healthy and practical trend for sure.

Maria_M69 16th June 2009 07:07 AM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
One situation I witnessed earlier this year, was when a couple of women sqatted down in the open, all flesh bared, after a Pink concert in Manchester... right next to Pinks limo!! The cheer from the crowd was almost as loud as the ones in the arena! Very funny!

(Don't think Pink was in the limo at the time I hasten to add!)

glennie4 16th June 2009 07:54 AM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
previous post was deleted, will attempt to make my idea/reaction more concrete ;_;

I definitely agree with vpw that women peeing in public (basically, outside, anywhere besides a toilet) is something that has increased exponentially in popularity over the last decade or so. I imagine it has to do with a general coming to terms with a lot of taboo things in our society but also, they started coming up with all these crazy devices so chicks could use urinals or whatever. And they just seem so unnecessary and inconvenient.

Most of the women I've known and gotten close to are comfortable with peeing outdoors, I believe it is more common for them to take a squat instead of standing though.

I like the idea of roadside peeing for the reason that, more or less, whoever catches you can't do anything about it, and you could just imagine it turned them on.

vpw 16th June 2009 04:59 PM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
Actually among my friend's circle there are those who are inhibited and would try and hold it till the last moment and there are those who don't care at all except for getting relief right away. The later types are higher in numbers, for instance I am quite close to a friend's family, he used to be my co-worker till I changed my company. He has a wife and two daughters, one around tweny four and the other around nineteen going to college. We do lots of outdoor activities like off roading etc. or just going for long drives. Most of the times I accompany them and either it would be my vehicle or it would be theirs. On way we would take frequent pit stops and since we usually are traveling in remote areas, there are no facilities as such. Usually it would be the side of the road for relief. The mother and girls are totally uninhibited in that sense. She would just open the door and pee with a half squat leaned forward with her ass facing the car with everything on display. Her big ass cheeks would be parted away giving a wonderful view of her trimmed pussy and bunghole, quite a few times she would let out a fart as well, all casual. The daughters are no different, they would usually squat next to the car or pee like their mother. I have seen this trend getting quite common. The family is quite comfortable peeing in the open and sometimes they would be joking and laughing as well and this includes my friend that is her husband. During winters we were stuck in a heavy snowstorm and were at a crawl pace. We had to make a pit stop and my friend's wife was the first to go, she just did her usual stance of half squat holding on to the SUV door, since it was winters, she hand't bothered shaving her quim and the girls as well as her husband were making fun of her jungle down there, she took it with a sense of humor and not any annoyance. I have seen the same behavior among my friend's wives and kids when we go boating, most would pee by hanging their asses off the boat or go and squat in full view at the back of the boat.

ppppppp 18th June 2009 11:59 PM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
I was in a traffic jam; cars going to a festival. Gridlock. Ahead of me two girls got out of their car and darted across the road, through an open gate and into a field. They were so desperate they did not bother to try to hide. Both just yanked down their jeans and squatted quickly beside the hedge, pee pouring from them even as they pulled the denim down. Fantastic sight!

vpw 19th June 2009 07:34 PM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
Some of my best sightings have come on road across the three continents I have traveled so far in my life and everywhere its been the same, women would hold till they would be at bursting point and then loose all inhibitions and pee in the open with everything on display. Its seems to be like a threshold for women, once they reach the breaking point, they are not concerned with modesty, rather their priority is immediate relief and prevention of wetting their clothes. Since my work puts me on road wherever I go, I have noticed this behavior to be universal. I have seen bus full of young college girls get down and pee one by one by the side of their bus in full view of traffic, not one acted embarrassed and actually it seemed they were having a good time laughing and joking with their privates fully exposed to all on road. I have had mothers and daughters go behind their car and pee on the bumper, one thing is for sure, today's women are not pee or pussy shy. They have seen men whisk it out and now they feel that they need not feel ashamed of their genitals during an emergency situation. Actually the younger generation is far less inhibited today than ever. Actually peeing outdoor by women have been the accepted norm throughout history. I have seen black and white photos of well dressed women peeing outdoor, the shot was taken from the back the women were talking among themselves and weren't bothered. In the background one could see people passing by so I guess it was a normal situation. Recently I came across a youtube clip of certain well dressed upper thirties ladies peeing in the urinal in full company of other men. These two ladies were probably filmed by their friends. They had lifted up their skirts and were peeing with their back to the trough while other men looked on. None of the ladies were bothered, they were actually conversing among themselves. In France while stuck on the Germany-France border, I saw a young mother get off her car with what appeared to be two other women of her age and her two kids aged around four and seven. The male driver, probably her husband just got out and whisked his dick out and peed in full view of others while the women just went to the back of the car and peed in full view with the kids standing right in front of them and watching.

In Asia specially in under developed areas like Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam its very common to see local women squatting by the roadside. Even tourists are discouraged from going to the bushes due to fear of unexploded mines so its quite normal to see a parked bus and exposed butts and pussies of western women squatting to pee by the side of the road. I had a phenomenally good sighting like that when stuck in a huge muddy road while on way back from Angkor Wat. There is a narrow road which is not metaled and during rains, it turns into slush leading to many vehicles getting stuck. I was getting ready for a long boring time that lay ahead. After an hour I began to notice many people getting out of their vehicles either to stretch their legs or to take a pee. I had some distant sightings of mostly men peeing and few women but they were too far off. I had no desire to leave my car and walk around in the murk to get some sightings. There was a tourist bus that was parked right ahead my SUV, I noticed few people getting off the bus, all of them were what appeared to be Japanese males. Soon one by one they began to pee by the side of the road. I was kind of disappointed as I had no desire to watch males peeing, if anyone has been to Angkor, they would recall this route which is a narrow road with dense vegetation on both sides with the road being elevated from either side. After a while I noticed more males got out of the bus but now the things got interesting, quite a few young Japanese women, girls and mothers with their kids got out. They all had tissues in their hands which only meant one thing. Few of them were talking to the males who were peeing by the side, one of them went down the edge of the road to take a look at the vegetation probably to find a spot for privacy. She realized it was nearly impossible to descend the slope as it was all mud. Now I was wondering what would their strategy be, I knew quite well it wouldn't be possible for them to go too far off from their bus and even if they did, they would find the situation same all across the road. The woman walked back and started having a discussion with the other women, I noticed some of them were quite desperate. One of them just shrugged her shoulders and gestured toward the rear of the bus. Then she quickly began to walk toward the back of the bus, I thought she would pass the bus and go further off to find a spot, instead she turned toward the back of the bus, that meant she was right between my vehicle and the back of the bus. She quickly came up to the rear of the bus and I noticed she was pulling at the drawstrings of her trouser bottoms. My heart almost stopped, I couldn't believe my eyes that a young Japanese woman would go right there in front of me and others. She faced my vehicle with her back to the bus, I pretended to be looking elsewhere to put her at ease, this is very important in case you are interested in getting good sightings, never gawk or stare, the subject is already embarrassed enough, her urgency is making her shed her last shreds of inhibitions and dignity so try and make her comfortable even if that means not getting the sighting. Anyways I noticed on one go the woman had lowered her bottoms and squatted right away, a thick stream of pee shot out between her wide spread legs, in broad daylight I could see her thick hair covered pussy clearly with their lips parted, as this woman was peeing two other women joined her, one was a girl no more than eighteen, all came quickly to the back of the bus, the young girl was holding on to her crotch so she must have been quite desperate. Both quickly lowered their pants and squatted with their glorious hair covered pussies on full display. This scenario repeated for about the next fifteen minutes and by then I must have seen at least twenty Japanese women peeing. It was indeed a lucky day for me.

thunderbolt37 20th June 2009 07:51 PM

Re: Woman peeing in the middle of the road
i love watching women pee in public places

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