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The_PHAT_Man 21st February 2010 12:45 AM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
I have a g/f that wet herself once when we were at a nightclub. She was a bit tipsy from all the drinking and decided that she'd rather wet herself than go to the bathroom (which she said was VERY filthy). She wore a skirt so no one noticed that her pink thong under her skirt was soaked.

alfresco01 22nd February 2010 11:04 PM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
To carry on where I left off in my last post.....

A bit later in the evening I was walking down a quiet street and a group of four girls and three blokes were walking towards me. I heard one of the girls say to the others "I swear I'm going to have to pee in one of these doorways right here" I didn't hear the replies, but I bought myself a bit of time in the area and tried to encourage their freedom to pee by going and peeing in an alcove myself. They saw me go into this corner and probably heard me peeing. As I came out, two of the girls were keeping the boys together and the other two went round a corner. I also went round the corner and was rewarded with the sight of one of the girls squatted in a doorway with the her black trousers round her knees and the other girls stood in front of her. The girl peeing was just about done and I saw her stand up and pull up her trousers just before I got to them. I kept walking, but knew that they were likely to swap, so I glanced over my shoulder and sure enough they were changing places. The second girl soon hitched up her short skirt and squatted into the doorway. I turned round and headed back the way I had come. The girl squatting was obviously not bothered as she could see me coming and didn't make any attempt to stop. As I drew alongside I had a good view of her bare bottom and pee slowing to a trickle. She stood up and straightened her skirt and they ran round the corner to rejoin the rest of the group. The doorway was well and truly flooded.

I continued round the corner after the girls and noticed that there was still one girl missing from the group. She had been one of the girls that was keeping the blokes away from the peeing girls. I realised that she must have broken off to find a place to pee herself, so I scanned the doorways and sure enough, I could just see her knees sticking out into the street. She was nearly finished and she stood up and adjusted her dress before I really saw anything, but she was definitely peeing and had peed quite a lot by the look of the floor.

I am back up there tomorrow, so with a bit of luck there may be more to report later in the week.

igelkott 22nd February 2010 11:45 PM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
Once I walked on a rather busy street not so very late at night. There were four young girls (probably still in their teens) heading for a teenage disco located in a street corner. They didn't stop at the disco entrance, instead they walked a little further and stopped at an alcove. "You can pee there" one of them said.

One of the girls pulled down her jeans and knickers and squatted in the corner of the alcove. She peed and the other girls just watched. I had stopped to have a look, but they took no notice of me. A lot of people walked by on the sidewalk but the girls didn't seem to bother.

When the first girl had finished peeing the second girl pulled down her clothes and peed on the same spot as the first one. I still stood there watching.

It didn't stop there. When the second girl had finished peeing the girl who was "the leader" said "now it's your turn" and then the third girl stepped in the corner and did the same thing as the others had done. The pee puddle now had grown and was flooding out on the sidewalk but no one else seemed to care.

I stood and watched and hoped that even the fourth girl (the leader) was going to pee, but no she didn't! Maybe she just liked to watch the other girls pee just as I did?

That was one of my best memories of girls peeing in alcoves....but I've seen many...

jimmy45 23rd February 2010 09:01 PM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
have never seen a girl pee in a night club, but ive tasted a few after night club pussys that have a nice hint of piss

igelkott 23rd February 2010 11:26 PM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
I've never seen anyone pee inside a nightclub, but lots of girls peeing outside. Sometimes you can be lucky to find some night clubs where there are a lot of people and not so many toilets. In such cases it's great to hang around and be observant whenever a girl leaves the club.

Sometimes girls leave the club just to go for a pee and then return. Usually you learn there are one or two good places to pee in a club's neighbourhood (especially if you've scouted a little), so you just have to follow discreetly.

I've seen lots of girls peeing in such situations. Sometimes, when the time and the place seemed right for it, I have peed with the girl(s). They usually don't mind.

A few times the girl has obviously enjoyed my company, looking at me peeing and even showing her pussy. Yeah, some of them are exhibitonists. :p

vpw 7th March 2010 01:29 PM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
Having worked as a bouncer in many of the nightclubs around NYC, I can tell you that the girls are too drunk to even care where they pee or who is watching them. Many a times we would have to move girls in various state of pee out of our front entrance. Specially when the lines would get long, girls already full on booze would just regularly break line and pee right there at the entrance, sometimes out of compassion we had to look the other way instead of throwing them. I would usually point them to the nearest parking lot. Most of the times girls would leave in group, I remember at a nightclub in Staten Island, the teens would go in a group and pee either by the side streets or alleys or in between cars. It used to be early morning so traffic was few but still there. These girls would drop their pants and pee in the parking lot which was always well lighted and manned. Most of the girls would also do that before getting into their cars, all one needed to do was make regular rounds of the parking lots, even when someone would pass them, they were too zonked to care.

showmedick1 7th March 2010 06:18 PM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
Wow, all this about girls peeing and nothing about guys! I know there are some guy-watchers on this board, but maybe they haven't read this thread.

I would guess more guys would pee outside nightclubs then women, since it's easier for them. Too bad there aren't any nightclubs in my quiet town or I'd hang around them. I've never caught anybody, male or female, peeing outside a bar or club, but I sure would like to. Preferably some guy too drunk to care letting it all hang out for any passers-by. Or maybe two or three together. Mmmmmmm...

showmedick1 7th March 2010 06:29 PM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
On further thought -- they'd be so drunk they welcomed being watched by a woman and they'd turn to give a better show. Then they'd be turned on by that and begin stroking ... and I'd have my vibrator handy and use it while I watched them.

Hawkseye 8th March 2010 12:54 AM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
Sounds like northern girls have a more relaxed attitude to weeing in the street then the girls down here in the south, or maybe they are just quicker to lose there inhibitions when theyve had a few. Shame, coz if i lived any further South, i'd be in the English Channel!

alfresco01 12th March 2010 11:26 PM

Re: Nightclub Pee Sightings
For the benefit of ShowMeDick1 and others who are interested, I can assure you that there are more men peeing outside than women in all the places I've been at night time. I haven't reported them, because I don't take that much notice as I'm only interested in the girls, however, a few from the last time that might be worth a mention are:-

I walked down a quiet street. There were three men in their twenties ahead of me. The turned the corner at the end of the road and disappeared from sight. When I rounded the corner, I saw all three of them peeing. One was on the left side of the road and was stood peeing against a wheelie bin, side on to the road. I literally walked right next to him and he didn't falter or say anything. His pee was pouring out in a steady stream onto the side of the bin. Over the road, his two mates had taken up positions in a door way and were stood back to back, peeing down the walls at the sides of the doorway. Again, they didn't make any attempt to stop or hide when I went past.

Another one, which was amazingly public was right outside the club, with loads of people around and a police car parked up just down the street. A man, again in his twenties, went to the corner of a hot food stand and peed behind it. Well, when I say behind it, it was behind from the pavement where most of the people were, but it was in full view of the road where all the taxis were and in full view of the people on the other side of the road.

On the same night, there were another two men who I saw peeing in a corner off a side street as well.

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