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Privacy Policy takes the privacy of its users very seriously. The following privacy policy explains what personal data we use and how we use it. This policy is subject to change at any time in the future.

How we gather user data
Your personal information is provided by you when you register to the website and create your profile. This data is stored securely and is used to authorise your access to your user account and other features on the website. Personal information submitted by you is used for the purposes of providing social features to you. Personal information may also be used for the purposes of contacting you in the event of an issue. If you have opted to receive news updates and offers on the website, your personal data will also be used for the purpose of such communications. Furthermore, notifications regarding your account, new private messages etc. will be sent to you.

Protecting your data
We take utmost care to protect your personal data and keep it secure. All your information is stored securely in a database. Your password is not stored. Instead, we generate a one-way encryption of your password and store that in the database so that it can be compared to a newly encrypted version of the password you enter when you log in.

Who has access to your private data?
Your private data is only used internally by this website. We do not sell, exchange or share your private data with any third party. We may use other service providers and contractors such as server administrators, and other technical partners. In some cases, it may be necessary for them to have access to limited data for the purpose of providing their services to the website or the user.

What private data is collected, stored and used?
We collect, store and use all private data you submit to us when you create an account and profile. This data includes your email address, username, first name, date of birth and location, gender and other information you knowingly provide.

Some data you provide to the website is publically visible to other users in the form of your profile. This may include your username and other information you share. It may also include automatically generated information including whether you are currently on the website. You can also post other personal data on your public profile and elsewhere such as photos, posts and other text. Once you make data publically available via your profile or elsewhere on the website, it is no longer regarded as private data. For this reason, we request that you do not post your email address or other sensitive personal data publically.

We do not collect, store or use any sensitive payment information such as credit or debit card details.

Data collected automatically
While you are using this website some data may be collected automatically. This includes; your IP address (at the time of your visit), date and times of certain activities.

This website, like the majority of websites, uses browser cookies to authenticate users for the purpose of securing the site and identifying a user and matching a user with their account and services. Cookies are also used to track visitors through the site for the purposes of understanding how the site is used and making improvements based on that analysis. Most tracking is carried out anonymously.

Viewing your personal data and making changes
You can access the personal data we hold about you within your account area. You can freely view and edit your user data and profile information at any time. You may request a complete copy of the private data we have stored for you by using the contact link below. You must provide proof of identity with your request in order to ensure you have a right to the data.

Deleting all your data
If you should wish to delete your user account, profile and private data used by this website, you can do so via the privacy tools page. This will permanently remove all of your data and can not be undone.

Data retention
Data associated with user accounts and profiles are stored indefinitely so that you can log in to the site at any time in the future. Data associated with users who have not logged in for a very long time and are deemed to be forgotten accounts may be deleted as part of maintaining the website. We also reserve the right to delete user accounts and profiles of users who are deemed to be in breach of the terms and conditions of use of the website. In addition, as a registered user of the website, you have the ability to permanently delete all data associated with your user account and profile - see "Deleting all your data" above.

If you have any concerns or questions concerning the use of your private data on this website, please submit a request.

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