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Does anyone think that girls realize that their very hot pee sounds can turn guys on?

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New Desperation & Wetting

Old 8th September 2023, 11:18 PM
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Default Does anyone think that girls realize that their very hot pee sounds can turn guys on?

How many people here think that girls probably realize that many people including both guys and girls are turned on by girls peeing? And that they also realize that many people especially guys like to watch girls pee? And many girls also realize that the very hot hissing and gushing sounds girls make when they pee can really turn people on when they hear them including both guys and girls that hear those sounds? I think many girls realize all this.

Pee fetish has become more mainstream these days thanks to things like rumors about Trump being into it. And I think for several reasons more people are aware about the pee fetish now including girls being more aware of it. And I think many girls nowadays know that many guys like watching and hearing them pee as well as getting golden showers from girls. And I think for a very long time in human history, girls have been aware about various aspects of their peeing being a huge turn on for many people especially guys. I think for a very long time girls have known that the hissing and gushing sounds they make when they pee are very hot to hear. And they also realize that female pee sounds are a major turn on.

Different girls have different attitudes about being heard while peeing that too by the potential listener. Most girls are more uncomfortable about people watching them pee, but I also think many girls feel very uncomfortable even about certain people hearing them pee, especially many guys.

Girls who are shy about their pee sounds whether they are shy around most guys or most people regardless of the potential listener's gender, the girls that are pee shy are pee shy, I think for several reasons. But the main reason; I think many girls are so pee shy is because of their very hot pee sounds potentially turning people on, people that they are not attracted to especially the guys from whom, they are trying to hide the sounds from. Many girls I think feel very uncomfortable if guys they are trying to hide their pee sounds were to hear their pee sounds.

I know girls who don't feel comfortable with the idea of most guys hearing them pee and such kinds of girls have numerous tricks they use to hide their hissing and gushing pee sounds, or at least make the sounds a little less more noticable if they can, by doing certain things. One of the most common tricks girls, use while trying to hide their sexy pee sounds is pulling their lips. This trick will completely stop the hissing pee sounds or at least make them less noticable and less sexy, but this trick will not work for those short and insanely powerful gushing pees though. There are also other things that girls will do to hide their pee sounds or at least make her pee sounds less noticable and sexy. Some of the other tricks girls use are leaning very close to the front of the toilet while peeing, as well as putting a lot of toilet paper inside the toilet bowl before they begin their peeing, turning the sink or faucet on, turning on the shower tap if the bathroom also has the shower inside it, flushing the toilet before peeing as well during the act of peeing, and last but not least lock door or doors other then bathroom doors so if a guy she's not attracted to is also on the second floor like her then she will head upstairs in her bedroom instead of using the bathroom on the second floor. And after that she will proceed to lock her bedroom door from the inside so the guy cannot follow her upstairs to hear her pee sounds in the bedroom toilet if he tries to. And after closing the bedroom from the inside she will go in her bedroom toilet and close and lock that bathroom door to. And then she will decide to pee as she thinks by doing all this she will be able to completely prevent him from being able to hear her pee. And some girls who are extra paranoid about guys they are not attracted to hearing their pee sounds, such girls will not just use the closing the bedroom door trick. But they will also use some of the other tricks I've mentioned here. You know the various other tricks which girls use while trying to hide their very sexy pee sounds or at least make those sounds less sexy and also as less audible as possible.

It's amazing the length, many girls will go to hide their pee sounds from guys they are not sexually attracted to. Girls peeing isn't just a girl performing a natural act of getting rid of her body waste known as pee, her pee which too many of us with a pee fetish is something worth tasting. It's more than that, it also has a sexual angle or two to it. Her hissing and gushing pee sounds are way too sexy, so hot that it may sexually turn on guys she's not willing to have sex with, give huge boners to guys she doesn't think about having sex with at all. And if she finds the guy repulsive in anyway then the very idea of him hearing her very hot pee sounds, along with her sighs of relief and other sounds she makes from any part of her body while peeing is a huge no no from her. She hates the very idea of a guy she despises being able to be so sexually aroused by hearing her hissing or gushing piss or her moans of relief. And her pee hole being part of the greater pussy area only makes her peeing more of a thing to hide it from many people especially guys she's not attracted to.

She may even think that a guy she's not willing to fuck that may hear her pee , will think of her entire pussy area in which her urethra is attached to. And her pee hole may cause her to think of her pussy. But if she's attracted to a guy then she may actually like the idea of him not only hearing her very sexy hissing and gushing pee sounds but also may like him seeing her pee at the same time, even if he's not her boyfriend or husband.

And I also think many girls may use their pee sounds to sexually tease people especially guys including, guys they are not attracted to, tease them with her pee sounds once in a while. So let's say a girl does not have sexual attraction towards a guy and often hides her pee sounds from him or makes her pee sounds less sexy and audible when he's around. But once in a while she may let him hear her pee hissing or gushing like crazy from outside the closed
toilet door. And when she comes outside she may look at his face and crotch area to see how he reacted to her very sexy pee sounds. And she may even give him a dirty smirk just to laugh at him about her knowing about him being turned on by her very hot pee sounds. But later on when he's near the bathroom at her home or his home or any other place which has a bathroom from which he can her pee sounds, then that
next time she will purposely try to hide her pee sounds from him or make them less sexy and audible if she's got no choice but to pee in a toilet when he's near that toilet. Therefore disappointing him and making him realize that the last time she allowed him to hear her pee with very sexy hissing and gushing sounds was just her playing around with him and giving him false hope.

How do other people here feel about all this? People please Share your thoughts on all this in the comments section.
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