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Old 16th January 2008, 03:06 PM
vpw65 vpw65 is offline
Join Date: 25th July 2007
Location: US
Sex: Straight Male
Posts: 85 vpw65 is an unknown quantity at this point
Default Peeing off boats.

Peeing off boats.

This is a necessity and for women, its a tough balancing act. During summer time, I used to have jobs at the Keys in Fla, my friend’s father ran a boat company hiring out boats for tourists etc. My job was to drive them around the boat, ferrying them or just cruising around the ocean. My first viewing came soon, I was alone in the boat going toward one of the keys to pick up some passengers, as I was half way to my destination, I saw a boat with some party goers, as usual, it was spring break season so lots of guys and gals in the boat drinking and generally having a good time, I slowed down to pass them by, out on the side deck, I see four beautiful shapely asses hanging off, all nude, the girls saw me approach and broke out in laughter, as I got closer, it was a fantastic sight, since the girls had to slide their asses of the side of the boat, and their boat was bigger as well as taller than mine, I get to see their asses from a lower angle from my boat, all four were pissing strong beer piss, two of them were hitting the side of the boat with their streams, all the asses were tanned, I see two trimmed and two totally shaved cunts staring at me with their lips, also the asscheeks had parted to reveal all four anuses, as I pass the girls, I hear them scream out loud and wave at me, I waved them back in the full holiday spirit. Over the time I had many more sightings, once I picked up two families, probably friends, one couple had one son and one daughter, other had two daughters, all in their upper teens, they hired the boat to cruise around in the ocean, it was a nice day, full of sunshine but it was hot as well, the vacationers had bought two huge coolers full of drinks and they were drinking away like no tomorrow, both men and the women, I had killed the engine and was enjoying the the view as well as the quietness of the vast ocean, I soon see all the three men get up and go the side of the boat, they zip out and let it fly into the ocean. The men get back and resume their drinking with their families, in around 15 minutes I saw the two ladies and their daughters discussing something, then I saw the husband of one point toward me, I guessed they would be telling me about going back ashore, the woman approached me and announced very casually that all the ladies have to pee, I asked them if they wanted to go ashore but it will take about an hour, they replied that it won’t be necessary as they will just go over the side of the boat if I didn’t mind, I assured them that it was the usual way to do for women to go in a boat provided they can balance themselves, the women told me she has done it many times before so she is quite adept at it. The interesting part was that they had decided to pee right in front of my view but away from their male members of the family, since I was a stranger, they saw no shame in peeing in front of me. The woman who was talking to me decided to go first, the only place they could hang from the boat and pee was near the driver’s compartment which had two handles on the side of the boat, I told the woman to hold on to those handles for balance and she agreed. To make them comfortable, I pretend to look straight ahead away from them but since I had sunglasses over my eyes, it was very easy to glance at them. I knew this woman was experienced in peeing off a boat, she was close to me and I had a good look at her, she was quite attractive with slim body and she was wearing blue colored low cut bikini to compliment her body. Before she gets hold of the handles on the railing she decides to lower her bottoms, I had already seen the massive camel toe on her bikini so wasn’t surprised to a big pink fat pussy staring right at my face, she had trimmed her hair into a landing strip, her inner lips and clitoral hood quite visible and pronounced, she then gets hold of the handles and hangs her ass out in the ocean, with a soft sigh I hear a loud hiss, I see yellow pee shooting out of her pussy, and hitting the boat side, she finishes her pee and gets up, I still see some drips coming from her cunt, she pulled up her bottoms and calls the two youngsters, both the teens are wearing shorts, the first one comes up, its apparent she too has done this before, she lowers her pants all the way down to her legs, suddenly the ocean moves the boat and she had to balance herself by bending her body backward, this reveals her pussy, totally clean shaved with the lips clearly visible. Then she angled her ass out the side of the boat and started a vertical stream, you could hear it splattering the water loudly, she was done and the other teen joined in pairs, both are skinny so they fitted the narrow drivers area with ease, both of them peeled off their shorts revealing two beautiful, hairless 19-21 year old pussies right in front of my eyes, both of them sat down and I see the pee shooting out of their respective pussies. Last one was the other wife, she was the best, wearing one piece bathing suit meant either pee holding the bottom sideways or take it all off, she had to do the later as she had to pee of the side, she calmly walked into the area, as I looked toward her, she commented about the nice day, probably to break the ice I guess, I showed her the clouds coming up, while she was talking I see her calmly getting hold of her bathing suit straps from top, in one go, she had it lowered to her belly exposing massive pair of creamy white tits, big pink doorknob sized nipples, she then lowered it further down to her legs, she had nice wide trimmed pubic patch, black in color like her hair, pussy lips gaping out between her thighs, as she was preparing to go to the side, the ocean moved rapidly rocking the boat, she almost fell but held on to the side wall, she commented to the other woman that it would be impossible for her to hang from the side of the boat without falling over. I told them that I could open the boat’s drain and she could go on the floor of the boat and it would be drained away. she agreed right away, the boat’s drain was close to where she was standing but toward the middle of the boat, I go right up to this now fully naked grown up woman and bend down to open the drain, as I opened the drain and moved away back to my seat, she immediately squatted and within seconds with intense hissing she was peeing away, the whole floor was covered with her yellow pee even though most of it was going toward the drain, she peed for about few minutes before she got up and pulled her clothes back, throughout this trip, several of them came back and peed including their daughters.

My other most memorable boat pee was when a honeymooning couple hired my boat for couple of hours, the girl was quite cute but the guy was a jerk, he was drinking heavily and even though the girl wanted to talk, this idiot was in a stupor just grunting out no or yes instead of a proper conversation. Very soon the girl was talking to me, I took an instant liking to her in a friendly manner, she was nice to talk to and we stuck up a good conversation, she had just graduated and found out I was in college so we decided to start talking about job prospects. She told me she met and her husband met at college and graduated together and that her husband works for a company. The girl was wearing nice white bikini, her dark hair was open, she had a firm shapely pair of tits and nice curvy hips, she was drinking beer and offered me one which I accepted, her husband was fast asleep, while we were talking I saw that she had gone through 4 long necks while I was on my second, as she was talking to me, I saw her clamping her legs, a sure sign of pee coming. She finally got up and looked around, then she asked me if there was a porta potty, I told her this boat is too small and they are a mess anyways, she asked me how do ladies pee, I told her that either they hang off the sides or go near the drain, she confessed that she had never taken a long boat trip so she wasn’t experienced in peeing off the side of the boat, she was afraid she would fall over, I showed her the drain at the center of the boat and told her she could go there, she looked at it and agreed, her hubby at this time was fast asleep by the way. Since the sea was rough, rocking my boat, she told me to hold her in case she slipped, I gladly told her not to worry, she walked toward the center of the drain, she lowered her white bikini bottoms revealing her creamy nice buns, lightly tanned. She got hold of the side of the boat with her left hand for support, I thought she would now squat, instead she spread her legs and leaned forward, this made her ass pop up right in front of my face, her buttocks parted to reveal light brown colored pussy lips, she was totally shaved, she looked back at me and told me to keep an eye, I definitely had my eyes on her for sure, she started peeing with a loud hiss, the pee splattering on the boat floor, she kept peeing for almost four minutes, then I saw her asshole open and close a few times to let the pee out, she then put up her bottoms and came back to me, I washed the pee from the deck. After that we went back ashore as storms were building up.
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Old 17th January 2008, 02:08 AM
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

I owned a boat for many years and while the ocean and inland waters differ, the manner in which men and women pee are the same. Most pee over the side, women in general hang their asses over the side and let er go ... if the water is rough or they are afraid of being seen, they can always go into the water off the back and hang onto the boat as they pee in the water. When under motion I've had many passengers pee in drink cups to relieve themselves, then throw it over the side. I had one female friend that used to stand on the back of the boat behind the engine and pee thru her suit as we all watched.
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Old 19th January 2008, 06:00 PM
birdiemachine22 birdiemachine22 is offline
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

this one girl in know could pee between the pieces of wood on the swim deck without getting a drop on it amazing. it always made me hard and a couple times we went to the front cabin to fuck after wards
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Old 20th January 2008, 10:39 AM
redbeastmaster1 redbeastmaster1 is offline
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

nearly got chance to see a girl peeing of a boat once, she was getting pretty desperate but unfortnatly it was my time to dive before she had to go
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Old 21st January 2008, 09:53 PM
sw3den sw3den is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: 10th February 2006
Location: Sweden
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

for sightseeing a boat is the thing to have.
There arnt that many places that is so cut off from all other opertunities.
Perhaps a large very flat desert. ?? . but then it wont be that close.
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Old 22nd January 2008, 06:53 AM
just_shaz's Avatar
just_shaz just_shaz is offline
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

I have peed off a fishing boat and it is really hard cause u feel like u are faling overboard, I only did it once and for the rest of the time I peed thru my bathers in the seat where I was sitting, mmmm felt great and made me feel very naughty too, but at least I didnt go cunt-up in the water
I pee, therefore I am...wet!
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Old 22nd January 2008, 09:43 AM
alfresco01 alfresco01 is offline
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

That would be my ideal job. You were so lucky to have that opportunity. I'd love to see my wife peeing off a boat, but she doesn't like boats much so it isn't likely to happen.

I do go canoeing with a club and often when we stop for lunch the men find the nearest tree/hedge/fence to pee against and the ladies disappear off in a group to find more cover. I wish they were less inhibited and would pee amongst us, but it hasn't happened yet.
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Old 23rd January 2008, 11:08 AM
Badbluerabb1t's Avatar
Badbluerabb1t Badbluerabb1t is offline
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

Woohoo, marathons, boat trips, so many new hobbies to try lol, i will have to stop reading this forum it is giving me bad ideas
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Old 23rd January 2008, 01:16 PM
scotlad21 scotlad21 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: 4th April 2007
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

Done that a few times but its quite dodgy in case you fall off boat when trying to keep your balance, specially boats moving ha ha
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Old 2nd February 2008, 10:32 PM
AusMark AusMark is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: 1st February 2008
Location: Australia
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Default Re: Peeing off boats.

Never thought of boating experiences before - this sounds like a perfect opportunity for sharing and siting peeing. The copious amounts of water, the confined spaces, the fact that whilst out boating, a few drinks is not unusual. The perfect mix really.
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