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Old 30th December 2008, 05:27 AM
quietpr06 quietpr06 is offline
Join Date: 25th June 2006
Location: Long Island, NY
Sex: Straight Male
Posts: 828 quietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud of
Default The Pee Enthusiast (Anthropological and Psychological Exploration of this Fetish)

First, before I begin posting pieces of this (15-page!) document I will retierate that this is to be a somewhat open exploration, and that if you think I'm missing something important in my analysis or would like to contribute your own perspective, I encourage you to do so within this thread. Research has to start somewhere and the "Peeing Enthusiast" document in its current form is meant to lay out what I've observed so far and serve as a jumping off point for more discussion.

I approached the document from a strictly scientific perspective - no moral or psychological judgments were rendered within thoug I have my own opinions on some of this stuff, obviously. I tried very hard to leave myself out of this writing and approach it from the view of an outsider to the fetish.

Following this intro post will be a series of several posts containing pieces of this study...I'll leave it up to the site admins whether they want to do something with this thread or not (possibly sticky it? IDK...it may not be relevant enough for that...depends on whether people get a lot out of it or not).
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Old 30th December 2008, 05:30 AM
quietpr06 quietpr06 is offline
Join Date: 25th June 2006
Location: Long Island, NY
Sex: Straight Male
Posts: 828 quietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud of
Default Part 1

The Pee Enthusiast – Unconventional Roads to Conventional Stimulation

I acknowledge upfront that every human mind is absolutely unique, with unique psychological and emotional motivations specific to the past experiences and personalities of each person who may be reading this introduction to urolagnia. This pastime is not “one size fits all,” and hopefully, it never will be. With that said, I do believe strongly that there are threads of commonality between the ultimate desires of urophiles and conventional (well accepted and understood) sexual motivations that are pervasive in human society. Human uniqueness should not prevent us from reaching out to people who express themselves differently and trying to understand what drives their fascinations. This document is intended to explain to both newcomers to urolagnia and those who might wish to understand the pee lover, what, in general, makes us tick. I believe that the most common source of misunderstanding between any two people is a lack of information and I wish to remedy the lack of societal acceptance of watersports with vital information that has thus far not been documented by any scientific endeavor. Everything that appears below is taken from my experiences as an observer and participant in this deviation and from the experiences of those I would call friends.

- quietpr06

A) The Threads that Bind

Urolagnia is an unexpected fetish that would at first appear to fly in the face of normal human behavior. Why should a person get pleasure from acts related to waste extraction – a mundane bodily function common to everyone but rarely discussed even when it would be practical to do so. What is sexy about the byproducts of biology? As I’ve observed many conversations between peeing fans over the years, I have come to realize that the “draw” for us is not nearly as unusual as you might think. Here is a short list of the most common reasons people within this fetish have given for their interest.

1) Control

We live in a world that exerts a frustrating level of control over our daily lives and the decisions we’re allowed to make. A society of billions, many of them exerting some pressure on you to be the kind of person they need you to be, can feel very oppressive on the worst of days, even to someone who is otherwise well-adjusted. We don’t bat an eye when we see a story on CSI about a dominatrix and her den of iniquity. We have no problem seeing why a man might wish to exert some control over those few things (his golf game, his body art, his car, whatever it might be) that no one can dictate to him. It is well understood that much of our sexual expression is about playing with issues of control or the loss thereof. And yet, because of the mode of expression, no one has bothered to realize that the same dynamic applies to peeing – here are a couple of the most important examples.

1.1) The Freedom of Self Control

Many people who are not at all interested in urination derive sexual satisfaction from being able to control their own bodies. It’s not uncommon for a distance runner to get a euphoric rush from setting a personal best time, for a perfectionist to become sexually aroused at the site of her own rare moments of perfect achievement or for a man to confuse pain with pleasure because he is being challenged to endure and to control his own reactions at the hands of a dominatrix. Similarly, many people become amorous as they do battle with the inevitable physical realities of their own bodies. Sooner or later, the desperate know they are going to have to pee, but every painful spasm of their bladder that they turn away is a victory against the cruel limitations of this world. Their minds turn that pain into ecstasy and they are forever changed. This behavior can come from people who feel powerless in their daily lives and need to exert power over something or those who are naturally predisposed toward type-A personalities.

1.2) The Freedom of Letting Go

There are on the order of tens of thousands of romance novel titles on the shelves of libraries and bookstores literally dripping with the concept of letting go, losing oneself to the moment and being taken over by the most basic desires we all share. How many movies have you seen where the romantic ingénue resists that heroic man of her dreams for an hour in an attempt to control her destiny only to realize it’s far more rewarding to let go of her fears and be taken (the gender roles are reversible here of course)? The same emotions run through the minds of many who get gratification from wetting their clothes or peeing during orgasm.

1.3) Dominance and Submission

My first two points of discussion focused on the individual and their level of control. It is also endemic to sex that we are bound to experiment with the concept of dominance and submission. So absolutely influential is this concept that popular culture, which is bound by some pretty puritanical ideas of what is allowed in polite conversation, has already become comfortable with BDSM. Characters in movies with a PG-13 rating (we’d let our teenagers see this!) joke about enjoying the whips and chains, TV-PG television programs mention spanking as part of love play. We don’t even attach particular stigma to facial cum-shots or pearl necklaces, though you won’t see that imagery on your 8 PM sitcoms. We’re completely fine with all of that, but throw another expression of power and control into the sex act and we’re aghast. Someone getting peed on – well that’s just completely beyond the pale. The difference is artificial. Society decided long ago that pee was “dirty”…and I don’t mean in the fun way…and its involvement arbitrarily raises the stakes in ways that aren’t particularly logical.
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Old 30th December 2008, 05:32 AM
quietpr06 quietpr06 is offline
Join Date: 25th June 2006
Location: Long Island, NY
Sex: Straight Male
Posts: 828 quietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud of
Default Part 2

2) Breaking the Rules

Would anyone deny the erotic thrill of breaking some rule in the pursuit of love, pleasure or adrenaline? This is one of the most common tropes in situation comedy – I’m reminded of an episode of Dharma and Greg in which the couple is compelled to have sex somewhere totally wild to earn back a porcelain duck from a rival couple in a game of high stakes public sex play (with amusing consequences). Almost everyone feels the pull of “evil deeds” when they’re young and in love. “Let’s just be bad…it’ll feel so good!” Even in a less sexual context, rule-breaking is a part of what makes us human. Kids are told not to play in the street and promptly set up skateboard ramps on the highway to get their kicks leaping obstacles and dodging traffic. Young couples have 11 o’clock curfews to stick to and practically never obey them. Let’s face it…we all need to assert our individuality and the rules sometimes stand in the way. It is no different for pee enthusiasts of many stripes. The thrill of defying a rule we learned by the time we were four endures.

2.1) Naughty Peeing

There’s exactly one place society tells us to pee (OK, two if you count your own shower), and doing it anywhere else can feel like a triumphant defiance or even just a perverse and giddy little joy. The rush of peeing on the floor or sneaking into an alley and letting loose in secret is not much different than the heart pounding exhilaration of sneaking into that R-rated movie before you’re of age or placing a big bet at a casino that you know is unwise (the economy of Vegas literally depends on the thrill-seeking nature of humanity). Similarly, many get a thrill from being bad and getting away with it. A panty-wetter who can slowly pee herself in a crowded mall with no one the wiser achieves the same level of joy from the act that a shoplifter might get out of making off with an extra shirt concealed under her coat or a couple having a secret affair under the noses of their coworkers in the break room of the office.

2.2) Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

The obvious fact that normally, we don’t let other people see us peeing lends itself to two natural outcomes. First, one subgroup wants to see what is being kept from view. Even the most mundane of activities can be turned into a powerful and arousing moment if it’s “forbidden” and we’re getting a glimpse of it anyway. This is no different than the sensational reactions illicit photographs of our favorite celebrities provoke in us and represents the prime source of income for the multi-billion dollar pornography industry (getting to see acts which are normally private). Even the booming reality TV industry owes its success to our collective obsession with the hidden parts of life. Second, another group of us wants to show those private moments to the world – and in fact get a sexual thrill from exposing a whole new level of nudity when not only do they reveal their bodies, but their pee as well! Exhibitionism is hardly new to the world of eroticism. It’s a good thing we have public decency laws, because if we did not, the world would be full of people who are tired of hiding their true selves from view and take the streets in not but their skin (I’m sure some of the people reading this document are now imagining that world gleefully).

2.3) The Roles we Play

Some rules that govern our lives are specific to the roles we’ve taken up in the world, be they gender roles, age roles, family-given roles, or roles dictated by our professions. If it weren’t for our desire to break free from those roles, we’d have no actors, no Halloween, no sexual role-playing, and no imagination. What a world that would be! Although there may be other motivations common to this particular part of the fetish, the crowd that chooses to play the role of baby (or parent) is responding to the same great internal desire to be someone else for a while that motivates other love-making games (you can be the pirate, I’ll be the wench, you can be the warden, I’ll be the prisoner…). Likewise, someone who chooses to break the bonds of toilet training may be responding to the pressures of playing the role of a proper and sophisticated person in their daily lives in much the same way that a stewardess or secretary might feel a great desire to kick-box in her spare time (the customer may always be right, but I can kick his ass after I leave this damned airport!).

2.4) Intentionally Bad

For some people both inside and outside of this subculture, their sexual fantasies revolve around moments of planned disobedience. This is just as ubiquitous in the mainstream media as the “freedom of reckless abandon” archetype discussed above. Planning to be bad has the benefit of a long time-evolution. The dastardly deed must be conceived of in advance, preparations must be made and this invariably leads to a crescendo of anticipation, arousal and excitement where all of one’s thoughts are focused on that moment when they’ll choose to be bad. For those who would choose to pee their pants or wet the bed, the opportunity rarely presents itself suddenly and a certain amount of planning is often involved. The act itself may be unusual, but the psychological triggers are no different than those that would propel a person to break their diet for that second piece of cheesecake or look forward to the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

3) Intimacy

No real relationship can succeed without both people feeling able to be open and intimate with their partner to one degree or another. There is no shortage of consensus within the psychological community about that point. Intimacy is defined as a sharing of those parts of your life that no one else gets to see. What could be more intimate, than letting your partner see you pee – or heaven forbid, peeing on them. This may seem like a leap, but most of the people who find golden showers and other two-person peeing activities thrilling will tell you that is precisely why they find it so powerful (among other side benefits). There is, admittedly, a group of people into wet sex who treat the act as an expression of dominance or submission (as previously discussed), but in my experience, the popular conception of watersports (ask a non-enthusiast and they’ll say they picture a leather clad girl pissing on a guy in chains – trust me on this, I’ve seen it many times), is an oversimplification at best and misleading at worst. Many other expressions of intimacy occur within this fetish, and most of the practitioners will tell you they seek an opportunity to be intimate on their own terms (generally including the fetish) – though such connections can be difficult to achieve given the relative rarity of this interest.

4) Evolutionary Drive

Whether we like to admit this truth or not, men are evolutionarily programmed to have a caretaker instinct when it comes to women and women are driven to desire protection from their men. For two million years, homo-sapiens have been responding to this dynamic because it helps strengthen pair bonds and protects our young. Today, not all of us feel those urges as strongly as we once did, but pretending they don’t exist won’t advance our understanding of sexual behavior. This is why women look for men with broad shoulders, physical strength and wealth – it even explains the common interest in the “bad boy” image among young girls. It also happens to explain why some find humiliation – such as the humiliation of an accidental wetting – arousing. Or, for that matter, how we could end up seeing a beautiful girl dripping in pee as more approachable and therefore sexier than she would be dry. This type of scene can trigger our protective instincts and make the girl seem more vulnerable and less “above” us.
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Old 30th December 2008, 05:34 AM
quietpr06 quietpr06 is offline
Join Date: 25th June 2006
Location: Long Island, NY
Sex: Straight Male
Posts: 828 quietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud of
Default Part 3

5) Comfort

A few physical facts need to be addressed here for the uninformed or the curious. While physical comfort is different for different people, there are any number of activities that some find physically pleasant than others would find terribly unhelpful. Some people love shiatsu massages, others would feel like they were being tortured. Some love bathing in mud, others would find that abhorrent and disgusting. Some need a piping hot shower to function in the morning, others keep the water tepid. And some really do find a wet diaper or a warm shower of pee (self-generated or from a partner) pleasant and comforting without a deep and meaningful psychological reason (though there is always a mental component in what comforts us, it can sometimes be a simple one, such as the illusion of the comfort we once took in the warmth of our mother’s womb).

Here are a few points of biology to ponder. Both men and women urinate and experience sex with the same organ. The same neurons that are responsible for the release of orgasm are stimulated when we pee. Additionally, urine contains the strongest concentration of pheromones (the natural scents we give off to attract a sexual partner for the purpose of procreation) produced by the human body. In fact most mammals use urine not only to mark territory but to attract eligible opposite sex partners. Humans being the “sexiest primates alive” (quote stolen from renowned anthropologist Desmond Morris), we were bound to take that natural uses of urine in sex to their extremes just as we took everything else about sex and made it better, more pleasurable and less practical.

What feels good to us is always connected in some way to our frame of mind, but in our natural state, we are programmed: by the release of endorphins to enjoy peeing, by the release of pheromones to find urine sexually stimulating, by the physical structure of the body to feel our pee with the most sensitive nerves in the body and by our earliest experiences to take comfort in warmth and even moisture. Urine is sterile, not a particularly good carrier of disease, water soluble (obviously!) and completely natural. The connotations that get attached to pee by society are, to put it bluntly, antiquated.

6) Instinct

I mentioned in the previous paragraphs that it’s common for mammals to use their urine as a draw to attract mates, a defense to ward off rivals, and a natural border-making element to mark territory. Humans have accomplished much toward the goal of separating themselves from the animal kingdom and rising above their baser instincts (for fortunate for polite society!), but denying our animal nature entirely would be folly (most anthropologists study us from that perspective, after all). There can be little doubt that people who get aroused peeing in the great outdoors (away from civilization) where other factors like thrill-seeking, control issues, and comfort are likely not factors are getting their kicks from the connection the act draws between the id (a Freudian term for the animal part of our brain – our darkest and most primal desires) and the conscious mind. There may be an element of instinct present in the “human toilet” phenomenon as well. Few in modern society have the stomach for just how “animal” the very idea is, but it persists in erotica because there will always be those who’s instincts are closer to the surface.

7) Development

Sigmund Freud and subsequent psychologists helped define the normal stages of behavioral development in our young. Among those stages was the period of “anal fixation.” This period in children is marked by a fascination with the functioning of their own bodies (don’t let the terminology fool you; we’re not talking here strictly about the anus). Freud would undoubtedly describe a pee fetishist as “anally fixated” (meaning he/she has become stuck in some ways in that stage of their development). We cannot attach this term to all practitioners of these activities, but we must honestly confront the very real probability that many of us had experiences as children that left us permanently fixated on our urination.

However, this shouldn’t be viewed as a dysfunction unless it actually interferes with one’s ability to be productive any more than someone who is “anal retentive” (another form of fixation in which the person becomes so frustrated by their inability to control certain parts of their lives that they are super-controlling where it is possible to be so…this is why you hear type-A personalities described as “anal”) should be viewed as malfunctioning. Pee enthusiasts are far from the only group who may be stranded at some level of development in certain parts of their lives. Perfectionists, type-T (risk taker) personalities, actors (yes, the desire to play a part may actually be an expression of delayed development of one’s own identity…this may explain why actors are well known for being impulsive and sometimes emotionally unstable), athletes (competitive types)…many well respected and indeed necessary parts of human society wouldn’t exist if we all developed to the end of the Freudian scale in all aspects of our lives. It should also be noted that there is no conclusive evidence that childhood experiences are universally linked to Freud’s anal retentive/anally fixated characteristics in later life. As with most of the social sciences, even the most logical seeming theories are nearly impossible to prove.

8) Defining Moments and Sexual Awareness

Many interested in watersports claim to remember one event or a series of events in their childhood – often just prior to or during their sexual emergence – that they believe helped to create a connection in their minds between their particular form of urination and sex. A behavioral psychologist would be very familiar with this explanation for fetish development. However it’s just as true for the development of our preferences for a girl’s physical appearance or our attitude toward relationship building, both of which are built on our earliest sexual experiences with the opposite sex. There’s nothing unique about learning through experience that urine can be sexual despite the fact that not many people make that connection.

Motivations for each person may vary from the most common types mentioned above, but if I’ve demonstrated anything with this document so far, it’s that urolagnia is not alien, coming from any distinct psychological disorder with unique earmarks. It springs from all of the same natural desires with which we can all relate. What follows is an explication of the huge variety of expressions within the fetish and some theories about their genesis.
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Old 30th December 2008, 05:36 AM
quietpr06 quietpr06 is offline
Join Date: 25th June 2006
Location: Long Island, NY
Sex: Straight Male
Posts: 828 quietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud of
Default Part 4

B) The Spectrum of Peeing Activities

At this point, an important distinction needs to be made between the person actually acting out one of the behaviors I’m about to describe and the people who would wish to witness such events. In cases where the motivations are distinctly different for each subgroup, events will be described first from the point of view of the participant(s) (labeled P) and then from the perspective of an observer (O).

A not so short list (with abbreviations for later reference):

PD – Pure Desperation
BS – Bladder Skills
NO – Natural Outdoor Peeing
SP – Sneaky Outdoor Peeing
SW – Sneaky Public Wetting
TP – Toilet Peeing
IP – Indoor Peeing
EX – Public Wetting
AC – Accidents
PW – Panty Wetting
FW – Fully Clothed Wetting
IA – Intentional Accidents
BW – Bed Wetting
AB – Adult Babies
DW – Diaper Wetting
GW – Genital Washing
GS – Golden Showers (No Face)
CG – Clothed Golden Showers
SF – Self-Peeing
FA – Facial Peeing
HW – Hair Wetting
DR – Pee Drinking
HT – Human Toilets

1) Desperation and Self Control

All of us learn to control our pee at an early age and the world often expects very high levels of endurance and control from us as we go about our lives. It is natural to associate pride and satisfaction in our abilities, but what separates the average person from a desperation fan, while less common, is no less natural.

1.1) Pure Desperation (PD)

P) As we discussed in the previous section of this document, there is sometimes a connection in the mind of a “control type” personality between the pain of desperately needing to pee and pleasure. I’ve heard the physical manifestation of that pleasure described many ways. Some people (women especially) describe a burning or tingling sensation at the edge of their urethra, often accompanied by an increased blood flow to the sex organs. Some describe desperation as waves of intense throbbing pain that work them into a frenzy of desire (probably caused by the evolutionary response of the brain to pain – the release of endorphins and adrenaline). Everyone’s response is slightly different, but the commonality is the driving emotional need that primes the person to enjoy an experience that would normally be painful. Not all fans of desperation could be described as urophiles. Many would even find any pee-related activity other than holding on as long as they can to be completely unappealing.

O) There are two common reasons people give for why they enjoy watching someone who is desperate for the bathroom (without requiring other events to follow – this is desperation for its own sake). Some identify with the subject – having experienced it many times themselves, they watch others and remember their own erotic moments. Some take no pleasure in desperation of their own, but enjoy watching it in others they find attractive because many of the steps a desperate person takes to hold back the inevitable flood are easily confused with sexual movements. The breath quickens, the body quivers, the face flushes with the strain, the desperate girl doubles over and crosses her legs, actions that highlight her sexiest physical attributes (ever notice how scantily clad models in men’s magazines always seem to be leaning forward showing off their cleavage?). The frantic guy grabs his member – again highlighting his sexual organ very publicly. Again, urophilia is not required here despite the crossing of sexual connotation with an event that few recognize as suggestive.

1.2) Bladder Skills (BS)

P) For those who are a little more adventurous and want to test their power over their body in ways beyond the clean discomfort of desperation, there are many different games people play. Some girls, for example, get a thrill out of learning to pee standing up. Many fans of desperation measure their emanations to see how much they can hold (and how long they can hold it). Some people even get satisfaction out of learning to pee great distances, aim it at specific targets, or produce very powerful streams. When it comes to the women in the readership, there is probably a little bit of envy working here (of man’s ability to pee standing up, aim, etc.), but mostly, this behavior comes from a desire to exert control and a pride in a person’s abilities in that regard.

O) Comments in response to material along these lines have generally led me to believe that the main people interested in viewing “bladder Olympics” are men who view women with such abilities as symbols of virility and health or as potentially great golden shower partners (discussed at more length below). It doesn’t appear that there are many who are relating to acts of great urinary skill based on personal experience here.

2) Au Natural (NO)

P) There is no societal ban on peeing in the woods, no rules to break, no control to take, nothing particularly unusual about it. Yet, as previously discussed, peeing in natural settings is obviously very popular for practical and erotic reasons. Many people who would have trouble leaving the door to the bathroom open in an empty house are completely comfortable squatting along the trail in mixed company on a hike with friends. Our connection with nature is tenuous at best when we’re surrounded by creature comforts and living in the delusion that we are in control over this planet, but our polite inhibitions seem to weaken when we’re surrounded by nature and feeling small. Obviously, this isn’t true for everyone, but I’m speaking in generalities to make a larger point. There is, after all, a reason why the most important love scenes in your typical Nicholas Sparks novel place the characters at the mercy of Mother Nature in some way (caught in a summer thunderstorm, riding out a hurricane, stargazing etc.). Feeling connected with the world can be a powerful sexual motivator and that’s what’s at play in the minds of people who enjoy peeing outdoors.

O) There seems to be a combination of thought processes at work in the observers. This seems to be a catch-all for many different subgroups within the fetish. Some worship the site of pee coming from the source (traced back to its’ quasi-voyeuristic roots earlier in this document) and don’t care what backdrop is behind the actor. Some don’t need to actually see the source of the stream, but like to see the mundane act of squatting for a pee because it’s a moment of honesty. Some prefer natural settings for reasons discussed above.
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Old 30th December 2008, 05:38 AM
quietpr06 quietpr06 is offline
Join Date: 25th June 2006
Location: Long Island, NY
Sex: Straight Male
Posts: 828 quietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud ofquietpr06 has much to be proud of
Default Part 5

3) Naughty Peeing

Perhaps my perspective is biased by experiences in my youth that weren’t as normal as they seemed to me, but I believe that most people have peed somewhere they weren’t supposed to go at some point in their lives, and very few of those people felt badly about doing it. Many such improper bladder emptying moments come from necessity, but most of us will reluctantly admit getting a guilty titillation when we’ve had to sneak off into an alley for a piss. Society seems to be catching up on this point as well as this kind of scene makes its way into more and more scenes in television and film. A pee enthusiast takes that giddy little thrill further in a number of different ways.

3.1) Sneaky Pee (SP)

O) There has been a tremendous proliferation of websites dedicated to a peeing concept made popular by “Sneaky Pee” (hence the heading title), all revolving around women in urban settings sneaking into obscured locations to pee. The subject generally avoids showing her privates as the idea is to make the scene look as realistic as possible. The mother of this “sub-fetish” has become synonymous with this very specific cross between voyeurism and watersports. While there are obviously people who get a thrill out of doing the actual peeing (with a mild blend of motivations – primarily a thrill-seeking personality and/or a rule-breaking spirit), these scenes owe their popularity to the realism they portray for a viewing public eager to see this part of life in its candid glory, and in fact, for many observers, this kind of material is more stimulating if the girl acts normally, rather than appearing sexually interested.

3.2) Sneaky Wetting (SW)

P) I’m referring here to wetting in public places where the idea is to do your business right under the noses of an unsuspecting public and escape unnoticed. Most commonly, this is a female doing the wetting (it is next to impossible for a man to get away with something like this, though the same motivations apply when those rare situations arise where he can), and generally, she achieves her goal in secret by peeing through her panties under a skirt (giving rise to a large “upskirt wetting” fan club). This can be extremely exciting for the wetter herself – the risk involved is undeniable, it’s rather like gambling and winning the jackpot. Not only is the person breaking a rule that’s been ingrained since she was a toddler, but she’s doing it with very high stakes and the adrenaline is flowing.

O) To the observer, seeing a girl who is daring enough to wet herself in public – especially if she appears to be enjoying herself while she does it, is the perfect blend of viewing the forbidden and inviting further exploration of the wetting sub-fetish. The majority of fans of this brand of media are wetting fans before they’re sneaky peeing fans.

3.3) Toilets (TP)

O) This is the perfect example of a completely nonsexual act being made naughty and sexual for the viewer just by adding the element of forbidden or secret aspects of our lives made available. Some are actually more turned on by this kind of simple footage than by the contrivances of pornography because these scenes depict something we all do and are therefore more real.

3.4) Indoor Peeing (IP)

P) When I say “indoor peeing” I’m referring to peeing in non-public, indoor locations other than in a toilet without wetting clothes. This can take literally dozens of different specific forms, and different settings often imply slightly different desires all related to a similar primary motivation (the desire to break from the rules and express true independence). For some, the thrill of naughty peeing grows as the potential consequences rise – the key is not just to defy the rules, but to raise the cost and defy it anyway. For them, a carpet, a bed, or a couch – something that might show evidence of their misdeed - needs to get wet for the best satisfaction. Some people like to pee on the floor, on tables…surfaces that are easy to clean. For these folks, it’s not about defying consequences – their thoughts fall instead entirely on the aesthetics of the act. They get pleasure from being naughty, but they tend to focus on their senses and less on the results.

O) Fans of this type of peeing are diverse, but tend to prefer footage where the person doing the peeing is obviously enjoying the experience…here the sights and sounds make or break the show for the viewer. The things people tend to talk about include the puddle, the sound of the pee splashing or hissing from the source, the look of the girl’s vagina or the man’s penis, and the attitude of the peer.

4) Exhibition (EX)

P) As I’ve already discussed, there’s no psychological difference between the mind of an exhibitionist and the mind of an exhibitionist with urophilia. Public urination is so unexpected and so attention-grabbing to anyone who witnesses it that the reactions of genuinely stunned onlookers can provide a unique form of sexual stimulation. Exhibitionists of all stripes generally convert feelings of embarrassment \to exhilaration as their natural fight or flight mechanism floods their body with adrenaline. Many may not even be aware of the subconscious humiliation that comes from making oneself stand out in a crowd as one who clearly does not belong – their internal defenses are so well tuned and the connection they’ve drawn between adrenaline and arousal so powerful. We all have a deep (evolutionarily important) desire to belong that remains in constant conflict with our desire to be unique. That conflict is a powerful source of energy for the few who engage in public peeing or wetting in full view of onlookers.

O) Most of us lack the guts to stand on our own in a crowd and be unacceptable to normative culture. In fact, normative conformity is so powerful an urge that humans have been known to forcefully and knowingly insist that a lie is the truth if a room full of their peers is claiming the same. But a few of us wish we had the fortitude to reap the benefits of the rush that comes from these kinds of activities. A vicarious thrill is the best we can do, and for fans of public wetting, watching someone draw looks of amusement, shock and disgust, show signs of being embarrassed and maybe thrilled, and stay there anyway can be incredibly intoxicating.
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Default Part 6

5) Getting Wet (Solo)

Other than a couple of specific examples of wetting where the act itself was less important than the context, thus far I’ve talked about urination for pleasure only in contexts that don’t necessarily involve the participant coming into contact with their own (or anyone else’s) pee. It is important to realize that although there is significant overlap, there are really two types of watersports enthusiasts – those that like to get wet, and those that don’t. We will now shift gears and talk about the soaked side of this fetish.

5.1) Accidents (AC)

O) It happens to the best of us. That phrase has been used many times following an event that most find terribly humiliating – the loss of control over the bladder. Genuine accidental wetting is more common than we might think and it’s never intentional, nor a desired event. A significant number of wetting fans quest after footage of real accidents (or relish their own real-world sightings) because the vulnerability and unavoidable honesty of those moments so completely contradicts our attempts to control our lives. There’s a reason there are far more men who are turned on by women having accidents than vice versa – uncontrollably wetting herself plays into our evolutionary programming as previously discussed. Accidental wetting also generally comes with a significant preamble of desperation, which directs our attention to the sex organs. Importantly, those aroused by real accidents require footage to be as honest as the moment it portrays: no posing, high emotions, and no pretense in the scenario being portrayed.

5.2) Intentional Panty Wetting (PW) / Fully Clothed Wetting (FW)

P) When someone deliberately chooses to pee their clothes, no matter what they’re wearing or where they are, the emotions are very different than they would be in an involuntary wetting. However, this is a case where different attire carries different meanings – both for the wetter and the observer. Some people who get a thrill out of wetting prefer to pee their panties/pantyhose/underwear only. For them, underwear is a very sexual garment and their dirty little secret is all about the sexy feel of peeing their most private clothes. It’s about breaking the rules in a very personal, sexual way. Some panty-wetters don’t even like the feel of peeing other clothes. Other people feel naughtier when more gets wet and are more aroused as their clothes cling to their skin. For them, wetting is about commitment to the moment and the more damage their misdeeds do, the more the experience means. Both types of wetting fans may be motivated by a desire to break rules, a desire for emotional comfort (some feel more care free when they allow themselves to regress in age for a short time), or a need for the freedom that comes from releasing one’s inhibitions.

Each type will focus on different aspects of their peeing when describing it later – panty wetters like feeling wet right around their privates – it mimics the moisture that results from sexual arousal in women. They’ll talk about the feeling as their panties get damp with anticipation, then wet as they pee. They’ll talk about the stream of pee trickling down the inside of their legs and the pattering sounds it makes as it hits the ground. Full wetters are far more focused on the sight of the wet patch spreading, the feel of their clothes clinging to them, the smell of their fresh piss and occasionally, the hissing noise their pee makes as it rushes out. It’s a full body experience and it’s all about abandoning fear of consequences and giving in to those dirtiest of impulses.

O) The type of wetting that the typical fetish viewer likes tends to echo his or her own personal motivations. For people who think of wetting as a very personal expression of sexuality, panty wetting is probably going to be more interesting. They get to see something get wet, they get to see pee trickling down a girl’s legs (thus highlighting those legs as sexy parts of the body), they can see a hint of what’s underneath those panties, and it feels more intimate and special to them because there is less of a barrier between her and the viewer. For those who think of wetting as rebellious, thrilling and naughty, the wetter the girl, the better! It should be noted that in either case, many wetting fans like to focus on the attitude of the wetter. The moment when he/she decides to let go and piss can be critical – a knowing smile, a release of breath or a gasp of pleasure can make all the difference

5.3) Intentional Accidents (IA)

P) The term is a little oxymoronic, but the “discipline” in urophilia is very real. Some people have a very real desire to experience the moment when they can no longer control their pee – when they are at the mercy of their body – but have no desire to be humiliated. For those who want to lose control wile (ironically) retaining control, planning an intentional accident is the ideal compromise. They can let the pressure build in the setting of their choice, plan ahead knowing toughly how long they’ll have before the dam breaks, and time it so that they end up dripping in piss on their own terms while still enjoying the shocking feel of their insides melting as they can no longer resist the flood. The clothes of choice depend on whether the wetter gets a heightened sense of urgency if there is “risk” involved. If it makes that final moment more intense when there is more to get wet (or a more valuable item is involved) then that’s what they’re going to prefer. For these fetishists, the intense build up of anticipation and arousal define the act.

O) The only subtle difference between a wetting fan who enjoys completely intentional wetting and one who likes intentional accidents more (there tends to be massive overlap, usually if you like one, you like the other) is their preference for how the wetter should look when they start peeing. Intentional accident lovers have a specific interest in seeing someone hold on as long as possible and seeing that look of surprise on their face when they lose control. Intentional wetting fans prefer a clear moment of decision where the participant let’s go and enjoys the results visibly.

5.4) Bed Wetting (BW)

P) There are two common types of bed wetters – those that actually strive to return to their childhood days of wetting involuntarily in their sleep and those that like wetting the bed but prefer to control when it happens and be aware of the entire thing. Emotional regression will be discussed more in the next section in diaper use and adult babies, but people who wish to be involuntary bed wetters have found another way of expressing the same deep seeded desire to go back to simpler times when they didn’t have a care in the world. The other group has just formed a natural connection between the bed (the place where most of the sex they’re likely to have occurs) and their existing urophilia. Bed wetters don’t usually limit themselves to this activity alone, but the bed is a place of maximum comfort, a place to feel sexy, and a place to express one’s sexual desires freely (since it is exclusive to its user and therefore very intimate).

O) Those who enjoy watching a bed wetting scene are going to be the type to enjoy intentional wetting (because bed wetting scenes are very contrived and staged due to the limitations of filming possibility), and they’re also more likely to be wetting fans who attach importance to the commitment of the act (the amount of things at risk of being peed on matters) for obvious reasons, although this can sometimes be the one environment where being dressed only in underwear is sexier even to a fully clothed wetting fan because of the intimate nature of the bed.

5.5) Diaper Use (DW) / Adult Babies (AB)

P) There are three main uses for adult diapers within the fetish. Some get comfort from regressing. Adult babies (as they’re called) derive satisfaction from completely surrendering control of their lives in order to replicate the simplicity and emotional freedom of their lives when they were infants. Their masters in sexual role playing games are at the other extreme – getting their kicks from being in complete control over another human being. We’ve already discussed the genesis of this dynamic. Some use diapers to get away with a unique form of sneaky public wetting. They get all the benefits of that naughty wetness between their thighs and no one is the wiser. Finally, some simply enjoy feeling wet as much as possible (see the section on comfort above), and use diapers regularly to avoid the practical challenges of wetting their clothes and/or to stay warm and wet longer (clothes have a tendency to get cold once they’re peed in). All of these uses are hard to represent in film because the diaper obscures any evidence of the pee in most cases, so there are very few who look for diaper wetting videos.
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Default Part 7

6) Showered in Pee

We come at last to the type of pee play most commonly associated with watersports. Recognized in the mainstream media (though, generally with a disapproving tone), from Sex and the City to the rumor pages of the Hollywood gossip circuit, when people think of urophilia, they think of people getting peed on. In many ways, this is the kinkiest and most difficult to explain of the fetish types in this family – and yet it represents a sort of culmination of all of the motivations described in the first half of this document. Of the 1/3 or 2/5 of the watersports community that is interested in golden showers, self-peeing and to a lesser extent pee drinking, all manner of motivations are represented in the different types of showers people enjoy.

6.1) Genital Washing (GW)

P) I’m moving in order of immersion and extremity to show how the basic wishes of golden shower fetishists are represented by their actions. People who have less interest in being wet all over but who enjoy incorporating pee into their sex lives often get a kick out of sharing a genital wash (where one person pees on the sex organs of the other). Those being the most sensitive parts of the body and also the most connected with the act of urination and with the sex act, it’s a natural leap and a relatively small one to make.

O) Videos on this subject are generally judged based on whether the participants appear to be enjoying the experience. The worst thing to see according to popular response is a guy getting his penis and testicles peed on who is not erect. For both the observers and the participants, there’s really no difference between the sexual stimulation you get from normal intercourse and the feeling of pee hitting those same nerve endings.

6.2) Levels of Immersion

Moving from the most innocent of the wet sex games there is a whole progression of activities two (or more) people can share, listed in order of immersion below:

• Nothing Above the Neck (GS – typically including guys and girls getting their chest and stomach peed on, sometimes their back and butt)
• Clothed Golden Showers (CG – still below the face, but the clothes help keep the wetness close to you for longer)
• Self-Peeing (SF – it takes a certain dedication for women in particular to contort themselves into a position where they can pee on their chest or head, but it’s your own urine, so it stands below any watersports involving a second person and your face)
• Golden Showers Including the Face (FA)
• Hair Wetting (HW – girls naturally tend to protect their hair…it actually requires another level of commitment to be willing to get the hair wet)
• Pee Drinking (DR – the ultimate in sharing and intimacy for some…an expression of dominance in a dom/sub dynamic)

Think of this as a sexual spectrum just like gender preference is a spectrum. The more interested you are in getting wet, staying wet, and including your partner’s (or your own) pee into your love making as a symbol of direct physical intimacy, the further down that list you’re likely to be interested in trying things.

6.3) Human Toilet (HT)

I’ve focused mainly on intimacy as the prime motivator for golden showers, but at the top of the scale for those who use pee to experiment with roles of dominance and submission in their sex lives is the human toilet phenomenon. One person is required to stay in one place and allow one or many others to pee on them for a significant length of time. In fact, sex is rarely involved for the person in the role of the toilet. It’s less about sex and more about going to the extremes of supplication for someone else. As I mentioned before, few people have the stomach to go this far, but it gives you a sort of “reducto ad absurdum” for the principle of watersports as a power game.
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Default Re: The Pee Enthusiast (Anthropological and Psychological Exploration of this Fetish)

Interesting read. Acknowledging the bias does distract somewhat from the 'scientific' quality, but the discussion is well thought out and it does answer some elusive questions.

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Default Re: The Pee Enthusiast (Anthropological and Psychological Exploration of this Fetish)

Not sure what you mean by acknowledging the bias. Could you clarify that?
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