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A car trip with a wet finish

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As everyone I have spoken to has gathered I am a little bit naughty, however 6 months ago I think I met my match with someone from peeing cupid. When we met we were similar in so many ways, we both liked wetting and public peeing, we both had ridiculously high sex drives, and when we weren't doing it we were talking about it, and we got on so well we very quickly became best mates too.

Now this is still one of the hottest wettings I have ever done, it ticked all the right boxes for me, and this is how it happened.

It was a Friday, and on a Monday and a Friday I always go to the gym, I have never liked going on the weekends as it is always full of toxic men trying to find a girlfriend (well my gym anyway). However on this day I had also arranged to go shopping with scotties mum, it was their 30th wedding anniversary and they were holding a party, we were to go shopping for new outfits. Anyway, we weren't due to arrive at Scotties parents till mid afternoon, so it was decided that Scottie would do my horses and I would still be able to get to the gym as long as I was ready to be collected at 12, and we would get changed on route.

Bang on 12 he arrived, I had already had a shower and put on a tracksuit for the journey, and off we set, he actually seemed surprised I was ready as I am not known for my punctuality. The journey normally takes about 3 hours, and I had already drunk quite a bit as I thought we could have some fun on-route as we both like desperation. This would have been fine except after 1 1/2 hours in we ran into stationery traffic.

Now I expect we have all been stuck in traffic at some point and know how time drags, I had put my hair in rollers, done my makeup, fiddled with the radio and the sat nav, read a magazine I had had in my bag and through all of this constantly chatted with Scottie. At this point I had started to get pretty desperate and I did the worse thing ever, I started drinking a little bottle of coke, I didn't think we would be there much longer as I have never been stuck in traffic that long before, as soon as I had finished the coke I went from quite desperate to absolutely bursting, and by this point we had both seen a couple of men get out of there cars and have a wee at the road side, which was nice for me to see. Now Scott likes female desperation, and is making it a little bit worse, he keeps rubbing his hand over my tummy and pressing gently, and making comments about how I would have to keep holding, I started complaining about his constant comments making it harder for me, but secretly I was loving it too, (and he knew that). I knew it was getting bad as I lent forward to get my sun glass I felt myself leak the smallest bit into my panties. So I had to make a decision, wet outside the car or inside the car, Scottie liked the idea of me wetting inside the car, I have done it a few times before and it is always a big turn on for me.

Now all I had to do was get the towels from my gym bag and slip them under me, but I was so desperate I think if I had reached into the back I would have started wetting there and then, so I nominated Scottie to get them. As he reached to get them he said you could always sit on my lap and wet, and as he said it, it was like a light bulb pinged in my head, I liked this idea a lot. Thankfully we were in a range rover with tinted windows, so it could be done, but I would like to think people could see a little bit, Scott pushed his seat right back and I slowly edged over to his lap, and positioned myself with one knee either side of his legs facing him, almost kneeling over him, I pulled my joggers right up and as I relaxed started to let go, and as the wave of relief hit me I lent forward and supported my weigh on the back of his chair and looked down, as he was putting his had to my crotch I saw my stream break through my joggers.

Well we had to get changed anyway .

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