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A days riding part 2

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The day had started early, after getting everything ready for the day, I set out from home for the stables.

I got Lady (my hunter) readied and loaded into the box, and the day was starting to warm, and looked like being a really good day.

I had been busy, and got a little behind, so had not gone to the toilet before leaving the yard for the meet, this wasn't a worry as I love being desperate, and didn't think I had had a lot to drink that morning.

I wasn't going there with [color=black">Cam[/color">eron, but we both knew we would be there.

I unloaded Lady, and got to the meet, and there he was, we got chatting for a bit, and as at these things there are drinks supplied. Well [color=black">Cam[/color">eron got called away by Gary the huntsman, and I started chatting to a few others there and we didn't bump back into each other before we set off.

After about an hour and a half I caught up with [color=black">Cam[/color">, and by then people had got quite separated, which can sometimes happen.

We chatted, and flirted for a bit, about nothing really.

Well I might have drunk more than I thought during the day, and was getting really desperate to piss. I was looking around for a spot I could stop and have a quick pee, but must have been moving around a bit more than I was thinking, as [color=black">Cam[/color"> stopped and said “are you OK?”

There was a little copse of woods of to our left, and I said I was going off into the woods as I really needed to pee, and [color=black">Cam[/color"> just [color=black">cam[/color">e out with it, “why don't you let go there?”.

I turned to look at him with a little smile on my face, and he must have seen it. As he said “oh, come on, are you trying to tell me you have never done that before.”

I replied, hoping I knew exactly what he meant,”done what?”, had he finally guessed?

He coolly said “I think you like it when you need to pee”.

“I have seen you giggling and putting your hand to your crotch, I watch you a lot when you think no one is looking.”

“You seem to love it” he said with a big grin, “and you must have known I liked watching you”.

I couldn't believe it

He paused for a second, and said “I like watching you desperate to pee, I have never thought of it before I met you”

“Would you like to know more about it?”, I replied, “it is a sex thing for me”

He just smiled, "I have done some bondage, and loved that."

I couldn't help but tease a bit, “maybe we could combine the two”

The only response I wanted, was what I got, "WOW."

I had to press a little more, “hold this thought” I said “I need to pee, do you want to watch?”

The expression told me everything, but the words confirmed it “oh god yes please”.

Both me and [color=black">Cam[/color"> and I both dismounted, and as he [color=black">cam[/color">e to take the reins I got a bit closer than you normally do with people, so close we were about to touch but weren't and said to him, “do you want to know a secret? I wet my jodhpurs earlier on when I was in the stables. Do you want to feel them, they are still slightly damp?”

He said nothing for a fraction of a second, which seemed like ages, my brain just went mad, what would he say? I still wasn't certain he was into this.

Then to my relief [color=black">cam[/color">e a slightly choked response, of “Oh my god, can I?”

I was still so close that I could feel his breath, he moved his hand to my crotch, I raised onto my toes slightly expecting his touch, and as he did I opened my legs as his fingers traced the line between my legs, running forwards and back again.

He seemed to like it from the expression on his face, after a few seconds, I couldn't stop myself, saying “do you want to watch me pee, watch as it comes from me, to find out if you like it?”

Then again a slight pause, his fingers still running up and down my crotch.

He, smiled and said “No!”

No, I thought, what the heck is going on, so many things going through my head.

All I could say was “ohh.”

Still smiling and stroking me, he said, “are you are not interested in why?”, I just couldn't say anything, and he continued, “well I am going to tell you anyway”.

“As if I was anywhere near you, when your jodhpurs were down, I could not stop myself, and would have to fuck you, exactly where you were.”

All I could think of to say was, “would that be a problem?”, I thought to my self “I would loved to be fuck by such a gorgeous looking jockey with the most beautiful blue eyes.”

I waited for the response.

“How could I say no to the offer of fucking a hot looking girl like you, seems so innocent, but with such a filthy mind”

So I said, “what are we going to do about this then?”

[color=black">Cam[/color"> suggested we head straight back to his discovery,

But I had something else in mind, so I said, “I don't think we should wait that long”

Suddenly the look in his eye changed, “I agree, mount up and follow me.”

"I can't, give me a leg up, I am going to pee myself getting on otherwise", he quickly [color=black">cam[/color">e over and gave me the leg up. “I love it being that close to you, and the smell of your perfume”, he said.

As I landed in the saddle I could feel the pressure forced down onto my bladder. I knew then I could not last long, “how far away are we going?” I asked.

"Only 15 mins" [color=black">cam[/color">e the reply, “oh god I'm not sure I can last that long” I thought. I said “I would just have to leak a bit to relieve the pressure”

I said “do you want to feel?”

He stood next to my leg as I sat on Lady, and said “I have never seen it before, or even thought of it, but how could I turn down the chance to feel”.

I told him to put his hand just on my crotch, my legs were opened up a bit because of sitting in the saddle, so his fingers could literally be cupping my pussy

I let go a small bit and he could feel it slowly leak from me in to the jodhpurs, his expression changed. As the first drops of pee hit the already damp patch it spread, and made the surface of the jodhpurs damp and warm really quickly. He quickly changed from a slightly quizzical look to the biggest grin, possible, and looked from where his hand was, up to look in my eyes staring down at him.

“God” he said, “I could feel it as you went”

“Quickly lets go” I said.

He went to his horse and mounted, and off we went along a path and down on to the beach, along the beach, and right to the end. There at the end of the beach was a small path leading into a small wooded area, anyone who knows Amroth knows where I mean,

As we went along the beach I could hear tourists saying, "don't they look lovely on the horses", as we are still all dressed up, I couldn't be bothered to speak to them, all I could focus on was the horse, and the feeling of dampness in my pants.

For once I couldn't rub on the saddle for it would surly end in me cumming so quickly I was in such a state, and the end would be disaster, I would have let go and the moment would have been gone, as I wanted to show [color=black">Cam[/color">eron what pee fun was all about.

After going into the woods about 100 yards, we stopped.

He dismounted, and I followed his lead, more sliding from the horse, rather than dismounting as I would surely have let go if I had swung myself about to much.

He says with that same soft voice, “what would you like me to do to you?”

“Do you really want to know?”, is the best reply I can come back with.

Gathering myself slightly together I think, “Well I would love to tie you to this tree, and get you really desperate and get you to beg, to be allowed to go”, yet again with that same lilt in the voice he says “I am not desperate, but god I wish I was”, and leans into me, and kisses me, and as he leans forward I reach for his hand and put it on my tummy so he can feel how hard my bladder is.

I break from the kiss to ask to ask if he wants to put his hand in my jods and tights.

“tights?” [color=black">cam[/color">e a slightly confused reply

“I love the feeling of damp tights on my skin, inside my jodhpurs.” I replied.

[color=black">Cam[/color"> smiled, “I have never seen anyone so turned on, you really love wetting don't you.”

At his point I was still moving my hips against the feeling of pressure in my bladder, and was gently rubbing up against his leg

I walked over towards a tree and, slide down on to the grass.

So to picture it, I am sat on the floor with legs out straight, leaning back on my arms, looking at [color=black">Cam[/color">

He [color=black">cam[/color">e over to me and kneels between my legs, he reaches down and undoes my jodhpurs, and starts to pull them of me, I raise my bum as they unroll from me, stopping as they are half way down, he moves his hand to my crotch as my bum settles back on the grass, and rubs his hand over my tights,

He says “they are damp aren't they”.

He put his fingers in the top of the band of the tights, I .... more

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