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A Days Riding

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Today I decided to make a fantasy come true.

I have loved the feeling of a full bladder, and getting desperate for years, and have ridden horses for as long as I can remember, and have dabbled joining the two together on more than one occasion.

Today I decided to see what it would be like taking it a little further.

It was raining when I arrived at the stables, and I had already had a few drinks but I took a big bottle of water with me to keep me topped up. After mucking out and tacking up I was really getting desperate now. Well I led her out all ready to go, but I had not thought of one thing, how to mount while really desperate with out having my "accident" a little early.

I reached my foot up in to the stirrup iron to mount and at that second realised there was no way I could get on, as soon as I put any pressure to jump up I was going to explode.

Well, Cameron was just sorting out his horse and saw me pause while trying to mount and came over to see if everything was OK. Well I have a bit of a thing for Cameron, and I said I was OK just a bit stiff, I didn't want to say that I was really desperate, and I have to say we chatted for a few mins as I couldn't miss the chance to talk to him. Well after a few mins he said he would give me a leg up, as it would be easier for me, fell he is quite fit and I just loved the thought of him giving me more than a leg up, but I accepted that.

Just as I jumped I leaked just a little, and when I landed in the saddle I couldn't stop myself having a little smile at what had just happen.

Cameron said he had nearly finished, and did I want him to come with me, I said yes without a second thought, as I loved the idea of spending more time with him. He said I should go on, and he would catch me up.

Well, I have to say I was quite exited by now, with being so desperate and having a hot companion to chat to in a bit.

Off I set ridding at walking pace up the path, then after going round a bend I started to trot. Well, that is normally a nice feeling of being a little bit desperate, but today, wow. The bladder presses on places most people can only imagine, and I can rub onto the saddle in such a way as to get even more aroused.

At the end of the path is a low fence, which can be jumped. I went over the jump and when I landed, I had no choice, I pressed in to the saddle and I just let go.

As I let go it was absolutely mind blowing, it started to soak into my jodhpurs, but there was far too much for them to soak up, and it started running down my legs into my boots and down the saddle and onto the ground, all I wanted to do put my hand down my pants.

Well, I didn't have any time to compose myself as I heard Cameron following me up the path. Well when he caught me up he said, I know it's been raining but gosh you are wet, and smiled. That was it, and we started talking about rubbish, but I was so flushed I think he wondered what had happened.

Then when we got back I said I am going to get changed and put my jeans on and he said why don't you keep your wet jodhpurs on they look good on you.

Then as he turned to walk away, he turned back with a smile on his face, and I wondered what he was going to say, and he just said are you shaven?, and walked away. I am praying he is into pee fun, otherwise I have 3 horses so anyone who knows how to ride drop me a note, because I am desperate to put my own ending. However he has asked if I want to go ridding with him tomorrow, can't wait to see what happens.

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