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A Phone Call From Daddy

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Submitted by Lacy_Panty_Girl, Bi Female - "too worldly for my tastes, madam"

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(Note, in case anyone was wondering: this is a true story, about me and a friend that I role-play "Daddy/little girl" with - not actual incest.)

It's half past midnight. My mobile bleeps at me from the bedside table. I've just gotten into bed. I read the message, glowing at me from the darkness. It's from Daddy.

[b">:Knickers are nice[/b">

I can't resist texting back to that conversation starter.

:Yes they are, 2 wet pairs on floor currently


:V wow, had lots of fun getting them in that condition

[b">:Tell me how[/b">

:First pair - under jeans, after day of shopping with no pee breaks, with bloke stroking me and whispering gently about what a sweet little girl I am


The phone rings. It's him! I pout for half a second about not having been able to tell the story of the second pair, then realise I can always tell the story while we're talking, if we don't get sidetracked (which we invariably do).

[i">Hi, Baby.[/i">

[b">Hi, Daddy.[/b">

[i">So - you've wet your knickers.[/i">




[i">Both... presumably... enjoyable.[/i">

[b">(giggle) Of course, Daddy.[/b">

[i">Good. (slight pause) Are you alone now?[/i">


[i">And... which knickers have you got on?[/i">

[b">Some of yours.[/b">

[i">(slight choking sound) That's.. perfect, Baby Girl. Which ones?[/i">

[b">The light rose-coloured silk ones with the black lace trim - you remember from last time, I couldn't resist licking you through them about a second after you put them on.[/b">

[i">Ah. Those ones. How could I forget?[/i">

[b">(giggle) You couldn't.[/b">

[i">You're right. So - apart from peeing - how was your day?[/i">

[b">Apart from peeing, not much. Went shopping. Got talked into buying new moisturizer and foundation because the girl at the YSL counter got all squealy and said I looked just like Barbie.[/b">

[i">(very drily) Like Barbie.[/i">

[b">Yes, like Barbie! She dragged one of the other makeup girls over to see, and she agreed, I am totally Barbie.[/b">

[i">I won't argue with that, Baby Girl. But - which Barbie?[/i">

[b">I don't know. My Facebook "which Barbie are you" quiz said "Park Avenue Barbie", but I don't trust it - especially since they spelled Jimmy Choo wrong. [/b">

[i">Well, you know, I just[b"> never[/b"> wear Jimmy Choo. Because it's, just, [b">so[/b"> last year. (stifled masculine giggling)[/i">

[b">I bought a lot of Juicy, but you know, that's timeless.[/b">

[i">Ahem. So.... back to this Barbie thing.[/i">

[b">Yes. I'm Barbie. Possibly Park Avenue Barbie.[/b">

[i">This Park Avenue Barbie... does she pee?[/i">

[b">(giggling) I don't think so, she's just plastic. But I'm not.[/b">

[i">I know you're not. And I [b">know[/b"> you pee, as well.[/i">

[b">Yes. I told you about my wet knickers already. The first pair.[/b">

[i">But there was a second pair of wet knickers somewhere, too?[/i">

[b">Yes. I had to change after the first ones - obviously.[/b">

[i">Which ones did you put on - to wet again?[/i">

[b">You haven't seen them yet! Cream colour, very soft, with pink-trimmed ruffles across the bum and pink bows at the front.[/b">

[i">(another one of those funny choked sort of sounds) I look forward to seeing - feeling - them. On you. [/i">

[b">They're very sweet. The ruffles don't seem to interfere with spanking much.[/b">

[i">(I can almost [b">hear[/b"> him raising his eyebrows) So you've been spanked in them.[/i">
Just a bit. He was afraid of hurting me. (sigh) I get that a lot. It's frustrating.[/b">

[i">I - I can't wait to spank you. In those knickers - or any, really. As hard as you want. Provided you wet yourself at some point.[/i">

[b">I don't think I'd be able to help it. [/b">

[i">Good girl. So... the current knickers. Are they wet yet?[/i">

[b">No. A little damp, but not all wet.[/b">

[i">Where are you?[/i">

[b">In bed.[/b">

[i">Good. Wet them for me. Imagine I'm there, drinking from you.[/i">

[b">I'll get my bed all wet![/b">

[i">Yes, you will. And you'll [b">love[/b"> it.[/i">

[i">Yes, Daddy.[/i">

I'm already lying back against a mountain of pillows, tucked up in a warm duvet, naked except for the aforementioned pretty knickers. I've been fighting the simultaneous urges to pee and to touch myself since I first heard Daddy's voice. The way he speaks is like everything else he does - perfectly controlled, almost never betraying any emotion other than this strange, deep affection. His voice isn't cold, or harsh, even when he's giving me orders - it's quiet, rough in a nice way, like a warm wool blanket, makes me feel sweet and fiery inside like brandy, it's as though his voice is a complete projection of his love for me inside and out and the crispness and brevity of the words doesn't matter because the feeling behind them pushes deep inside me - much like Daddy would like to be, and like my fingers will, after...

[b">Daddy... I'm doing it. Right now.[/b">

[i">(a brief silence) How does it feel?[/i">


And it does. My fingers stop pressing against my clit and move down to cup the trickly warmth of my pee spilling thr.... more

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