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A Story, In Poem Form!

stream, pee, legs, wee,
Submitted by xLucix, Gay Female - IanigriV

Once upon a time,
I was covered in pee!
Cause I had to wee
In the middle o' a five n' dime.

Oh how hard I tried.
Really I did!
To clamp down the lid,
But the relief was so great I cried.

As the rivers and streams
Ran down my legs.
My clit always begs
To live out my dirtiest dreams.

A flutter,
A fancy,
Luci n' Nancy!
My nethers all-a-butter.

Still in the store,
Begging for pleasure.
Like a pirate with the biggest treasure,
Pretty lil' me beggin' fa more n' more.

A voyeur's desire,
A story in ya favorite forum.
Even better den yer favorite porn!
Coverin' yer body in a lustful fire.

Now my tale's done,
My web's woven.
I'm out for fun!
And a woman or twelve to cozen.

LUCI'S NOTES: The definition of cozen that I'm using is, "to win over." The other ones seem mean. Any comments/critiques would be lovely to see (make sure to tell your friends on here about it ). Spread the love, my darlings! Also, if anyone can come up with a title for this, that would be de-lovely

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