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After the pub - story of a wet woman

Submitted by lovespissypussy, Straight Male - UK

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Hi, this is my first attempt at fiction in years, so be kind! Let me know if you think it's worth continuing. I hope it's not too long winded!

We had spent much of the afternoon in the pub, Kate and I. Several pints of beer and a couple of shots had done their work. We were both buzzing, but not drunk, and both of us were desperate for the toilet. But neither of us went before leaving the pub. That would have been a waste!

It was only a short walk to Kate’s house, and the route took us along a narrow path and through a small wood. Not many people went that way.

I had met Kate six months earlier, and we had discovered our mutual lust for pee play. Kate loves to hold until she can stand it no longer, and has to piss helplessly in whatever clothes she is wearing. Wetting herself is a wonderful turn on for her and always makes her cum so hard. For my part, I have always loved women peeing, particularly - but not exclusively! - if they haven’t taken their pants, tights or jeans down first. If I’m somewhere underneath when it happens, so much the better! Kate has also shown me some uses for my own pee which I hadn’t thought of till I met her.

Today Kate was dressed in a white hoodie, a denim mini skirt and black tights. She looked completely desirable, and I love it that she wears such ordinary, innocent-looking yet incredibly sexy clothes. No-one would guess the filthy fun she was planning. In the pub I had begged her to tell me what panties she was wearing, and in the end she had whispered “White” and given me a quick flash, parting her legs and flipping her skirt up for a second, letting me see through her tights the swell of her pussy in the white cotton front of her pants. I had been semi-hard from that moment.

We were soon on the path, and out of earshot of the pub garden. Kate said, “My bladder is hurting, it’s so full of piss. I’m going to have to go soon.”

“Why didn’t you go before we left the pub?” I knew the answer perfectly well! “You should have used the pub toilet.”

“Yes I know, but that’s no use now, is it? I think I’m going to piss myself, I need to go so much.”

“Can’t you hold it till we get back to yours?”

“No, I can’t. You don’t understand. I am desperate to go. I’m squeezing it in – oh god, it nearly came out then, I only just managed to hold it. I think I’m going to have to pee my knickers!”

By now we were going through the wood. Halfway along a gate takes you into a field behind the wood and without discussion we went through and were out of sight from the path.

Here Kate, my lovely wetwoman, grabbed me and we kissed passionately, rubbing our hurting crotches against each other. I was now hard – who wouldn’t be with such a sexy companion and her dirty piss-talk? - but my bladder still ached with pee need. Kate whispered, “I’m going to have to piss my pants. Do you know how hot that idea makes me? My pussy is dripping and I haven’t even done it yet. Oh I love wetting myself, it makes me so hot.”

She put a hand under skirt and pressed herself, holding on to her pee and rubbing her horny pussy at the same time. “Oh I’m such a dirty girl, I’m going to piss my panties and I love it! Only a dirty girl would get off on wetting herself, I’m such a slut.”

“Kate” I moaned, “you’re the filthiest little panty-wetting slut I ever heard of. You’re going to piss your panties and it makes you so hot you have to rub your pussy.”

“Oh my god, I am so desperate. I can’t hold it any more. Oh I am just going to have to pee my pants. Oh it’s so hot, pissing my pants. I really want to, it makes me so horny.”

Kate did a little dance as she tried to hold her wee for a bit longer, to make the desperation last. But it was clear she couldn’t hold out for long now. Soon she was going to wet herself whether she liked it or not.

“Kate, let me see you pee your pants, I want to see that so much” I said. I don’t know which of us is more turned on when Kate wets herself. I had a hurting erection from watching Kate’s desperate state, and I badly needed to pee myself. I gripped my cock through my trousers to deal with both problems.

“Oh it’s happening now, my wee is coming”, groaned Kate. “Oh it’s so hot, I’m going to piss my pants”.

“Lift up your skirt, let me see” I begged. She pulled up the front of her denim skirt, showing me the front of her panties through the black tights. “Oh I’m going to piss myself, Look at my little white pants, watch them”, she moaned. “Here it comes, oh I can feel it in my panties, it’s all coming out, so warm. God it’s so horny.”

I concentrated my gaze on her panty-covered crotch. At first, nothing. Then a darker patch appeared just where the pants disappeared between her legs. It spread rapidly up her panty-crotch. For a second, no more. Then the saturated cloth gave way and the lovely stream burst through. Some of the delicious liquid poured out of the middle of her pants, while two streams escaped from either side. None of the streams got far before they met her tights. The middle stream soon soaked through this obstacle as well, A loud pattering began as the pee broke into a spray of drops and hit the grass. The side streams ran all down Kate’s beautiful tight-covered legs, soaking the sheer material and dripping into her boots.

I was transfixed by the wonderful sight, and did not hesitate to tell her how hot it was. For her part she was quite beside herself, pouring out a torrent of words. “Oh I’m pissing myself, I’m going in my panties. Oh so lovely, lovely warm piss in my knickers, oh it’s so hot, piss all down my legs. That makes me so hot, peeing myself, wetting my pants.”

The flow seemed never-ending. So much hot pee Kate had stored up, that she pissed in her panties for over a minute. I had to get my cock out, it hurt so much. “Look what you’re doing to me Kate, pissing your pants like that. You’ve given me such a hard on it hurts. You’re such a lovely, dirty pissing bitch!”

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