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All about the surprisingly wet day i had yesterday~!

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Hello all of you~! Mwah~!
So yesterday I went to town, it's a 20 minute drive, and it was raining again~! We have summer rain and it sure has rained~! In fact for those who may not know, we had flooding in the province I live, with 15 dead and 300 misplaced, and flooding in the Western Cape and in Gauteng, with 220 people injured or killed and over a 1000 misplaced. Not as bad as Australia but still hectic. Loads of damaged, and it resulted in reduced sales of sugar, and has flooded vineyards.

But I digress. So off I went to town with my 2 litre bottle of water, having drunk a large 350ml glass of iced tea before I left. I drank about half the water on the way to the mall. I did my shopping, and stopped for a mega coffee. Delicious, served with a giant peanut butter cookie. Yummy~! I was feeling very very full when I left, glad I had worn loose pants, due to the fact that despite the rain it was not cool, but humid and kinda muggy. So my bladder had room to push out and not be squashed. And I could feel it was distended.

It gave me a nice tingly horny feeling, and was nowhere yet painful nor desperate. So I walked to the car, loaded the stuff in my boot, and got, for the leisurely 20 min drive home. I knew I would be on the brink of desperation when I got home, but I would be able to hold while in unpacked, and then I could find sweet relief. I was really enjoying my full bladder, and the anticipated release and possible play when I got home was sending delightfully hot waves through my body~!

I idly sipped water as I drove back. All was going well till I turned a corner and found traffic in front of me stretching about a mile. Oh hell~! My bladder twinged. Damn~! Damn~! Apparently a truck had overturned and closed the road off. They were working on it, but traffic was stopped. I pondered whether to try turn around go back and get onto the highway. Too late, I had three cars behind me and more coming~! Damn~!

So there I sat, and now my bladder was telling me it was full. It was painful, cramping, and very distended so my sitting position was pushing on it~! I bit my lip and pulled up the hand-brake, so I could put one hand between my thighs and push hard against my pussy~! I winced, closed my eyes and concentrated and gained control but only just.

It took over 30 minutes for them to clear the road, and by that time I was so desperate tears were pricking my eyes. At the same time my full bladder had made me horny and my nipples were hard in my satin bra~! I was fighting for control, because I did not wanna let go in my gorgeous car, specially as I was unable to get out and put a towel down or anything~!

I drove home, thigh muscles clenched, teeth gritted, and have never been so relieved to see my drive way~!. As I turned into it I must have relaxed and I felt a teeny tiny spurt release into my lacy red panties~! I was in far enough from the road that I just pulled the handbrake up and stopped dead still. I sat there, eyes closed, panting, concentrating, feeling my bladder spasm, feeling the pressure to release, feeling my tummy muscles contract, feeling even how my pussy contracted inside, holding onto its bounty.~! At last I had control again, and as I realised this I could not help but moan softly at the delightful warm wet feeling in my panties~!

I drove a little forward, ensure I had iron control and got out, walking like a duck, to open the gate. Getting back into the car another teeny tiny drop pushed from inside me, over my by now enlarged clit, trapped a moment by my outer labia, then released into my panties, making a teeny round spot on my khaki's. I concentrated, and as my bladders spasmed painfully, I doubled over, hands between my thighs, thighs clenched painfully, and I got control. I drove into my garage and quickly grabbed the two bags of groceries and hung my handbag over my neck. I walked bow legged to the gate, transferring the packages both to one hand.

As I bent to hook the gate in at the bottom, the movement made me unable to keep my tight control over all my muscles, and I felt a flood of wetness as a large spurt gushed from me, wetting my crotch and the inside on my thighs, giving my think khaki three quarter length trousers a decided and obvious two tone look~!

I straightened and closed the gates, then stood for a moment, enjoying the wonderful warm wetness. It had not been my intention to wet, but accidents happen, though rarely to me. If I wet my pants it is usually deliberate. But the delay on the road home had played havoc with my careful timings. In all over the past four hours I had consumed over three litres of liquid.

Gingerly I walked inside, quickly putting perishables away, and then dry goods, the pressure of my bladder a tad less now so I had more control. As I did so I decided as my khakis were already wet, why not just go upstairs and enjoy wetting them completely? The thought aroused me so much I found my hand had snuck up and was tweaking a hard little rosy nipple through my t-shirt and thin satin bra~!

I walked upstairs, and as I neared the top the cat jumped out at me, and sadly I lost control and another spurt flooded my crotch~! Damn~! I stopped and rubbed my hands against my pussy through the wet khaki's and red lacy panties, and moaned. My wet hand snaked up to my breast and kneaded it, leaving damp fingerprints on my t-shirt. Once I felt able to I continued up the stairs to the bathroom, which has a stone floor.~!

Once there I decided I would share my fun with my friends on here so I held my cell cam in one hand, and slowly let myself enjoy my bladder~! I let teeny spurts go, enjoying the feeling. I was already quite wet, the khaki's semi transparent with pee by now, and.... more

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