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When I was in college I lived in the dorms on campus. I just couldn't afford not to. You see, I grew up farming and ranching and I am very good with my hands. My sophomore year at college, the Dorm system I lived in consisted of three buildings that needed a new maintenance man as the last one had graduated. The dorms and the college in general tried to give as many jobs as they could to the students to give them extra money. Of course if there were any major construction or re-construction going on, the physical plant personnel would come fix the problem. But for basic closet door repair, painting and the like, I was able to handle. In return I got my room and board for free as a member of staff, which was better than being a Resident Advisor. They had to stay on-site once every 7 days for a full 24-hour shift. Me, I was free to come and go as I pleased and didn't have to pull desk duty.

The dorms where I lived had three buildings. Brandon Hall 1, 2 & 3. Brandon Hall 1 was the oldest of the three buildings and as such had communal bathrooms. 1st and 2nd floors were female floors and 3rd and 4th floors were male. Brandon 2 and 3 were both made up of suites with a bathroom between each two rooms. Brandon 2 was co-ed and Brandon 3 was all female. My workshop was in Brandon 1 on first floor. (It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.) Brandon 1 tended to be mostly freshman as there were communal bathrooms and no air-conditioning. As a member of staff, I got a room to myself in Brandon 2.

At the first of the year, Elizabeth, a junior and the R.A. (resident assistant) for Brandon 1 first floor had me come to their first all floor meeting. At these meetings the R.A. for each floor meets the new people and lets them in on the rules. One of the rules was that the doors for 1st and 2nd floor were locked at 10:00 PM and no males were allowed unescorted on the floor after that time and no males on the floor at all after 11:30 PM. That way the girls could be an early warning device for each other, as they tended to walk around in little or nothing after 10:00 PM.

Elizabeth had me come to the meeting to explain to everyone who I was and why I might be seen at any hour on his or her floor, because my workshop was next to their communal bathroom. I explained to them that I would only be on the floor unescorted after 10:00 PM if there was some sort of emergency I had to take care of and that I would announce my presence before I came on the floor. Being the maintenance man, I had keys to all the floors like any other member of staff.

Elizabeth told the girls, that I had given them fair warning and to be prepared when leaving their rooms after 10:00 PM.

With 20-year-old buildings, there were lots of things that needed fixing and the girls on 1st floor got very used to my being there. After a couple of weeks bras and panties were something that they all felt comfortable about running around in when I was there and 3 or 4 girls were comfortable in less than that. (Like I said, it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!) It quickly got to be where I was like one of the members of the floor.

Annie must have always had a bladder problem, because the first time I ever saw her she was running out of a room in panties holding a T-shirt she hadn't even put on yet, hollering back into the room that she would be right back, but she just had to pee. Annie was a cute little 18 year old about 5'2" tall with a slender waist and a pretty face. As she left the room and headed for the bathroom, she saw me, with her two big beautiful, firm, Double-D tits bouncing. She stopped and quickly put her shirt on. Then, red-faced she ran by me to the bathroom.

That girl could piss like a cow on a flat rock, because everyone could hear her down the hall. A couple of girls started laughing and when she came out they began to tease her. I was working on the lock for one of the girls' room and she was still red faced as she walked by.

Being a joker I just had to make a comment and I told her not to worry about it, all girls had tits, and the only way she would really get my attention was if she had three of them. She laughed, and told me she only had two but that she was not used to showing them off to just any guy she happened to run by. I thanked her for the show and she thanked me for being impressed and went back to the room she that she had come from.

One October morning I got a call from Elizabeth about 5:00 am and she advised me that the showers in their bathroom were not working right. I went to the floor, hollered to let everyone know I was there and went to the bathroom. There I hollered inside to see if anyone was there. Jennifer hollered that she would be right out. A couple minutes later she came out and told me no one else was in there. I went in to look at the showers. On the outside back of the shower wall was the access panel for the shower plumbing. It was right across from the stalls. I took off the panel and could immediately see what the problem was. An old automatic valve was stuck and I needed to change it quickly. Not a big problem, about a 10-minute job. I went next door to my shop; got a new valve and the tools I needed and went to work.

About 5 minutes into the job the door bursts open and in comes Annie. I told her I would be done in a few minutes and she said ok, she would wait and left. A couple minutes later she sticks her head in the door and asks if I'm about done cause she has got to pee. I told her not quite, and she looked around, realizing that no one else was up and about, and then came in. She apologized and said that she just had to pee cause she just got up and went into the last stall. As I was working on the valve, I could hear the pee splashing against the porcelain of the bowl. She was trying as hard as she could to be quiet this time.

When she finished she came out, red-faced again and went to leave. Before she did she stopped and told me that in the few short weeks that she had been there I had managed to embarrass her more than any other man she ever knew. I told her that I was glad to be of service, and we both just laughed and she left.

A couple of weeks later I learned first hand how bad her bladder control was. A couple of blocks away, within walking distance was a local bar. Ok, it was within stumbling distance, which is really important in college.

Anyway, a bunch of us from the dorm were over there drinking and having a good time. Annie happened to be in the group and she seemed to have to pee after each beer she drank. As the evening wore on the place got packed and there began to form a line for the women's bathroom. We were within view of the bathroom doors and a couple of times when Annie had to wait, she would dance in place a little before getting inside.

Around 11:00 or so, I needed to pee. By now there was a small line 2 or 3 guys for the men's room and a pretty good line, 6 or 7 girls for the ladies room. I got up, got in line, and waited my turn. I was not desperate, but my bladder was quite full. A few seconds after I got in line, Annie shows up and gets in the girls' line. Within a couple of minutes she is bouncing a little. By the time only two girls have gone in and come out, she is doing a full-blown pee-pee dance. She looked at me and said, "God I wish they would hurry up, I have got to piss." Her bouncing became more frantic as she waited. By this time I was next in line for the men's room. As I entered Annie hobbled in behind me. She looked at me helplessly and asked me to let her use the bathroom, as she was about to piss her pants.

Now I had to pee, but I was still in a condition to wait. But I wasn't telling Annie this. I just looked at her and told her fine, but I had to pee too and I was not leaving. There was only a toilet and a urinal in this little bathroom and no divider or wall between them. I stepped up to the urinal to take care of my aching bladder and began to pee. The sound of my piss hitting the urinal was just too much for Annie. She quickly stripped her jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet next to me not two feet away. She was peeing before she even sat down. Her face was redder than I had ever seen it before as she peed and peed. I finished up and was washing my hands and she was still peeing. I waited for her to finish so I could open the door to leave. When she finally finished we both left and went back to the table we were all sitting at. Most of the people were off on the dance floor or playing pool. As we sat there she looked at me and apologized for what had happened. She began to tell me that ever since she was a little girl that when the urge to pee came on her, she had to pee right then. If she waited just a few minutes she would run the risk of wetting herself and that had happened so many times in the past. She went on to tell me that she had been to the doctor about the problem but that none of them had been able to help her. It seems that her bladder would wait till it was full before sending any signals to the brain telling her to empty it. She said that she would feel just fine one minute .... more

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