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Submitted by Kelly21PeeGrl, Bi Female - CA

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Hey everybody, I know it's been such a long time since I've been on here! I've missed it so much! Anyway, I had one of the nicest and most memorable experiences this morning and I wanted to share it with whoever wants to read. The reason I've been MIA is because I have met a girl who is into peeing just as much as I am and we have been together for the past few months...

On to the story!

So a few days ago was such a long day for me because of school and working and that already means not too many bathroom breaks! So I had only gone one time throughout the day. After I was done working at 5 I met up with my friend (Melanie) and we were going to a movie and to dinner. Of course since we are both into watersports we always play the holding game because it's such a turn on, but last night was so different for me. I drank a lot of soda at the movie and at dinner plenty of water. The odd thing was, I had to go to the bathroom NOW, I honestly wouldve gone in the restaurant had I not made it to the bathroom on time. (I'm sure that's a turn on for a lot of you ) So after I had gone to the restroom I realized only a few short minutes later that my bladder was filling up again! I had the urge to pee again! I told Melanie that my bladder was acting very funny and she said we could go back home and see what was wrong. I decided to keep holding it because I knew we'd be playing soon.
The drive home was TORTURE for me! I was squirming and grabbing my crotch because I had to pee so bad and don't like to go in the car. Melanie was getting so turned on watching me but I assured her I have never felt my bladder act the way it was! As soon as we pulled in the driveway to her apartment we ran inside and I immediately had to let myself go. I was wearing black stockings with a floral silk skirt over them, and a black sweater. I was gushing out pee and didn't even realize it was splattering everywhere! I couldn't believe what was happening. Melanie didn't even have time to get underneath me to get wet, she just stood there and watched me relieve myself. She was amazed at how much was coming out right after I had just gone at the restaurant! She was just like, "Wow, I cannot believe what I just saw!"
She begged me to stay in my soaked clothes and after I had finished peeing she lifted her leg (wearing a corduroy skirt and panties) and let loose on me. She had been holding ever since the movie theater so she was bursting to go! And she really had to go! She got almost all of my hair soaked and my sweater was getting so full of her pee that it was getting heavy to wear. I wrung out my sweater into her mouth and let her spit it out all over her floor. At this point I was already feeling an urge to pee again. I couldn't believe myself. I had never felt like this before and was starting to wonder if something was wrong with my bladder. I told Melanie I needed to pee again and she made me wait about fifteen minutes or so. By this time I was again hopping around and squirming! I was in shock myself by this and Melanie was so horny in knowing she was finally going to get her golden shower she had been waiting for all night.
She got on her couch, fully clothed, and told me to stand over her. I still had on all of my clothes as well and because i was only wearing stockings and a skirt it was easy for my pee to come out. I straddled her and I started to let a little bit out into her lap, just to make a wet spot on her skirt. I rubbed my pussy on her lap to smear the wet spot and to sneak some kisses from her. I stood up again and this time changed my position so I could soak most of her top. She was wearing a tank top with a cardigan over that and I didn't want to see any dry spots on her clothes at all. I managed to make my stream get her tank top all wet and most of her cardigan. I thought I would only have enough urine to go a little bit, but it was like I had a full bladder! I was just in shock and Melanie was too excited to worry about it.
After this happened we decided to stay in the clothes and straddle each other on the couch and make out for a good ten minutes or so. I was starting to get cold and I stood up to take off my sweater. Once I stood up I felt another urge to pee. I thought I was going crazy. Who pees 3 times in less than an hour? And who pees 3 times in less than an hour and they are full streams of urine?! Melanie also stood up and stripped down only to put on another outfit. She grabbed a nice thong and slipped on a nightie that was very sheer and sexy. I also decided to strip down and grabbed an oversized Tshirt she had in her drawer. Once we were changed and cleaned up a little bit we decided to make love. I had forgot about my urge to pee until we started to get really hot and heavy and all of a sudden a little drop came out and made her bed a little wet. She noticed the spot and was amazed I still had pee inside of me. She asked if I needed to go again and I was almost ashamed to say yes! I was ashamed because I felt I was not normal and that something was wrong! She insisted that if this condition continued the next day that we would get it checked out but as for tonight we would just have fun with it.
I told her I would try and hold it again and see how long I lasted before I just couldn't take it anymore. We continued on having sex and I tried to put the urge to pee in the back of my mind. We had been going at it for around a half hour or so at this point and I screamed I have to go NOW! She doesn't like pee on her bed so we went outside on her deck. She lives on the 5th floor so I was a little bit nervous as to why we were going outside where people could see/get wet from my pee. She told me to sit in the patio chair and she was going to lay underneath it. I did as she said and let out SO MUCH PEE. It kept coming out and her face and nightie were covered in my piss. It turned me on so much we decided to s.... more

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