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While I was going through a nasty divorce, I found myself spending more and more time at my childrens caregivers house with her and her family. Quickly becoming really good friends. Their names are Brenda and Steve. Every now and again, Her husbands friend John would stop over and they would mostly hang out in the garage. They would usually have a few beers and bullshit for a couple hours. I found John attractive, and very intrigueing. He seemed mysterious to me, and made me very curious about him. Knowing that John would always come in and say Bye to Brenda before he left, I would hang out a little longer also. After about a month, and about eight visits from John, Brenda noticed John was visiting way more often, and I was always sticking around to see him. She mentioned it to Steve to find out if he had noticed. Steve laughed and agreed. Brenda paused, and said maybe we should hook them up. Steve again agreed. They decided to double with us, but to set it up to be like a blind date.

All week, they kept john and I from being at their house together at the same time. This would ensure that their plan would not fail, and would be quite a surprise to us. Finally Friday was here. I was very excited and somewhat nervous. I haven't been with a man in quite some time and not to mention, on a date for years. On the drive home, I decided that I should probably masturbate before the date. Insuring that would relieve some tension. With that thought, I stopped for a large drink to start filling my bladder. I love making myself desperate. The sensations it sends through my body are erotic and I become very aroused very quickly.

While standing in line, waiting to pay for my drink, I remembered seeing an adult store right up the street. I decided to make my drive more interesting, I should stop in for one of those little bullet vibrators. I have one at home, but didn't think to grab it this morning. What the hell, they are only like ten bucks. I'm gonna treat myself. I picked out one with a remote control, hoping someday I could share the enjoyment with someone. Sitting in the car, naughty thoughts running through my mind, I'm fumbling around with the batteries. Together and ready, I unzip my jeans just enough to slide the shiny, cold bullet into my panties. I spread my pussy lips a little, press my toy firmly against my clit. ooohh... just the thought, and the anticipation of the vibrations about to come. I already feel my first quiver, just slightly.

Returning to the highway, I give myself a short, small vibration. Oh my, between the thoughts running through my mind, and the excitement of using my vibrator while driving. My arousal was rapidly building. As it grew more and more intense, my bladder was also filling quicker. The full feeling was starting to have its effects on me. I was now extremely horny and almost ready to cum. Just as I am about to lose control, I see my exit. Oh no, I can't wait, I can't make myself stop. I keep going, I reach my stop sign, the intersection very busy. I know I'm going to be waiting a bit, so I take advantage of the time. I reach my hand down to my throbbing pussy, using my fingers, I spread my tingling lips. Take the bullet with the tips of my fingers, pressing it firmly to my clit. I feel my knees begin to tremble, as the rest of body falls deeply in relaxation. I'm bursting to pee, and my pussy is begging to cum. I can't wait any longer, I start vigorously rolling the bullet in a circular motion all around my clit, as my other hand uncontrollably finds its way to my quickly dampening pussy. Reaching my opening, I slip two fingers inside. Teasing myself briefly, then sinking them deep inside. Pumping in and out as fast as I can. I get the burst of what feels like electric shoot throughout my body, and especially my needy little pussy. Oh my, with that, my back arches, I let out a loud moan, grip the steering wheel, shake uncontrollable through the most amazing orgasm. I feel my body start to unstiffen, Slowly my eyes opening. Oh my god.... I totally lost myself. I totally dazed off. As I look around, I notice horns honking, traffic everywhere, and then.... two guys in the truck next to me staring in shock. Oh my god... I am so embarassed. I can't believe I did that, and I have no idea how long I sat there. I quickly dart out into traffic and head towards home.

Of course, pulling into the driveway, a lot of my neighbors are outside. Oh shit, I am soaking wet. How the hell am I gonna get inside without them noticing. I have to hurry, my date is only an hour away. TO BE CONTINUED.......

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