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Submitted by pantygirl, Gay Female - Sweden

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Hi everybody!

You know, I’m a great day-dreamer! I’ve a lot of fantasies with which I fill my day-dreams. Mostly they involve me and some other girl (-s) wetting ourselves in the most different and daring places. Some of the fantasies I’ve realized in real life but others are still just fantasies. I’ll tell you about one of my favourites! As it is my own living fantasy I don’t see it as a fiction… I’ll tell it in First Person. And that person is in every way me!

It was the summer in my twenty-first year. Me and my sister were going to Spain on vacations. But unfortunately my sister broke her leg only a week before our departure. At first I didn’t want to go alone but my sister said that I very much needed the relaxation and talked me in to go.

I was a bit anxious about being in a foreign country all by my own. The place I was staying at was called Tossa del Mar and was situated on the Costa Brava, a bit north of Barcelona. And I didn’t have to be anxious… In the first couple of days I got acquainted with five other girls, Ivy from Canada, Ashley, Chris and Zelda from USA and April from England. We were all staying for two weeks and we did everything together…

On the third day we had lunch at a nice restaurant. As aperitifs we had a few anis seco, to the food we had a lot of wine and afterwards we had unas copas de Liqor 43. It was six giggling girls who left the restaurant on slightly unsteady feet heading for the beach.

-”We’ll have to buy lots of water”, said Zelda. “We’ll become very thirsty from all the booze we’ve had…”

We bought as many bottles of water as we could carry. It was Zelda that persuaded us to buy more than we at first was going to. How could we know that she had something naughty in mind…?

We found ourselves a nice and pretty secluded place and settled down. I looked at the other girls. They were all of about the same age as I and they were all very cute! Especially I liked to look at April… She was pretty petite, even smaller than I, but what she had was arranged on all the right places! And in her red bikini she really displayed her assets in the most attractive way! And this time I was thrilled of the sight of some pubic hair that had slinked off her bikini panties. They were only a few but they shined so wonderfully golden against her bronzed skin! It was pretty arousing… I felt I was in love with her… I sighed…

Chris stood up.

-”I got to pee! Anyone coming with me?”

-”I’m bursting”, Ivy said, “I’m coming.”

As it turned out, we were all practically bursting. But Ashley hesitated…

-”Never I’ll visit the toilets here on the beach… They’re disgusting!”

-”I agree!” I said. “I’ll go and pee in the water!”

-”Yeah! Let’s do that!” The other girls giggled and we started towards the sea… But Zelda had other plans…

-”Stop!!” The naughty girl yelled. “Why not make it even funnier? I’ve a proposal!”

Curious about her proposal we all stopped. And this is what she had in mind.

-”Let’s have a competition! The winner gets a gourmet dinner, paid by the others!”


-”Yes! Let us sit down in a small circle, we all have a bottle of water left and we’ll begin by emptying it in less than ten minutes. The winner of the competition will be the one who can hold on the longest without wetting her panties! What do you say?”

At first there was silence… Did she really mean that we would wet ourselves? At a public beach…? I was of course all for it! But what would the others say? Well, there were some objections but as we all were rather drunken, in the end all of us agreed! I was very happy that April didn’t hesitate at all!

We emptied our bottles and as we all already before that were in great needs to pee, very soon we were wriggling our thighs, pressing hands in between them. I looked at April. Oh, how cute she was, rubbing her crotch with her right hand! It made me so horny and I rubbed my crotch hard and intensively! God, I was wet down there! I hoped that the other girls wouldn’t think that I’ve already had peed myself a little… Because I hadn’t… it was totally different fluids that damped my panties! I hoped I wouldn’t orgasm because if I did I wouldn’t have a chance to stop me from peeing my panties

-”Oh, no!!!!!” It was Chris. She parted her legs and we all could see how strong torrents of pee forced their way through her panties! “My God, it feels so nice!!!”

And she hadn’t stopped peeing before Ashley and Ivy gave in! They peed as forcefully as Chris and wet spots became larger and larger on their panties! Ivy had very noisy hissing sounds when she peed, it was very arousing to hear! Chris began to rub her pussy outside her panties while still peeing and when the other two girls saw that they followed her example…

-”It feels so sexy!!!” Ashley moaned…

-”Yeah, I never thought peeing myself could be so horny!!!” Ivy added.

Now it was between Zelda, April and me… But I had a strong feeling of that the winner wouldn’t be me… I’d become so terribly horny and I felt my orgasm coming very, very soon! And hearing muffled sc.... more

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