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Cindys Potty Slave

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We went up to the cabin in the mountains for the weekend. It was one of our favorite hideaways and was perfect for the games we like to carpet just wood or tile floors. It had an inside toilet but it got very little use when we were there. Our favorite game was potty slave. We picked a day that we did not plan to go anywhere and I would be her personal potty slave from sunup to sundown. The first night we were there Cindy told me "tomorrow we can play Potty Slave". We woke up around 7 am to cook breakfast. Cindy climbed out of bed wearing only a long T-shirt that came down to just above her knees. "I'm going to make some coffee" she said. "But first I have to pee..lay down" I did as I was told laying down on the hardwood floor. Cindy came over and stepped over me and squatted into position. She held her shirt up so as not to get it wet.
"Did you sleep well last night?" she asked as she began peeing a gushing stream onto my rising cock. Her morning pee was always a big one so I soon found myself laying in a small lake of piss. At just over a minute her stream died down and ended in a series of dribbles. She took a tissue and wiped herself clean. She got up and headed for the kitchen. "Get a mop and clean up that mess then come cook some breakfast" she said. The potty slave always has to clean up the mess afterwards.
After breakfast we sat down and watched some TV. I had put on some shorts and a T-shirt and Cindy still had on her long bed shirt. Channel selection was pretty slim as their was no cable and very few local stations that we could pick up. We watched TV for about an hour and Cindy got up and poured herself some more coffee. She came in and sat her cup down on the table. "Damn coffee always go's right through me" she said. She walked over to where I was sitting, lifted her shirt and sat down on my lap. Cindy sat very still and I began to hear the distinct hissing sound she made when she peed. I felt my shorts turning warm and wet. Cindy had just finished peeing when I saw a funny look in her eyes. I was about to ask her what was wrong when without any warning she farted. She looked at me and her face turned a little red. "I'm sorry it just slipped out". I think the fact that she farted on me shocked her as much as it did me.
She reached for a tissue from the table and wiped herself dry. She got back up and and moved back to her chair and sat down. I went and changed into some dry shorts and cleaned up the small puddle on the floor. "Want to go for a walk before lunch?" Cindy asked. "Sure why not" I told her. We got dressed and headed out the door. This area was all private property so you didn't have to worry about people wandering around. We walked for a while until we got to the top of the hill overlooking the town below. The view was beautiful. We sat and talked for at least an hour and then headed back down the trail to the cabin to get ready for lunch. We stopped for a short rest about half way back to the cabin. A couple of large flat rocks substituted for chairs. Cindy got up and walked over to me. "I need to use the bathroom and I'm not going to be be able to hold it until we get to the cabin" she announced. She unbuckled her pants and lowered her zipper sliding her jeans down around her ankles. She sat down on my lap and put her arms around me. "Hate to make you walk back with wet pants but I just can't wait" She gave me a small kiss on the cheek. "Get ready, here it comes" she said. I again began hearing that lovely hissing sound as my pants turned warm from her pee. I pulled her close to me and slipped my hand up her shirt and played with her boobs as she peed. She was not joking about having to go, I wondered if she was ever going to stop peeing. Finally she looked at me and smiled. "I'm finished, you can let go of my tits now." She got up and pulled up her pants. Cindy turned around and looked at my dripping wet pants. "Boy your a mess, let's get going I'm hungry" she said. It was a good thing no one was around, but even if someone saw me I'm sure they would think that I had peed in my pants. We walked back to the cabin and I changed clothes and we cooked lunch. After lunch we watched a little more TV then decided to drive into town and pick up a few things from the store. Cindy put on a summer skirt that came down to her knees without panties. I had on another pair of shorts and a T-shirt. "I'd better empty my bladder before we leave just to make sure I don't have to go in town" she said. She walked over to me and lifted her skirt above her waist and straddled my right leg. I felt her hot pee run down my leg and watched as it pooled on the floor below. It was a short piss lasting just a few seconds. "Just clean it up when we get back" Cindy said. I grabbed a paper towel and wiped off my leg. We went into town and picked up the supplies we needed for the rest of the weekend. We stopped and rented a couple of movies to watch tonight then headed back to the cabin. We got back and watched one of the movies we rented and then cooked Dinner. We lit some candles and sat down to eat. "So you having fun today?" Cindy asked. "I sure am..I always do don't I?" I asked her. As we were eating desert Cindy looked over at me. "I'm sorry but I have to pee" she said. She stood up and I s.... more

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