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Frida and Clara, in bed together

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Hi everybody

I’ve presented the first story about Frida and Clara, Soul Twins of Pee, how they met and their first adventures together. I’ve thought a lot of them before I wrote the first story. They are very familiar to me and I think I’ve grown fond of them. You could say that they are my fantasy mates… Though they are Soul Twins, they are very separated, different characters even if each of them has got very much of me in her. As the stories, that I hope will follow, will show, they are both very daring! Even more daring that I ever been… But in a way you could say that they are my alter egos! And their adventures are based on my own experiences…

And now, time for the next story about Frida and Clara…


Their first night together… It was spent at Frida’s place. You could say that it took its beginning in the shower. They stood in there naked, hugging and kissing, the warm, nice water spraying on their bodies, that were hot of desire.

-”Let’s turn off the water for a moment and hug and pee!” said Clara.

They embraced each other, pressed their bodies against each other and when Clara said: “Now”, they began to pee!

-Oh, Clara! Your pee feels so wonderfully hot on my body!

-Yes, and now when our pees mix it’s like we are being properly born as Soul Twins of Pee!”

They rubbed their pussies against each other, feeling their pee hitting their clits! They kissed and moaned, they kissed and groaned! Louder and louder! Before their pee stopped, their bodies started to quiver and they came in their first mutual wonderfully sensual orgasms!

-”Clara, are you crying?”

-”I’m just so happy we met!”

-”Me too!”

In Frida’s narrow bed they explored each others body with soft and gentle touches. They both had small and firm breasts with very sensitive nipples, which, when caressed, sent arousing feelings all around their bodies! Frida kissed, licked and sucked Clara’s nipples and Clara moaned. “Go on! Go on!” she begged. She pressed her pussy against Frida’s thigh and Frida felt the abundant wetness from her pussy.
Then they changed positions and began treating their pussies with their tongues, licking round the labia, getting closer and closer to their clits, licking and sucking clit… Then teasingly withdrawing from the pussy area to lick the inner sides of the thighs… Building up fires to consume their bodies in intense eruptions… And finally, when they couldn’t stand the agony anymore, they both begged the other to make them come! And they sucked each other’s clit till the orgasms hit them with the force of an earth quake! And one orgasm followed the other in an seemingly endless row… They screamed, not in a human way, but more like wild animals!

Afterwards they almost immediately, exhausted, fell in a deep sleep in each other’s arms. When they woke up after ten hours, they were kissing. It was like they had started to kiss already when asleep…

-”Are we lovers now?” whispered Clara.

-”Yes, we are!” answered Frida.

-”At last I’ve found my lover!” Clara giggled. “And I’m so happy!”

-”Me too!”

Clara sat up.

-”What are you going to do?” asked Frida.

-”I got to pee!”

“Wait, Ill come with you!”

They went to the bathroom. And the funny thing happened. When Clara put her hand on the door handle, both she and Frida started to pee! Laughing and giggling they jumped in to the bathroom where they couldn’t resist to caress each other’s pussy, pee flowing around their hands, until they both sank down to the wet floor, panting, moaning and almost hysterically laughing when they came the first time that day!!

Now they felt ready for another day’s new adventures, not yet knowing what to come…


The author’s remark (he, he!): I’m exhausted from 1. Having peed myself, 2. Having come twice (Lisa helped me…). All while writing this… So therefore I stop writing for now. Lisa has made us a nice night meal and all I have to do is to sit down at the table and eat!

Bonne appetite to Lisa and me and to you… well… I really don’t know what you’re up to! He, he!

Your Yvette

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