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Frida and Clara, the Soul Twins of Pee

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Frida and Clara met at a gay bar, more precisely in the ladies. When Frida entered the room for a much needed pee, she heard sobs. She looked around. In a cubicle, with the door open, sat a young girl crying with her face in her hands. Frida, who was an emotional person, went straight on to the girl and asked:

-"What's the matter, cutie?"

The girl looked up, her cheeks were wet from tears. She sobbed:

-"I'm so alone... nobody wants me... And I've peed my panties..."

Frida had already noticed her accident, her skirt was pulled up and Frida saw that her panties were totally soaked. Frida thought that it was a very arousing sight! Even more so as the girl wore nylon stockings with garters running up on her thighs and under her panties... She'd also noticed that the girl was far from sober... best to rescue her before some butch came in and spotted her.

-"So... so... An accident can happen to anyone! And that talk about nobody wants you... that must be just rubbish! I can tell you that you're the cutest girl I've seen here!” She hesitated… “Apart from me that is… Anyway wipe off your tears and come, I think it's time for you to go home! What's your name and where do you live? Is there anyone who can follow you home? By the way, my name is Frida! How do you do!"

-"I'm Clara... I'm alone and I live in Uppsala, I've to take the train..."

-"No you don't, Clara! I live in Uppsala too and I'll drive you home in my car. Come on, let's go!"

She stumbled out from the cubicle and practically fell in Frida’s arms! Oh, yeah, she was pretty drunk! Frida put an arm around her waist and they started to walk when Frida noticed that Clara’s tight skirt still was up showing her legs and wet panties. Frida stopped and pulled it down and they left the ladies.

On the trip home from Stockholm to Uppsala they started to talk. They found out that they were both 21 years old and that they had a lot in common, e.g. they were both lesbians, true lesbians, not bi... And Clara was going on about how nobody wanted her, that she hadn't had a lover since months and months and tonight she had decided to go to this gay bar to see if she could do anything about it... She'd drunk a couple of drinks to get courage... and a couple more... Eventually she'd gathered enough courage to ask a girl to dance with her. They began dancing but suddenly Clara stumbled and fell flat on the floor! And sitting there she started peeing her panties... The girl she'd danced with looked at her in disgust, turned around and left the floor. Clara stood up and ran to the ladies.

When they were approaching Uppsala, Frida realized that she had forgotten to pee before they left the gay bar. When they arrived to Clara's address she was in agony! With one hand jammed in between her thighs she followed Clara to her front door.

-"Go to bed now! I'll call you in the morning! But not too early of course..."

She hurried back to the car and drove home. It wasn't a long trip, they were practically neighbours. But she had to park her car a hundred meters from her home. To find a place for the car was always hard in Uppsala. She tried to run but it wasn't possible, she had to walk with small, small steps, she was totally desperate now... But she didn't make it. Suddenly she felt a spurt in her panties... and an other one... She stopped and pulled up her skirt so she wouldn't wet it. She parted her legs and torrents of pee found way through her panties, splashing on the ground, running down her thighs, soaking her nylon stockings and filling her shoes! Oh, it felt so good! It was a real accident and it turned her on, she just must touch outside her panties with her fingers! A strong torrent welled forth and hit her clit constantly. She felt a climax building up and moaned loud... The anticipation was overwhelming! She trembled and had difficulties to keep her balance, she stumbled and splashed pee around her! Suddenly two girls came round the corner and went in her direction. When they saw her they stopped startled. She was still peeing with full force and seeing the girls looking at her made her even more turned on! And so she came! She couldn't help letting out a scream when the orgasm hit her! Her hips moved forth and back and pee splashed all over! It was a long and absolutely wonderful orgasm! When it eventually ebbed out and she stopped peeing, she started to walk again. The two girls hadn't moved and she had to pass them. She couldn't resist to say:

-"Fabulous show, don't you think?"

When she finally was home Frida thought that her pee accident and her orgasm was a reward for not taking advantage of Clara being so drunk... But tomorrow is another day, she whispered with a smile on her lips…


And “tomorrow” arrived, disguised into “today”… It wasn’t exactly early morning, Frida had had a long, sound and refreshing sleep. She straightened herself up with a sigh of delight. When she sat up, she noticed a smell of pee in the air. “Odd”, she thought, “my bed seems to be dry…” Then she remembered her accident the night before. It seemed that she had gone to bed with her soaked panties on. They had dried during the night but the smell was still there… “And not an unpleasant smell either”, she muttered snugly.

She put her feet on the floor and went for the bathroom. It wasn’t a long way but she had to pee badly. And, as so many times before, reaching for the bathroom door handle was like a signal… Standing before the door she started to pee herself! “Nothing beats the morning pee”, she thought. “It’s so powerful and rich!” Still peeing she opened the door and went in to the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet lid and placed a hand on the crotch, letting the strong flow stream between her fingers while she treated her pussy with soft and gentle movements, especially taking care of her clit, so stiff and engorged that it made a small but proud pyramid on her panties. She moaned without restraining herself when her orgasm was approaching! And my, my, what a nice orgasm it was! “Well,” she giggled. “Morning Pee versus Morning Orgasm, the verdict of the referee coming up: It’s a tie!!! And the two together: A bloody Wonder of Nature!!!”

After a shower she called Clara.


-”Clara, is that you? It’s Frida! You remember? From last night… I gave you a lift home…”

-”Hi! Sorry… I’ve just woken…”

They decided that Clara would come to Frida’s place as soon as she had showered and dressed so that they could have breakfast together.


Frida opened the door. Wow! Was she cute, Clara! And Clara thought the same when she saw Frida! They sat down at the kitchen table for breakfast. Well, it was rather lunchtime… At first they exchanged the usual data about each other. It was astonishing how alike they were. Same age, 21, Frida was one week older than Clara, same height, 5’3, and the same weight, about 50 kilos. As it happened, they were both dressed in the same way, short, pleated skirts (Clara’s was red and Frida’s was navy blue) only just covering their stockings tops when they stood up, white tank tops and beige cardigans. Underneath they wore pink cotton briefs, pink garter belts, holding up tan nylon stockings, and pink soft bras, both 34 B. And shoes… guess what! Both had Adidas Superstar Sneakers!

-”We are sisters!” yelled Frida!

-”No, we are twins!” Clara shouted back! “Soul twins!”

-”But you have to colour your hair chestnut, like mine”, said Frida.

-”In your dreams“, answered Clara. “You have to bleach your hair blond, like mine!”

Neither yielded to the other and after ten minutes intensive arguing they decided that each of them could keep her hair colour.

-”But chestnut would suit you just perfect…” muttered Frida.

After this Frida thought it would be time to talk about last nights events.

-”I’m curious”, she said, “was that the first time you peed your panties? Apart from when you were a child of course…”

-”Ahum…”, Clara blushed. “Why do you ask?”

-”I just want to know”, answered Frida. “But I believe I’ve got a kind of answer… If it was the first time, you hadn’t hesitated to say yes… So I guess you have! Am I not right?”

-”Shit! OK! It has happened…”

-”Has happened…” repeated Frida triumphantly. “Sooo… maybe even now and then…?”

-”What is this…? Fucking third degree? I refuse to say anything more until you tell me if you have peed yourself and if it maybe has happened more than once! Well, tell me!”

-”OK, if you promise to answer me then… It happened last night…”

-”Last night”, interrupted Clara. When I…”

-”It was after I left you. I went to the toilet at the bar to pee but when I saw you sitting crying in your wet panties, I just had to help you and I forgot to pee. At the time when I’d left you I was just bursting… I managed to park my car but when I started to walk home I couldn’t hold myself any longer. Right there on the sidewalk I peed my panties like a little girl! And I blame you for it! And on top of everything a couple of teen girls came around the corner and saw me…”

She didn’t tell Clara about the orgasm… Not yet…

-”Ha! Great! Now you blame me for your accident! Nice try… And are you claiming that that was your only time?”

-”I wouldn’t dream about it!” Frida felt it in the air that now was the time to begin to put the cards on the table. “It happens sometimes… you could say now and then…”

-“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Clara gaped. “Do you do it on purpose too?”

-”Stop it right there! Now it’s my turn again to put the questions! Well, does it happen now and then?”

-”Yep!” Clara was red as a tomato in her face!

-”What’s your feeling when you have a pee accident?”

-”Feeling…? Let’s see… Uh… do you want me to be completely honest?”

-”Of course! Spit it out!”

-”Promise not to think less of me, no matter what the answer might be!”

-”I promise!”

-”I… I… get excited! It’s a sexual feeling… you know…” Now she whispered. “It turns me on, makes me horny!” Her impersonation of a ripe tomato was now perfect. “And it happens that I pee my panties on purpose!”

-”Oh, Clara! We really are true Soul Twins!! Me, I love peeing my panties and most of all I love doing it in public!”

-”Me too! Me too!” yelled Clara excited. “I’ve never before met an other girl who likes that! I’m so glad I’ve met you, we could have a lot of fun!”

-”Me neither and I’m also so glad that we’ve found each other! Yes, we can have so much fun together!”

Eagerly they began to make plans for the afternoon. They came up with a lot of ideas but finally they decided to mostly play by ear. Before they went out in the mild, sunny May afternoon they prepared themselves by drinking some beer.

Their first stop was at an open-air café where they ordered a pint of beer each. They were both very thrilled. They’d decided that they should only “show” themselves to other girls as of course none of them were interested in men, both being gay.

-”I’m so excited”, whispered Clara. “My panties are wet and that’s not from pee… yet…”

Frida looked at her. Clara sat with her thighs parted and was showing full evidence of her statement regarding wet panties! A round wet spot of the size of a Swedish five crown was clearly visible on her panty crotch.

Clara leant against Frida and whispered:

-”A lady just sat down at a table behind you. She’s around thirty and looks really posh! She’s looking at me, I think she’s looking in between my thighs… Do you think she can see all the way to my panties?”

-”If I can, and I can, so she can! I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s spotted your wet crotch…”

Clara smiled mischievously.

-”She’s still looking… Don’t you think she would like my panties a bit more wet?”

And the naughty girl let go a spurt of pee in her panties! Pee dripped down on the ground. Frida was fascinated. And really aroused by the sight of her new friend peeing herself! And fascinated seemed also the posh lady to be. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from Clara’s panties! To please her Clara let go of another spurt of pee. At the same moment the waitress came to her table to get her order. But the lady didn’t seem to notice her. The waitress had to repeat herself three times before she got the lady’s attention. After the waitress had left, the lady continued to stare at Clara. Clara noticed that she was rubbing her thighs against each other, which made her skirt moving up on her thighs revealing pale skin over her stockings tops. Clara reported everything to Frida. She also whispered to Frida that peeing her panties in front of the lady had made her very horny!

-”So”, said Frida, “why don’t you do something about it… Bet your little innocent pussy would appreciate some nice treatment! And both me and Posh Lady would think the world of the sight of such an action…”

Clara didn’t need any persuasion. Her right hand began to slowly caress its way up her thighs. She shivered when she felt the bare skin above the stocking tops on the sensitive inside of her thighs. She reached the crotch and stroke gently outside the soaked panties. She felt they would be even nicer if they were much wetter so she shot a couple of strong torrents of pee through her panties while she eagerly increased the circling movements of her itchy fingers (!), more and more concentrating them around and on her engorged clit! When the waitress arrived with Posh Lady’s beer, she h.... more

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