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House work oopsie

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Submitted by puddyls, Straight Female - ca

So, I've decided to be productive today and do housework- vacuuming, dusting, and general organizing. Since, I jogged to the coffee shop this morning and drank a venti tazo iced green tea- and also a. 1/2 liter of water when I got back I was getting pretty desperate. When I got back I changed into a cute white summer dress from my jogging outfit and felt so girly and domestic while doing the housework. My last task was to do the dishes- yes desperation and dishes are not a great combo- that was the point: I was feeling really naughty...
So, about halfway through I was beyond the ability to hold and wrapped my legs around themselves and began losing control! At first just a little drip into my already moistened plain white cotton undies. I had to look at the damage and lifted my dress to reveal just a little wet patch- cute. And then resumed the washing. Another minute passed and I had to let more out. My dancing again led to my ankles being crossed, but this time I couldn't control it! My flow kept coming and I could feel it beginning to run down my legs. When I did feel like I stopped it I had bro peek. Sure enough my thighs were glistening and my panties were soaked. From my knees the wetness split into 3 different streams, my right leg's wrapped around my calf and broke into 2 lines leading to the yellow puddle I was standing in. Oops
when I spear my legs to admire my darkened panty, I realized I hadn't actually stopped peeing, as a steady stream flowed straight down between my legs splashing on the kitchen floor. A second stream found it's way around the elastic legging of my left leg and wrapped around my bottom to trickle down the back of my thigh and back of my left calf. I hadn't meant to go so far and when the flow stopped, I decided I might as well finish, as I didn't yet feel relieved and no one is home. I finished the remaining dishes relishing my predicament. And after placing the last dish on the drying rack intentionally began to pee into my panties again. Feeling the cool damp spot wet and warm again was amazing and so sexy I spread my legs and let myself go- using the sink as leverage lol lifted the back of my dress with one hand and leaned back squatting and closing my legs as my stream shifted my straight down to flooding my gusset and then forming a solid stream and landing in the puddle. When to pressure wasn't there I stopped and undressed- now feeling so turned on and naughty- I admired how wet I got my undies and dropped them in the sink for a rinse. Now, completely nude I decided I should clean u the evidence before showering. Heehee =) thanks for reading- enjoy.
BTW I just started the shower water, and I have to pee again...

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