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I peed my Jeans while on my BF

Submitted by raspro, Straight Female - UK

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Hi my name is Robin,

My Bf and I were watching a new DVD of my Bloody Valentine. We had the cool 3d version as well. I cuddled up to him during the first 10 min.

There was a scene in the mine where this guy gets a picaxe through the back of his head and his eye pops out. At this stage my stomach was quite high up in my throat. My BF Rob said to sit on his lap and just turn my head in his shoulder if i needed to.

I sat accorss his lap with my arms around his neck. This position put extra pressure on my, already full, bladder. We watched the movie until the two girls were running around a grocery store. I was getting bored with the theme at this point and i think Rob could tell.

He decided to scare me by grabbing my arms suddenly and yelling Booo!
I got such a fright and just sucked in air through my teeth. I looked at him and began to notice my jeans were wet.
Suddenly he noticed too. I think the warmth must have soaked through his jeans. (and the couch).

He asked what happened? I said I was going to go after the movie was finished. But when he grabbed me, i just peed and peed.

He lifted me off his lap and lay me down accross the couch. He said how naughty he was and that he was sorry.

At this point I noticed the huge bulge in his jeans. "sorry, yeah right? what's that?" He started to pull my jeans down and expose my wet pink panties.

He touched my thigh then moved up to my wet snatch. He asked if I was finished peeing?

Why? I asked?

He began to lick the outside of my panty. I decided to push and pee some more. My panties glistened aand became hot with fresh pee. He just continued to lick and lick, then he moved my panty aside and licked my pussy, deeper and deeper.

I came and came again. Then we moved upstairs to bed and contiuned into the night.

Since then I have peed almost everyday for him. Sometimes in different clothes and once in bed. We never had so much sex before that night.

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