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I peed myself at work

Submitted by CarleyP, Straight Female - London

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Hi All, I'm Carley,

I work in London (somewhere) HAHA.
I often wet meyself during the day and mostly at night. Actually I never go pee in the toilet unless i'm with company, well...depends on the company.

I usually never wet myself at work, I'm front line receptionist for a financial company and it would be too obvious.

Last friday as i was getting ready to leave...I usually drink loads of coffee and water before catching the tube. By the time i reach my flat i'm sooo desperate.

This time my boss came to ask if i could type a letter whilst he was busy with a call. The phone was on loud speaker and all i had to do was type while he spoke and then listen and type out the response from the caller. This usually is recorded, but he needed to re-call this conversation in his next meeting and didn't have time to download the call from the storage recorder.

I was getting uncomfortable sitting and typing, but i could not interupt while he was busy. All i could do was hold it.

After about an hour, which is about the time i would be getting home and ready to pee my pants outside my flat, I was still holding.
Sweat was running down the sides of my face and my foot was tapping.

My boss had no clue about my situation as he had swung his chair round and put his feet up against the cabinet facing away from me. This did allow me to pause every so often and put my hand between my legs.

I soooo badly wanted to pee. Before i leave work, i change into my "pee jeans". And this time i had already changed, so if i did pee myself it would show badly. My pee jeans are old and have been washed to death. As a result they soak up any wettness immediatley and turn dark.

Both feet are tapping now and i'm using the swivel in the chair to make sideward movements to stop sitting still.

The call went silent and my boss turned round to see what had happened. Apparently we had lost connection with HongKong through the server.

He called to IT but being a friday and after 6pm, everyone had already gone home.

I sat there and asked Mr Kelts, "how much longer?"
He replied; "sorry my dear, I've kept you long enough and i don't think we can continue without the call being active. You can go now, book this time and until you reach home, as overtime. See you Monday my dear."

I closed the laptop and grabbed my handbag. As i stood poor overfull bladder said enough is enough.

I could not stop myself from peeing. It came in bursts soaking my crotch and panties, through the front of my jeans and down my legs.
I tried to run to the ladies, but after two quick steps, it gushed a torrent and i flooded my jeans and the carpet. My jeans glistened and you could hear the hiss from a mile away.

My boss just looked in horror as a stood wetting my pants like a little girl.

"I'm so sorry my dear, why didn't you ask to go sooner?"

I thought if i cried that he might show sympathy, so i cried. He offered to pay for a private taxi home. Which i accepted.

I was going to change back into my skirt, but i felt so horny in wet jeans.
The taxi pulled up in the underground parking lot, which was great because no one would see me. The taxi dropped me off just out side my flat.

I ran up stairs before anyone could notice my wet jeans. As i unlocked the door, i peed some more...pushing all i could. I felt my jeans getting warm again. Once inside i rubbed myself into a masive orgasm.

I desided that i have to do this again, but not infront of my boss.
Next time I'll wait that extra bit longer before getting home.


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