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Janet's peeing exploits

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ĎGod she needed to pee!í she thought as she started to yank her walking pants down her creamy legs. Moments later and her white panties were following suit, descending to her ankles. Wasting no time Janet immediately adopted a traditional girl about-to-pee squat with her wide bum cheeks hovering inches over the green grass blades.

A strong hissing sound announced the start of her piss. Looking down between her thighs Janet marvelled to the sight of her strongly shooting pee stream leaving her pussy lips. Her golden shower was spraying over the grass, bending back the stalks with the force of her pee. It was a great sensation to be pissing out in the open with her bare bum cheeks exposed to the fresh air. The feeling of relief was a wonderful accompaniment to the thrill of having a leak behind an old stone wall. It was an even bigger thrill to know that were people only a short distance away waiting for her to finish her toilet. Idly she wondered if they could the sound of her hissing pee stream as it played over the ground between her legs.

Janet was now at full flow, the fat stream of hot female piss squirting strongly from her open pee hole. A growing puddle of pee was slowly growing on the dry earth between the grass stalks adding to the naughty thrill growing in her belly as she continued urinating. It was an intoxicating experience and she had forgotten how much she loved peeing outdoors. The constant hiss and patter of her clear urine shower was just as big a factor of her thrill as the sight of her pee flowing from her semi shaven pussy.

Slowly she began to exhaust her supply of piss. With a great disappointment she watched as her flowing pee stream began to dwindle and droop. After she had finished she stayed in her pee squat for several more seconds urging her bladder to respond with just one more squirt of pee. She desperately wanted to see her piss squirt from out of her pussy flaps just one more time. Finally she managed it and a quick jet of piss shot from her pee hole to patter noisily over the pee soaked ground. Another second or so followed whilst Janet relived the sensation of having her pee over the grass. Unfortunately it was then time to pull up her clothing and rejoin the others. Her plan to fill up her bladder was already foremost in her mind.


The bad news for Janet was that her next urgent need to pee coincided with a stop at the pub for lunch. Unable to come up with a good excuse to allow her to nip of for a piss in the bushes she was forced to use the Ladies instead. It was only a small pub and to her surprise she found that the toilet was a single affair with hand basin inside the same tiny room. Once her walking pants and panties were safely away from her legs Janet got ready to pee. Ignoring the toilet she squatted down over the thick plush carpet. Her legs were spread wide and her semi-shaved pussy was on clear display as she got ready to piss. A second later and she was doing it!

A clear stream of hot pee shot from her open flaps and started to spray over the carpet between her legs. Instantly the material started to darken as it absorbed her piss shower. Despite the incredible thrill of peeing over the floor Janet knew she could not afford to make too big a stain which would betray her actions. With great difficulty she forced shut her pee hole and quickly stood up. Now she was bursting with the need to resume pissing. For a second she toyed with the idea of peeing over the one wall in a similar manner to what she had done at home, both over the radiator and also the back of her sofa. As wonderful as the experience would be if would be a little too obvious for the next person who entered.

She was on the verge of not being able to hold back and simply letting go and pissing once again over the carpet only this time whilst stood up, when she spied the toilet brush holder. Within seconds the brush was lying on top of the toilet whilst the tall plastic container was being moved to Janetís waiting pussy lips. A loud hissing sound accompanied the resumption of her Janetís toilet as she started to pee her greatly needed piss into the empty container. Staring down she marvelled to the sight of her fat pee stream squirting from her muff lips before entering into the top of plastic tube. Already she could feel the warmth of her spent piss pooling at the bottom of the container, its heat radiated through the thin plastic and into her hands. This just excited Janet more and made her want to desperately find at even naughty place to carry out the remainder of her toilet.

The sink basin was an obvious choice. It didnít take Janet long to hoist her wide bare bum cheeks over the basin, allowing her pussy a clear aim over the ceramic surface. The resumption of her pissing was an incredible sensation of relief. She had purposely spread her legs as she had gone to squat over the bowl. This allowed her a wonderful view of her pussy shower squirting over the once clean bowl surface before running down to the waiting plug hole.

As Janet continued her toilet in the sink she wondered how many other women and girls had done just the same thing as her. She knew from experience that a great number of females preferred to pee in the sink than use the loo. Part of this was due to the naughty thrill factor of knowing you were peeing in a place that you were not supposed to. It also tended to be cleaner that the state of most public toilets. For a moment Janet forgot the strong stream of pee leaving her pussy lips and remembered a time when she had caught two teenagers pissing in a McDonaldís toilet. One girl had been urinating into a sink bowl whilst the other had her black curly haired pussy up to the waist paper bin where she was sending a honey coloured stream of urine directly into its innards with a loud hiss and patter. Both girls had been terrified that Janet would call the management. Instead Janet had not said a word and had gone over to one of the cubicles. Rather than use the toilet like the girls expected she had instead simply pulled up her skirt and yanked down her panties before squatting over the floor. Both girls had been suitably impressed when Janet had started to pee noisily over the tiled floor creating a large piss puddle staining the floor as a testament to her toilet. Janet for her part, had greatly enjoyed being watched whilst she peed. Urinating in a public place with an audience was simply awesome and had done the rest of her piss whilst the girls who had finished their own respective pees, had come to watch.

Returning to the present Janet found that she was almost done. Closing her p.... more

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