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Submitted by SophieRxx1, Bi Female - Leeds

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Hello everyone. Loving the stories, keep up the good work. I would just like to post another one of my own. Itís been lovely and warm over here in England (A rarity). So I decided to go for a jog. I went upstairs and got changed into my shorts. I had a thong underneath because they are tight and I didnít want panty lines. I put on my sports bra and then my top.

I left my house and began to jog to the local park. My hair bounced about every step I took. Once I reached the park I sat down to tie my shoe lace again. I took this opportunity to have a drink as well. It was a hot day and I needed to keep my fluids up. I put the bottle to my lips and began to drink, the cool water was so refreshing. My jogging began again, two boys around there 20ís was staring at me as I ran past. I smiled, they smiled back. A little further I looked behind me and noticed they were still staring. I couldnít believe it.

Many people take this route for jogging and I can see why. Great views, Plenty of shade from the trees and the grass is great to sit on if you need a rest. A few people said hi to me, commented on the fabulous weather and things. I finished my drink and disposed of my bottle. Thatís when it hit meÖ I needed a wee. I hadnít been before I left the house 20 minutes ago. I really regretted getting rid of the bottle. My need wasnít so bad so I continued my jog. Every step I took my need got worse. I really had to find a toilet or a secluded spot. As I rounded the hedge I saw the back of the toilets. It was one of those electric ones you see in cities. You put 80 pence in, the door opens and shuts behind you for 60 seconds. If youíre still on the can after the time is up, tough. The door will open and youíll be revealed to the world. I was busting at this moment so I sprinted to the machine. To my horror 5 girls were ahead of me, all needing to go. I joined the line and brought out the coins needed.

I was only stood in line for a few minutes but it seemed forever. Many people had joined in behind me, and I could see some were also desperate. A girl behind me sneezed and made me jump, causing me to pee a little. Finally I was next in line. The door opened, a cute brunette was the last to use it. As she left the door closed and I was prompted to insert my coins. In my desperation I fumbled and dropped a few. I crouched down and a squirt of pee ejected into my panties. Iím sure a wet spot was visible, thongs donít absorb much. I carefully stood up again, pushed in the last few coins and ran in. Before the door had even closed I began to remove my shorts. The machine was filthy on the inside, the walls were coated in pee. Amazingly though, the toilet itself appeared clean. I lowered my shorts and wet pink thong to my knees, pee had began shooting out and I hadnít even sat down. As I turned around and placed myself I noticed that the warning light for the door was broken. I began to count the seconds in my head. Pee was gushing out of me, and into the bowl. It echoed in the metal pan. I got comfy with my hands in my lap, casually playing with my damp thong. I inspected my shorts and noticed a small dark patch in between the legs. It was ok because unless I sat down, nobody would be able to see it. Pee was still pelting the pan and this got me excited. Iíve always enjoyed the thought of people hearing me and this was very loud. This is one of the many reasons I enjoy using those public loos with plenty of stalls.
I had been enjoying the relief too much to keep track of time, I guessed I had a few seconds left before my time was up, but I was still going like a good Ďun. I tried to hurry things up but to no avail, the door had opened. My pee suddenly stopped and I was greeted by a bunch of people needing the loo. I went every shade of red possible and just wanted to get out of there. I reeled off some toilet paper and went to wipe when I started peeing again, my attempts to stop it was ignored. I began to splatter the pan again in front of everyone! I could do nothing but put my head in my hands and keep saying sorry. Nobody said anything, just stared. My wee finally trickled off to an end after around 30 seconds. I quickly wiped, pulled up my thong and shorts, said sorry a few more times and ran off into the distance. I managed to fight back tears luckily. Once I got home I stripped out of my clothes and treated myself to a long hot bath.

Well thatís my story. I hope you all enjoyed it and Iím looking forward to reading yours in the future.

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