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What I’m now going to tell you happened a couple of years ago.

It was one of those days… You know… when you from no obvious reason at all are randy as hell from the moment you get up in the morning and you stay so all day long. And eventually you just have to do something about it. There’s one BIG problem though. In the state you’re in, you’ve no judgement whatsoever! Really, it would be better if you went back to bed and slept all day!

I tried to withstand the urge. I really did… Without any prospect of success of course. So at about noon I found myself changing clothes. In front of my full-length mirror I put on sheer, pink laced panties, a pink laced garter belt, flesh-coloured nylon stockings, a pink, laced bra, an almost see-through white blouse, a navy-blue pleated skirt and pink sneakers. When I saw myself in my underwear I really had to restrain myself from touching my pussycat in beforehand… Gee… I looked so sexy!!

I headed my little car for Stockholm. Leaving Uppsala I spotted a young female hitch-hiker. She looked cute so I stopped for her. She said that she was going to Vallentuna, which is on the way to Stockholm. When she was stepping in to the car I took the chance to pull up my skirt high enough to reveal a narrow strip of glimmering bare skin above my stockings tops. During the ride to her destination I could see how she looked at my legs. I managed to wriggle my bottom so that my skirt went up high enough to show a glimpse of my panty-crotch between my parted thighs. I noticed that she didn’t pay any attention to the scenery outside the car. Her eyes were almost constantly staring at the bewitching point where my thighs were converging. I wondered if she could see the wet patch that had to be on my panties… It felt as my juices were flowing abundantly… Her ongoing gaze made me almost unbearably aroused!

When I dropped her in Vallentuna I was on the verge to have an orgasm! I thought that I had to cool off so I stopped at a Mac Donald, where I had two large Cokes and a cheese hamburger. When I left the place I was developing a strong need to pee

In Stockholm I went to the large park “Djurgården”. I parked my car and by now I was seriously desperate. I pressed a hand in between my thighs and tripped on over the wide lawn. Having passed a shrubbery I noticed a group of young women sitting in the grass, having a picnic. One of the girls was filming the others with a cam recorder.

I felt that I couldn’t control myself much longer. And I couldn’t… As I got nearer the group, the filming girl aimed her camera toward me. I guess I must have been an intriguing subject! It was pretty obvious that I was on the verge to pee myself… All the girls were looking at me. Then the sluice opened! With a cry I stopped and pulled up my skirt in hot haste. Facing the group of girls (and the cam recorder!) I parted my legs and torrents of pee forced their way through my sheer panties! Oh, how wonderful it felt! What a heavenly bliss! I moaned loudly and after not more than twenty seconds of peeing I started to come in the most breathtaking orgasm! My hips waved violently back and forth scattering my pee all over the place… My knees let me down and suddenly I found myself sitting on the turf, still peeing and coming! Eventually I stopped peeing and the orgasms ebbed out. One of the girls approached me.

-”Are you OK?” she said in a sympathetic voice.

-”Yeah…” I answered with a faked sob… “I don’t know how it could happen… I’ve never…”

-”It’s alright, an accident could happen to anyone…” She helped me up on my feet. “I think you should pull down your skirt, there are people coming this way over there.”

I pretended to not grasp what she said. I continued to sob.

-”So, so… let me help you. Your skirt has got caught in your garter b.... more

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