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Karen and Brian had been dating for a few weeks. Both were young, slim and very horny. Karen had a secret passion for full bladder sex, the fuller the better. Last evening, they had gone out to a party and Karen ended up spending the night at Brian’s place.

As they both had had far too much wine to drink, Karen began confessing her fascination with “all things pee” and her love of having and holding a full bladder all day long.

Karen opened her eyes. It was morning. Brian was next to her – in a deep sleep. Her bladder ached. Her pussy was twitching. Her clitoris was erect and her vagina was slippery wet and her urethra throbbed.

“Oh my God”, she thought. “I’ve told Brian about my fetish, he’s going to think I’m damaged goods or just plain weird. What made me do that?”
Brian stirred, he was waking up. She moved her hand to his penis. He was hard. She gently ran her hand over his bladder. “I have to take a piss in the worst way, “he said urgently. “Or maybe not, “he said. “Maybe we should just explore your fantasy this morning.”

Karen turned beet red, she was so embarrassed. She tried to come up with some cleaver quip, to gloss over the situation, but all she could say was a very hesitant “Maybe, but it has to be okay with you.”
Brain began talking, “Karen, I was so turned on by your fantasies last night, I’ve been dreaming about them all night. I should be fair to you and tell you about my little problem. “Karen looked at him not knowing what would come next.
Brain began, “I’ve always been totally consumed by women peeing. Nothing turns me on more than to see a women desperate to pee, or watching her pee or to feel her hard full bladder. And most of all I love full bladder sex. But my problem is that as soon as I cum with a full bladder, within seconds after, I have no control of my bladder. It just empties."

“When I was with my last girlfriend, I didn’t tell her about my fetish, and I was very careful to always take a leak before we had sex. Except, one day, it was too tempting for me, I was dying for some full bladder fun. I didn’t pee first. We had great sex, she came first and I came a few minutes after. When I did, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to control that urge and spasm, and I tried to pull my penis out of her and make a dash to the toilet, but before I could move, while I was still inside her when my bladder just exploded. And as I pulled out, I was pissing so hard, all over her pussy, then her stomach. I tried to stop it with two hands, I couldn’t. To make matters worse, my bladder was so full, that I pissed almost a litre all over her.”

Karen felt her pussy throb. She squeezed her legs together. “What did she do?” Karen asked. “She was furious. Told me to get out and that she never wanted to see me again,” Brian said. “So, I’ve been really nervous about you, that is, until now. I’m not sure if you noticed, but I would go to the toilet and make sure that every drop was out before we started sex. I always kept a towel right next to me, so when some piss did leak out of me after sex, I would hide it in the towel.”

Karen moved closer to Brain and took his still erect penis and rubbed it up and down against her slit.
“Brain, you pissing in me uncontrollably would be such a turn on for me. There is nothing that turns me on more than seeing a guy with a small wet spot on his pants, that’s usually all I can get to see, having you piss on my clit... with no control.... ” she drifted off. Karen rubbed the tip of his penis firmly against her clit.

Brian looked over at the clock. “I want to do this so much, and I want to do it right, but my room mate will be here in a few minutes, can we drive over to your place?”
“Let’s get dressed, and leave now, my place empty this weekend and I have all the equipment that we might need.”
“Equipment?” said Brian. “Yes, bed protectors, towels, diapers, pads, urine collection bottles from the hospital, vibrators......” Karen paused to think of what else.
“I’m impressed” said Brian as he squeezed his penis, “But let’s move it, I have to piss so bad.”

So they left Brian’s place, both still holding their morning piss. They stopped at a drive through for two large coffees. Karen’s place was about a 20 minute drive and both were confident that there was plenty of holding time left before they had a problem. They sipped their coffee’s and chatted along the way. Every few minutes, Karen would put her hands between her legs and give herself a rub. Her bladder was aching and distended, she was used to that.

What was different this time, besides being so horny, was that her urethra was throbbing. She allowed her hand to brush over her clitoris, and her pee hole would spasm. She was now feeling the urgency of her morning bladder and the large cup of coffee. But they were only a few blocks away.
Karen looked over at Brian. “Could you hurry, please, I think I may not make it to the house.” Brian rubbed the front of his pants, then reached in and adjusted his penis.

Karen’s pussy was twitching, she was so turned on, and to see Brian’s adjustment had moved the penis so that the tip was now sticking out of the top of his pants. There was a tiny shinny spot of pre-cum, just sitting on top of his pee hole. This made Karen lose concentration, she gasped as a squirt of hot urine had escaped into her panties. She looked down and her light blue slacks to examine the wet spot, she hadn’t noticed that Brian had to stop the car as a truck was taking his time trying to reverse into a loading dock and was blocking the road.

Her pants had a dark spot about the size of a tennis ball in the center of her crotch. Brian looked at the darkened area and squeezed his penis again, and fidgeted in this seat. Karen then jammed both hands in her crotch. “Brain, I’m really sorry, I’m about to totally pee my pants, all I can do to stop it is to have an orgasm. Once I’ve cum, I absolutely can’t pee for about 20 minutes after. That will give us enough time for that truck to move and for us to get home”.
“Here?” Brian asked. “Yeah, right now, I am so horny.” I’m going to undo my pants and put this towel over me, and you just rub me the way you always do.”
Brian, reached over and slid his hand deep into her pants. The material was still hot and wet, her cunt was so slippery, he began to move his hand upward. He felt her hard clitoris sticking out about a half inch from mound. He pressed the palm of his hand against it. He moved down about an inch and found her pee hole, he pressed against it and Karen instinctively squeezed her legs and moaned.

Just then, the car behind them gave a honk and Brian realized that the truck had moved, and he could continue driving. “Just hang on Karen, a few seconds longer, I can see your place from here”. Karen opened her eyes. She was almost home, she made it. They pulled into the driveway.

Karen said, “Let’s get just get inside and go straight to the bedroom and take off our clothes. The bed has a protective cover, so no need to head for the bathroom first. Maybe you can watch me piss a bit first, or if it’s alright I can piss with you inside me, cause I can’t hold it anymore.”

Karen interrupted herself, “Oh no, I’m leaking some more, I can’t close the muscles tight enough, my pee is coming out, my panties are getting soaked.”

The car hadn’t even come to a full stop when Karen jumped out and ran for the front door. She was holding her crotch with two hands, and the dark stain that was tennis ball size was now twice as big. Brian was right behind her.
Then, suddenly Karen stopped dead in her tracks. Brain passed her and was already at the door with the keys in his hand, about to put it into the lock. He looked over at Karen about two feet away from him. Her legs were twisted, both of her hands jammed between her legs on the inside of her pants.
Karen had her finger firmly on her urethra, she held tight. She started to sneeze. Those flower bushes at the entrance to her .... more

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