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Life With Lori 1

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Life With Lori

Intro and Part 1


This a true story of my life with Lori.Lori was killed in an auto accident two years ago. The story will span a period of twenty years and detail our sexual adventures.Lori was a very sexual person willing to try anything at least once.She convinced me that living out fantasies can be much more satisfying than jerking off to unfulfilled dreams. I still jerk off to the memories and fantasize about her hoping to meet another woman like her. When I first met Lori she was 22 and I was 32 and had been divorced for 2 years and definitely not looking for a long term relationship.Lori was half Klinqit indian and half Irish.She had straight black hair,cut medium length. Lori was not what I would call a woman who made men stop and stare. In fact, she was rather plain, a bit on the plumb side, 5'4'', 135 lbs, nice tits, and a very full bush which in later years she sometimes shaved as the mood struck her. She had the biggest clitoris I have ever seen, about 1". It looked like a miniature cock and led to some very hot sexual adventures once she found out how much I liked to suck it. If you are wondering, yes she turned me into a full blown {pun intended} bisexual. This memoir will include mf,ff,mmf,mm, ws,gs,femdom,and one episode of bestiality {only one} We did just about everything you can think of except scat and sex with children. There will be many creampie episodes as Lori loved for me to clean her pussy, and her sister's and mother's too. Yes there will be many episodes of incest between me and Lori's family. I have given this brief intro to wet {mispelling intentional} your appetite and to warn you of what is cumming. I would really appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, as this is my first and probably last attempt at writing. Although if I get positive feedback and have any further things to write about I might try again. I expect to write this in installments, as I have the time. As far as the further things to write about, they havn't happened yet--I am sure most who read this will not be interested in me jerking off which is all I have done for the last 2 years. Hope springs eternal however. I will include an email addy for feedback at the end of this part. I am sure that some readers will jack off to this and I surely hope that some {women} will Jill off. That is not the main purpose however. Hopefully some readers will read this and realize that as long as two people consent and trust each other sexual fulfillment is possible with no shame attached. By the way, my name is Jerry.

Part 1

How We Met

I first met Lori in September,1981 in Alaska where I had lived since leaving the Army in 1979 after my divorce. I spent a lot of time then,and still do {although not as much as I would like}, fishing. I was returning from Nenana where I had spent the weekend camping and fishing over the Labor Day weekend. I felt and was pretty grubby. I decided to stop at a roadhouse to have a beer. It was the best decision I ever made. As I entered the bar I noticed Lori immediately. She was standing talking to the bartender at the end of the bar. I sat at the bar a couple of seats down and ordered a Moosehead. As I was sipping my beer I overheard Lori telling the bartender that she hoped to have good luck hitching to Anchorage. I joked that her luck was great as I was driving to Anchorage as soon as I finished my beer. She amazed me by giving me the biggest hug i had ever had and offered to buy me another beer.My cock twitched.She felt good against me. "I'm Lori.What's your name?" "Jerry" I replied still somewhat surprised by the hug. I glanced over to the bartender. He laughed saying "Lori is Lori" I didn't understand the full meaning of that until much later.

We chatted for a while. Lori had been working the summer as a waitress at the roadhouse."Are you ready?",I asked. She laughed,"Jerry, I am always ready." My cock twitched again. I grabbed her duffel bag as she got a sixpack, for the road she said, and made her goodbyes to the bartender and a few other local folks.I tossed her bag in the back of my Jimmy as she hopped in. She popped a beer and handed it to me saying she could share the driving if I got tired.

After 2 beers I had to piss. I pulled off to the side, "Time to water the weeds" I said as I hopped out. I was pissing when I noticed Lori dropping her jeans. "Damn", I said. "What's the matter? You never see a girl pee?" Lori asked. "No, my ex wife was too modest. In fact I havn't even seen a pussy since our divorce." Getting back in the car I was horny as hell. Diving on to Anchorage I asked Lori where she was staying. She told me she had friends and family in town but didn't want to stay with them so she would probably get a motel room for a few days. I told her I had a spare room that she could use. Her reply set a twenty year relationship in motion. "I don't want the spare room. I want to share your's. It's time you see a pussy again. I hope you like your pussy hairy. And if you want to see me pee all you have to do is ask. I like all kinds of sex,Jerry, so don't feel shy." She laughed as I stuttered saying of course she could stay and that I loved hairy pussy. She grabbed my cock through my pants,I was hard as a rock, "We are going to have a lot of fun tonite. You will see my pussy up close because I want you to eat me,fuck me and eat me again. You do eat pussy don't You?" I about shot my load."I'll eat your pussy, kiss your ass, before and after I fuck you and even during if I could." "My,my such a dirty boy. Well I'm a dirty girl so we are a perfect match. I better leave your cock alone for a while. Don't want you to wreck the car and spoil our fun."

That is how I met Lori. She was so right--We were a perfect match. The rest of this tale will be about our sex life and how she changed me from a rather sexually repressed man into someone willing to try anything without a self imposed guilt trip. It lasted 20 years and the sex was just as exciting in 2001 as it was in 1981.

The First Night {pussy eating,creampie,my first golden shower}

We were all over each other as soon as we got inside the house,groping and feeling each other. I broke off for a second saying I should shower. "I like dirty. Do you?" she asked. "I like you" I replied. "Good, because I'm dirty too. And I don't want to wait.We can shower later. In fact I will give you a shower if you want one.Do you want a shower? A really kinky shower?" I was in fantasy heaven except this was real. "Yes!! Yes!! I want a pee shower. I want you to pee on me. On my face! In My mouth! I want to drink it! I want to taste you. I want to bury my face in your pussy and kiss your ass too." Images were running thru my mind so fast I seemed like I was out of control. Lori pushed me back on to the couch and told me to get naked.I was fumbling with my clothes trying to strip and watch her at the same time. She seemed a little self conscious as she got naked. She asked if I liked her body as she stood in front of me. She was a bit on the plump side and had nice tits too but her hairy pussy drew my attention. I told her that she was beautiful. She asked if I still wanted to eat her pussy. I told her I would eat her all night if that was what she wanted."My pussy still has cum in it from Tom {the Bartender}. I fucked him before you came into the bar. Do you still want to eat me and taste his cum?" she asked. I looked up at her as she stood there. I had never eaten a creampie, mine or anyone elses. It was decision time. "I still like you and I like dirty too. I want to be really nasty tonite. Put that hairy pussy on my face. I want to taste it and I want to clean the cum too. I've tasted my own I might as well taste Tom's." She smiled and told me that I would have the chance to eat my own too. She wanted to see me do it. I laid back on the couch telling her get up on my face. "Talk dirty. Make me eat your pussy.I'll kiss your ass and lick your asshole for you too. Tonight is your night." "No",she replied,"This is for both of us."

She told me to lay down on the floor and tossed me a cushion.She stood over me. As I looked up at her she asked " Do you like what you see? Do you like my pussy? Look at my ass,the ass you are going to kiss. I want your tongue up my asshole. No man has ever kissed my ass before, but you are because you want to, don't you?" At that moment I wanted to bury my face in Lori's ass. I wanted her to take charge and use me for her pleasure. I told her exactly that. She turned around and slowly lowered her ass to my face."Jerk off Jerry. Play with your cock while you suck my ass,But don't cum. I want your cum in my pussy after you get me ready. Take a deep breathe. Suck my ass!" She squatted over my face spreading her glorious cheeks. I was in heaven. My mouth locked on to her ass hole. I wanted to taste her. I was surrounded by her beautiful ass. I kissed her hole and ran my tongue over it. She was encouraging me moving sensuously over my place telling me to suck,then kiss,then lick. I was her kiss ass boy. I tried to move to her pussy but she said no that that was for after I fucked her. I almost shot my load right then. "Rim me! put your tongue up my ass,Taste it, it is all yours, fuck my ass with your tongue!" Lori was almost screaming she was so excited. She knew I was ready to cum and made me stop jerking. She told me to keep sucking. "Lick my ass!! Suck my ass!! Kiss my ass!!" I could tell she was playing with her pussy and clit but couldn't see. My face was buried between her cheeks as I tried to bury my tongue as deeply into her asshole as I could. All I could think of was her ass over me, I loved it and even more so because I knew she did too. I pulled away gasping, "Use me, use my face, my tongue, cum baby!" My cock was rock hard. She suddenly jumped up,turned around and told me to fuck her as she sat on my cock. "I need cock,your cock.It's my cock give it to me fuck me fuck me fuck me!!" Her pussy was like molten lava. Her pussy was slamming down on me. I looked up at her she was as excited as any woman I had ever been with. "I'm cumming Jerry! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me, give me your cum, fill me up this is so good" Lori screamed. I shot the biggest load I think I had ever shot. Our bodies slapped together as we both came.Finally we stopped coming down. Lori was kissing my face my ears my neck. Finally she rolled off of me onto her back. She looked at me and said with a smile "That was great,Let me catch my breathe,then you can eat my pussy. It is so full of cum. You want to clean me don't you. Taste your cum and Tom's. I want you to be my pussy licker tonight, Be my white boy toy. If you do a good job maybe I'll give you a special drink.You want to be dirty don't you? Drink my pee? Eat your cum? But you have to ask for it. I want you to ask me for my pussy. I want you to ask for my pee. I want you to ask for Your cum. And I want you to ask to clean the nasty cum juice that is leaked from my pussy to my ass.We can do anything you want to Jerry,all you have to do is ask."

Lori grabbed the cushion,shoving it under her ass. I was staring at her pussy. Her bush was full almost up to her navel. She pulled her legs up towards her head spreading her ass as she did this. "Do you like what you see? Do you like my hairy pussy? Do you like my hairy ass? You can have it but you have to ask me.I want to hear you ask for what you want.It makes me hot knowing you want me,all of me.You don't have to beg,just tell me what you want." I was staring at her pussy.It was so hairy. I could see my cum leaking from her full pussy lips. Lori spread her lips and I saw her clit.It was at least an inch long."Do you like my clit? It's big isn't it? Do you want to suck it? You can if you ask. You can pretend its a cock if you want. Have you ever sucked cock Jerry?" she asked. I replied that I had never sucked cock before but that I wanted to suck her clit. "Can I suck your pussy? I want to clean my cum from your pussy.Will you let me clean you?" I asked. She replied that I would have to eat Tom's cum too. I knew that but I didn't care. I wanted to bury my face in Lori's pussy,tongue her ass,suck her clit. "Lori I want to clean the cum from your pussy and ass. I want to suck your ass. I want to make you cum on my face. I want to taste you,I want to taste us. I want to taste Tom." "mmmmmmm" she moaned. "That sounds so hot. That's what I want too. Lick my ass first.Taste the cum. I know it's messy, but I know you want it. Start there, Taste it, Lick it."

I laid on my stomach between her spread thighs and began to tentatively, at first her thighs,my eyes open staring at her ass and pussy.Cum was leaking from her pussy,dripping down to her ass hole.I licked the cum from her thighs as she began to moan. "Do you like it? Does it taste good?" I didn't answer but began to lick the cum that had dripped past her asshole, staring at her cum covered pussy as I tasted the cum on my tongue. Lori was slowly moving her hips.I moved my hand grabbing her ass and began to lick her asshole cleaning the cum from her gorgeous ass. She was hot talking and moaning as I licked her ass. My nose was rubbing her pussy. I loved doing this. I began to push my tongue into her asshole. I was fucking her with my tongue and she was loving it. Then she pulled my face to her pussy."My pussy is full of cum,your cum,Taste it, clean it, You want it, I know and I want to give it to you. Be my pussy cleaner." I was so hot.I began to lick the cum from her pussy.Her thighs squeezed my head as she began to face fuck me. I was in heaven. No woman had ever reacted so strongly to me eating her pussy.At that moment my entire world was centered between her legs and she knew it and loved it. She was moaning incoherently that she loved this that I was her toy.I loved the taste of her pussy and I loved the taste of the cum too. I knew I wanted more of this. I had pretty much gotten all the cum from her pussy when she pushed my face away.

"I want you to make me cum. Suck on my clit Jerry. Do you like my clit? It's like a little cock." I looked her in the eyes and began to suck her clit. Lori was humping my face as I sucked her. "I wish I had a cock.I'd fuck your face with it. I'd make you suck it. Will you suck a coc.... more

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