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Mere seconds before my parents returned...

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I was pissing myself silly in my bathtub *laughs*.

So all day today I've been drinking a lot of water & letting squirt after squirt into my dark-red knickers & jet-black pants (which don't show any wetness. It's insanely awesome). Since I'm also a DL in addition to the myriad of fetishes that I indulge in, I wanted to wet my nappy. Only problem was that I don't have any (blame it on my lack of money)!

To simulate the thickness & absorbency of a nappy, I got together about three or four pairs of knickers on, stood in my bathtub & let everything go. I was peeing so hard that I could hear my wee through my panties, and it was [B">pouring[/B"> down my legs . Just as I started playing with myself through my drenched knickers, my parents arrived. And my bathroom door was open, so you could see into the bathroom through the living room windows. Desperately I ripped off my panties, threw them into my hamper, and put back on the pair of pants that I'd been wearing & slowly wetting through the day.

Now, as I'm typing all of this up, I feel really bubbly & happy despite being kinda scared that my parents would see what I had been getting up to while they were gone. Well, that and I'm still bloody horny, but it'll have to wait till later lol.


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