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My Dream

I'm in bed and have been talking to a man on line, and have got really turned on, I have been drinking all evening and am now really desperate, but am really tired, I lie there for a few seconds wondering what I should do, listening to snow patrol playing quietly in the back, but as I lie there I fall asleep.

Later on in the night, I have this dream.

I half wake, and I know it is night as it is totally dark, the only light is a small chink of light coming from the bedroom door. I sense the presence of a man,and I know it is the man I have been talking to online, but cannot see anyone.

The sheet gentle shifts from my legs and I don't move, pretending to still be asleep. I feel the softest of kisses gently being flicked up the inner part of my thigh, then he pushes my legs slightly apart as he kisses higher.

I feel his hot breath through my pants onto my shaven pussy and with the softest of touches I ever have felt in my life, he moves my pants to one side as he puts his tongue inside me, and at that point I feel like I am in complete heaven.

He gently works on my clit, moving it in circles, going ever deeper into my pussy... at this point I realize I need to pee, but don't want him to stop. I don't know why, but I'm anxious he won't like it when I finally let go. I love everything he is doing to me, and cannot pretend to be asleep any longer, I moan and move, wrapping my legs around his head and force him deeper into me, running my hands through his hair.

I know I am getting close, and as I cum I let go, having the most incredible orgasm. Half a second after orgasming and letting go I panic, and think he might not like it, I lie there for a moment, but it feels like an hour, until I feel him move over me and kiss my lips, and I know he liked it.

Then I wake, my pants are wet, but it is not pee, and I like my own thoughts... that he fucks me in the wet bed.

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