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my b/f pissed in me

Submitted by peebabe85, Bi Female - England

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well craig had just brought a new leg and arm restraint a whip and pussy opening thing. so he told me to be a nuaghty girl so when he came back from work he had a reason to give me a good spanking. so about 30 mins befor he came home i went up stares and got out my large dildo looked at some pics in my phone and started fucking myself with my pink friend. i had already cum a couple of times by the time he came in. craig came straight up stares where he found me just laid there with my dildo deep in me. he ripped it out rearly hard and made me suck all the creamy white pussy juice off then he bent me over his kneeand started spanking me hard. after that he put a blind fold on me and some nipple clamps and got the whip and started hitting my titd with it. he then bent me over and put me in the new restrainght he got leaving my ass fully exposed to whatever punishment he wanted.

He started spanking my ass with the new whip my ass was already so saw from the earlyer spanking now with the whip it rearly hurt but I was so turned on my pussy was leaking as craig said it was making a mess if the bed as he hit me again harder still. After what seamed like forever he stoped and put in the new toy to hold my pussy open I could feel the cold metal inside me. It was painfull at first but when fully open I was allright then to tease me he put a vibrating egg in my wide open pussy. My legs where shaking at this point. It was so hot. I then asked him to pee inside me he has done this befor but never with this pussy opening thing in it took him a while to pee so I laid there on my knees leaning as far forward as I could to keep the pee in. All or a sudden craig started peeing first it went all over my ass and back then I could feel it going in me it was so warm and it made a great sound as it filled me up. He then took the opener out leaving me full of his warm smelly pee. Then he spun me round and grabed my head and pulled it hard onto his cock I could still taste the pee in his cock I sucked so hard then he started peeing again I couldn't beleve it he was peeing in my mouth I swaer I had an orgasam just on the taste.

he then spun me round again rubbed my pussy with his cock and then slid it deep inside my pee filled pussy as he fucked me his pee came out all over the bed after a while of fucking and hand spanking he pulled out and cum all over my ass. later craig had fallen asleep i put my thong inside my pussy. then in the morning i was in bed alone busting for a pee so i pulled out the thing that was soaked with the last of craigs pee do i pit them in my mouth (love the taste of craigs pee so strong) then i started stroking my pussy and just let go and pissed all over the bed. needless to say it was a good night

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