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My first real accident

Submitted by p1nkrocks, Gay Female - USA

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Like other little girls I had accidents when I was a child all the time but instead of growing out of it like everyone said I would, it only got worse through my teenage years. I wont discuss my accidents under age eighteen though there were lots of them, but I can discuss the ones afterward.

The first big accident I had after turning eighteen was when I was traveling from Florida to New York with my best friend. She and I were driving straight through and only making a couple stops for gas, no sleeping. We left that morning with her driving and once we got to Kentucky we switched over and I took the wheel as she was very tired. We had stopped for gas in Tennessee but the restrooms at the service station were locked. My friend didnt have to go, and I felt too embarassed to go inside and ask this big truck driver looking guy for the key, so I decided to hold it and maybe we could stop again before too long. I was wearing a short denim skirt and white panties underneath. I dont remember what top I was wearing but it was Summer so it was most likely a tank top. Jenn fell asleep not very long after we switched drivers and left me to concentrate on nothing but the road and the tingling sensation that I needed to pee.

Another hour went by and she was still sleeping soundly. It was around 4 PM, still daylight so it was a bit embarassing though no one could see when I had to hold my hand between my legs and bounce my thighs a bit so I wouldnt have an accident. Time passed and by then I wasnt sure where we were but we still werent in New York. Jenn woke up and saw that we still had a while to go. I asked if I could stop at the next exit and use the bathroom and she said she was afraid because she had never stopped in this city. Two girls in a place they dont know isnt exactly safe. She could see my desperation and I even had tears in my eyes.

"Jenn seroiously, I cant hold it until New York."

"Yes you can, just squeeze your legs together. You'll make it. Besides you better not piss yourself and ruin my seats." She said jokingly.

I laughed but the moment I did I felt a little spurt go into my panties. "Oh fuck Jenn, dont make me laugh, I just peed a little."

She was finding this highly amusing and she reached over to poke my side. I smacked her hand away and jammed one hand between my legs, keeping the other one on the wheel. I regained some composure and continued to drive. Traffic was becoming congested and suddenly out of nowhere a car crossed the median and side swiped our car, sending us against the car in the lane beside of us. In my attempt to regain control of the car my hand left my crotch and I managed to steer the car out of traffic and to the shoulder. Jenn was worked up and when the man who hit us pulled in behind us to check on us she jumped out and started yelling at him. I opened my door and got out and the moment I did I felt a surge go through my bladder. I had held it too long and this was just too much. I hobbled around to the back of the car beside Jenn and she took my arm because she said I looked like I was about to faint. I was shaking all over from the sudden scare and didnt even realize what was happening. The man and Jenn's eyes went lower and stared. Pee slowly trickled down my legs and to the pavement between my feet slowly forming a puddle. I looked down and saw what was happening and I pressed my hand into my crotch but all that did was wet the front of my skirt. I was standing there in front of now a police officer, Jenn, and a man I didnt know peeing on myself. Jenn rubbed my back and told me it was okay and the officer helped me to sit down on the curb where I fully wet my panties and left a large sized puddle.

It was so embarassing having to drive the rest of the way to New York with a plastic bag underneath me and the distinct smell of pee in the air. I couldnt believe I had an accident on myself in front of people. I hadnt peed my pants since I was a child in front of other people. Since then it happens very regularly, and though that was a bad day, it excites me now to wet myself. I have adventures nearly every day.

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