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My girlfriend let her sister pee on me

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When I was a senior in High school I started dating this girl who had a crush on me. We had been going out for about a month when I told her about my interest in watersports. She said she had always considered peeing a very private thing and she had a very shy bladder (She said she even had a hard time peeing in front of other girls) but she was willing to give it a try. She gave it her best efforts. Once during a makeout session she tried to straddle my leg and pee but she was unable to get started. She did manage to pee in the toilet a couple of times with me in the bathroom with her. One time she let me put my hand under her and she managed a couple of drops but she could not let go unless I moved my hand and she just let me watch.
One Saturday we went down to a local park at the lake with her sister to go swimming. She and her sister were very close and they kept very few secrets. While we were there my girlfriend and I again made attempts at some wet games up on the shore but she was unable to pee. Later as we were out in the water about waist deep my girlfriend came over to where I was at and stood very still. After about 30 seconds she looked at me and whispered "I'm peeing" I reached down and tried to slip my hand between her legs and her bladder clamped shut. I could tell she was getting frustrated that she was unable to do what I wanted. She told me she was sorry and she waded a little deeper into the water, stopped and as I stood there watching she finished urinating into the lake. A little while later her sister came over and she could tell my girlfriend was upset. She asked what was wrong and my girlfriend told her nothing. Her sister knew that was not the case and she continued to bug her about what was bothering her. My girlfriend looked at me. "Can I tell her..she's not going to shut up until I do" "That's up to you" I told her. "If you really must know Tim wants me to pee on him and I can't do it" she blurted out. I expected her sister to be shocked. "Why not?" she asked. "That should be easy, It's only water." I think my girlfriend spoke before thinking. "If you think it's so easy then you do it" she told her sister. Her sister grinned an evil little smile. "I just went in the water a few minutes ago but when I have to go again I will if you'll let me." she told my girlfriend. I think my girlfriend still thought her sister was just messing with her. "I don't mind...if you want to do it then go ahead." she replied.
Her sister dove into the water and swam away. I asked my girlfriend what I was suppose to do if her sister came back to make good on her offer. "Let her do it" she said "I don't's not like your going to fuck her or anything." We continued to swim for an hour or so then I got out of the water to go to the snack bar and get a drink and a candy bar. As I finished paying I turned around to find my girlfriends sister standing there waiting. "Are you ready?" she asked. "For what?" I said. "I thought you wanted me to pee on you..well I have to tinkle now" she replied. "Are you serious?" I asked. "Sure I am" she said. "But if you have changed your mind I'll just wade out into the lake and go." I looked at her cute body in her tiny 2 piece bathing suit. "If you think you can do it why not" I told her. We wandered around looking for a secluded place at the park to do our buisness. At last we spotted a empty picnic shelter near the edge of the woods.
We went over and looked around to make sure no one was watching. "So how do you want to do this...Make it quick cause I can't hold it long" she said crossing her legs. I sat down on the picnic table bench and told her to sit on my lap. She tried sitting sideways but then she changed positions and straddled my right leg and sat down on my thigh facing me. She wrapped her arms aound my neck to balance herself. "I think this will work better" she told me. "Are you ready?" she asked. I felt my cock quickly getting hard as I waited for her to start. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I saw her look down and she lifted her hips slightly off my leg. "Here it comes" she said. I began to feel the warm piss spray through her bathing suit bottoms and onto my leg. It ran in streams down my leg and formed a puddle at my feet. A few people walked nearby but I am sure all they saw was a young couple "fooling around" but had no idea that she was pissing like a racehorse on me. She peed for a long time (It seemed like forever but I'm sure it was probably just under a minute) As he.... more

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