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My Life - Part 1

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Submitted by Lizzy_V1, Bi Female - London

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Chapter 1 - Africa

I'm Lizzy from Africa originally but now living in the UK. I have just found out about 'watersports' on the Internet after my friend told me about it. I thought I was unique in wetting myself just for pleasure until now. For my first post I am going to start at the beginning and tell you a bit about myself because I have been wetting myself since I was a young girl.
My mother was English but my father was an Afrikaner and when they married my father took mother off to a remote farm in the South African bush. When I was due to be born mother flew back to England to give birth with her family because she did not think that it would be a good idea to rough it in the bush. Technically this makes me British but I think of myself as African.
Living on a farm in the veldt as we did really does involve roughing it quite a lot of the time because where we were on the edge of the Kruger park we did not have all of the services that everyone takes for granted (like television, plumbing and regular electricity!). The isolation did have many advantages. As we were left alone to live our lives just as we pleased and I was able to play with the black children, which wouldn't have been allowed elsewhere in South Africa at that time. In many ways the Vorderman household was quite liberal for the time.
It wasn't just mother and father and me on the farm because we had the boys who did all the heavy work and our maid and cook (as I write this it does not sound like roughing it at all!) who all lived in tin shacks around the farm and a tutor who came once a week to teach me and the black children.
Because of the lack of effective plumbing we had an earth closet where we could poo but if we wanted to pee we girls would just squat down in the yard and the men would pee on the fences around the yard to keep the antelope (and therefore the lions!) away. People in England find it strange but it is quite normal in Africa to not wear shoes and neither mother nor I wore any underwear under our dresses because of the heat. The black women used to wear invariably white knickers which mother said was because 'it makes them feel that they are better than us'. But not wearing knickers under a short dress meant that I could just squat down and pee even if I was carrying things in both hands or if I was sitting on the ground I could just pee where I was sitting. Obviously this was all quite normal to me at the time and I thought that this was what all white people did. Even when we went on holiday to the coast in the land rover we would pee beside the road and camp on the beach on our own, peeing wherever we liked. I guess father didn't like people much because he always made sure that we never met anybody to make me question this.
Things changed a bit for me when one evening when I was about nine or ten I was wearing a long skirt (it must have been winter) and I was quite tired and couldn't be bothered to reach down and pull my skirt up so that I could squat down to pee and I just let go, letting the pee run down my legs. I guess that it didn't worry me that I was getting pee on my legs and feet because they often got splashed when I squatted down anyway but the pee was not cold on my legs like the splashes but was hot and felt so nice and comforting. Soon the warmth started to cool and I tried to pee some more to warm my legs up again but after a little squirt I was empty. Even in winter it is still quite hot in Africa and my legs soon dried but I now knew that I wanted to pee like this instead of squatting down but I felt that this was naughty, I don't know why, perhaps it was the beginning of my sexual awakening. From then on if I wanted to pee I would try to be alone so that I could pee standing up. A couple of times some of the black girls caught me by surprise while I was peeing standing up and tried it for themselves but they forgot that unlike them I was not wearing knickers and I expect they got told off by their mothers for wetting their knickers. None of them ever did it more than a few times before reverting to pulling their knickers down and squatting to pee.
The next big change that occurred was a few years later. I was 13 and I had either managed to keep my peeing methods secret or if I had been found out no one had said anything. It was an evening again and mother had arranged a little party where the neighbours had come over for a drink in the house. We were all dressed up, I had a long dress on with no shoes and mother was wearing a little cocktail dress with high heels. I had been drinking lots of squash and a glass of wine chatting to some of the neighbours and went outside when it looked like I would be on my own. I went over to the far side of the yard watching some giraffes passing in the distance and as usual I started to pee not thinking that anybody was there. The glass of wine had probably numbed my senses because just as I had finished and was savouring the warmth on my legs mother came from nowhere and stood beside me. I knew that there was no way that she could have missed what I had done as I had made no attempt to pee quietly and I was of course now standing in a puddle. Mother just stood beside me and said "nice evening, look there are the giraffes again". I was expecting her to say something about me peeing down my legs but instead she just stood and did the same as I had done. I was just so unbelievably shocked as I heard the hissing noise as she began to p.... more

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