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One Summer Night Part 1

Submitted by vikor3, Straight Male - United States

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I was going with my doctors daughter durring the summer of 1970. I was at the lake and she was working at the local market which was a short walk from the lake where I was with some other friends. We were just fooling around talking,having a beer,or some other friends were swimming. I knew Maryellen would be leaving work very soon for the store would be closing in a little while.

After fiften minutes I noticed the lights go out over at the store so it was closing and Maryellen would be leaving and would be going by here for she walked home when ever she left work and she would walk by where we were. Sure enough she came walking by about ten minutes later. She stopped seeing me there and the others that were here with me. She said hello to all of us.

Then she asked if she could have a beer and she was handed one. She opened it and she stood with me and she took a long first sip. She told me after the long sip that it did taste real good. We went on talking and drinking with our friends tll Maryellen finished her beer. Then she told me she was going up to the house. I aked her if she wanted me to walk with her. She told me I didn't have to. For she would come right back. She was going home to change and would be back. I told her ok I would be there. I watched her as she walked up the road and she dissapeared into the darkness.

About a half hour later Maryellen was back. She had changed into jeans and a white light sweatshirt. Now it was past 10pm and it was cooler now. No one was swimming anymore it had cooled off that much. The group was also smaller for some of them had left. There still was plenty of beer so Maryellen got another one and she opened and drank it as she and I talked to each other or with some other the other friends that were there.

Time passed by which another hour or more had passed. Some ore of our group had also now had left. Maryellen had drank two more beers durring the passing last hour. Then while we were standing there by ourselves for a short moment she told me she was feeling a little horny! I said back to her laughing; Oh you are are you! She told me; Yes I am! Areyou? she asked me. Again I chuckled and told her; Any time you are around Maryellen I'm always horny! Maryellen giggled gave me a hard jab with her elbow in my ribs at the same time and said to me; Well I'm glad to hear that!

Well at this time some of the other friends of ours came back over to Maryellen and I and we went back to talking. In the back of mind I was thinking about Maryellen being horny which inside my jeans I was getting a hardon thinking aboput her being horny! The talk from our friends was that they were leaving so now just Maryellen and I would be by ourselves as we said goodbye to the others as they left.

I said to Maryellen after the others had left; Looks like we are the last ones here. She replied back; Looks that way. Then she asked me if we could get some more beer. I told her we could. Where do you want to go get it? I asked her. The closest place she said back to me. The closest place was the tavern down at thge four corners which was about five minutes from the lake. So we walked over to my Mustang convertible and got in. I started it up and we left.

Five minutes later we were at the tavern. Maryellen waited out in my Mustang while I went in and got a sixpack of Bud and came back out with it. I got back in the car and asked her where she wanted to go. Back to the lake she told me. So we went back to the lake where we had been. I parked along side where the old dirt road ended at the lake road. As we got out of my Mustang Maryellen told me she needed to piss first. That is the first thing I have to do! There was the sound of desperation in her voice when she told me too!

There were many places that where Maryellen could piss. She knew where they all were for she had pissed in them when we were here drinking or when we were partying with frineds like we wre earlier. Grabbing my hand Maryellen walked down the old dirt road just a short ways and then we stepped off to the side of the road where there wa a group of small pine trees and a small flat clearing behind the pine trees.

Maryellen was in a desperate state for I had asked her if I could have the pleasure of taking care of her. That ment that I wanted to pull her jheans down for her. She told me; No for there isn't enough time for that right now! For as she stood there she already had them unsnapped and she was starting to yank her jeans down very quickly!

Maryellen was in such a hurry that she hadn't bothered with the zipper on her jeans. As she yanked them downward her zipper made a loud ZZZZZZT in the still nght air as it was forced down as she yanked her jeans down. She shoved them down to her knees. Then she had on a pair of white panties which she tugged them down real fast shoving them into her crumpled jeans.

Then Maryellen got down into a high squat which she made getting into her high squat just in time! For just as she did out from her vagina came a very hard stream of piss! Maryellen immeadiatly looked down instead of looking over at me which she did a lot when she did piss in front of me. Her stream hissed very loudly and with in seconds there was the added sound of her piss splashing softly in a piss puddle that had formed in the dirt on the ground under her.

Now as I watched Maryellen piss her stream was very wide headed with a nice short twist after its wide head. Even though it was night and was dark I could see her stream easily. For across the from us there was a streetlight and its light lit the area where we were well enough that I could see her piss stream, Maryellens vagina,with its big clit,long side lips, and its long slit opening!

Maryellen pissed for many seconds and then she let out a loud sigh of relief. Then she looked up no longer watching her piss stream. She told me that she didn't piss after going home. I did have to go then when I did but I wanted to hurry up and come back. I almost wound up paying for it by pissing my pants! she said to me with a giggle. I smiled and told her that it was a close call! She giggled a little more and stopped. Then she looked back down at her piss stream.

It still was flowing just as hard like when she had started. The only thing different was that her piss puddle was much larger in the dirt .... more

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