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One wonderful night 2

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They walked slowly to the local pub. A walk of only a mile or so that took them down a wee country lane over a style to a pleasant path alongside a gently running river, well you could call it a river but it wasn't much more than a stream. Only about 15 to 20 feet wide and 5 or 6 feet deep at the deepest and was only that deep in parts. For most of the bit they walked along it babbled through weed beds and over the rocks. After about half a mile the path took them away from the river to the village green where the pub was located. I'm sure you can all picture this idyllic setting in your minds.

It was a balmy late spring evening the trees and bushes still bright green in their fresh leaf coats, there was a gentle buzzing of insects flitting around the tree tops and the occasional bird song as if the birds were saying goodnight to each other.

It had been a couple of weeks since their stay in the hotel written about in One Wonderful Night, as his job as a wagon driver had taken him across the other side of the country but now he was back if only for the weekend. So he had parked his rig up and she had popped down in her car and picked him up. Although they had talked on the phone everyday since their last night together they still felt strangely embarrassed about both the strength of their feelings and also about the things they had got up to the last time they were together, so the car journey to her house was a quiet affair and it wasn't till they got inside her front door that they finally kissed, not surprisingly all the feelings came rushing back with a bang leaving both of them quite breathless and incredibly horny.

He took her into his strong arms and pulled her to him kissing her neck her face and finally her mouth the kiss seemed to last forever as their tongues dance around each others mouths. Then sliding his hands down her back till he was cupping her delightful ass in his hands pulled her tight to him so she could feel his hardness pressing against her pussy. With some reluctance she pushed him away and said to him “Later, first get a shower and changed and we'll take a walk to the pub.”

He looked at her feeling a bit miffed but the look on her face told him that she was not in the mood for argument so into the shower he went. As he was showering she got changed herself, out of the lovely snug fitting jeans into a black button up the front dress slightly flared in the skirt it hung to just below her knees. She had left the bottom unbuttoned to just about mid thigh and the top few buttons were also undone so as she walked she gave a lovely flash of leg and the occasional glimpse of her not small cleavage this was all she had on no underwear at all. He mean while had changed into black t shirt and jeans.

They took a leisurely stroll to the pub walking hand in hand, Comfortable with their selves again they talked as they walked, about what they were going to be doing tonight. It was going to be a wet night they were going to go to the bar and sit and listen to the local folk group which she had heard practices at the pub most Friday nights when they were not playing a gig. And while they were sitting there tell each other what they would like to be doing to each other later that night. Once 9 30 had passed neither of them were allowed to use the toilet having to hold it and let themselves fill up for later on.

When they got to the bar they noticed one of the booths at the back of the bar was empty as the group was there that night and set up at the other end of the bar so everybody was sitting at that end so as to see the group playing. It couldn't have worked out better as not only would everyone be looking the other way but also it was a wee bit quieter away from the group. Taking there glasses they went and sat down, he sat to her left his right hand laying on her lap his finger through the gap between the buttons was gently stroking across the base of her clit as he talked quietly in her ear telling her to imagine his hot pee dribbling from her mouth and running down across her breasts to pool and warm her crutch. He could feel the way her pussy lips swelled as she got more and more turned on. She knew the back of her dress was going to soaked by the time they left that night for the walk home not by pee or maybe by both pee and pussy juice but mainly pussy juice, as when she got this aroused she leaked like mad and even before she had found out of her love of pee she used to leave puddles on the bed whenever she had sex either with a partner or on her own.

9.30pm had passed a good hour before and both of them were beginning to feel full to the point of desperation, Both of them had drunk 4 pints of cider, she had already come twice not full blown screaming orgasms that she expected later but lip biting tummy tensing ones enough for her to be as wet as she thought she would be if not more so. He noticed their glasses were almost empty so stood to go get refills. She put her hand on his arm and told him to sit down again then shuffling forward in her seat took one of the glasses and holding onto one edge of the glass with her thumb on the inside she had a quick look up the bar and seeing no one looking in their direction she opened her legs enough to be able to get the glass between them through the same gap between the buttons that he had been sitting fingering her through.

God she had never felt so horny, just the thought of what she was about to do was making her catch her breath. If anybody had walked past on their way to the loo and had looked down at her all they would have seen would be her hands resting on her lap. Holding the glass between two fingers and thumb she pressed it tight to her pussy and slowly started to pee very nearly having another orgasm at the same time at the thought of peeing totally in front of all these people and not one of them realising, When she felt her thumb get wet she stopped peeing and put the nearly full glass of pee on the table, she picked it up again and lifting it to her lips drank a good mouthful.

Oh god it tasted wonderful warm and sweet with a slight after bite, he reached out to take a swig himself but instead she lifted to her own mouth took a sip and leaned forward and kissed him passing the pee to him they done this until the glass was empty. “Your turn” she said and handed him the glass. Unfortunately it was break time for the group so everybody was taking the opportunity to go to loo and there was a never ending line of people passing to and fro past their table. So he held the glass out of sight went into the loo himself going to the cubical he took his dick out still semi hard from all the sex talk they had done that night, so it took him a little while until he could pee then he very nearly overfilled the glass as he struggled to stop the flow but he somehow managed it and also realised that even though he still needed to pee it was now manageable so more room for another drink. He sat back at the table and this time he held the glass taking the first mouthful he savoured it for a moment then swallowed it his dick immediately stiffening, The next mouthful he gave to her by passing it to her while kissing. She turning slightly so her back was to the room let some dribble from her lips and run down her cleavage, He saw her shiver and her eyes close as she had yet another little orgasm. She was in a world of her own for a couple of seconds her whole body felt as if it about to float off the seat she was buzzing slightly not only from the alcohol but also from the sexual high she was experiencing.

When the glass of pee was finished they stood up went to the bar bought another couple of pints and went out to sit in the garden to have a smoke and drink there last drink, they sat and smoked their cigs and talked about how horny it had been having sexy pee play in front of all those people them not knowing, she put her nearly empty glass down on the table and sat astride his lap and wrapped her arms round his neck and cuddled herself into him resting her head on his shoulder. He could feel the warmth from her against his dick even through his jeans. Then he felt it even hotter as she let a couple of squirts of pee go. He felt it soak through his jeans and run down either side of his dick tickling past his ball bag and pool under his ass. His dick was so hard in his trousers he thought it would burst his zip. Finishing their drinks they left the glasses on the table and walked off arm in arm, anybody paying close attention to them may have noticed the shine on their wet clothes but as they were both wearing black it would have taken a good close look to notice this.

They were quickly across the village green and onto the path running along side of the river there they took what seemed an age to walk the length of it stopping every few paces to kiss and cuddle. Both of them felt full to overflowing again, just before the end of the path he said to her “Put your hand on my dick I'm just about to pee “ instead of doing this she knelt before him and unzipped him putting her hand into his open fly she pulled his dick out “ Pee for me” she said. He pushed and slowly started to pee the first squirt landed in her lap and she shivered as she felt it run through the gap in her skirt and onto her thighs. The next squirt was more powerful and longer she aimed it up from her lap to her cleavage felt it soak through her dress and then flow across her breasts. The stream of pee was steady now so she controlled its rate by pressing her thumb against the bottom of his dick aiming it up she let it flow up her neck till it was bouncing off her chin she then sprayed it all over her face, turning her head to and fro she felt it soak into her hair and run down her spine, as she felt the stream slowing she took it into her mouth and drank deeply of him hardly wasting a drop as she swallowed again and again sucking the final few drops from him she kept the last mouthful in her mouth and stood and kissed him sharing his pee with him.

He looked down as he was peeing and watched as she aimed his dick wherever she wanted noticed the way her dress was sticking to her as it got wet clinging to her breasts the outline of her nipples showing clearly through the wet fabric, never in his wildest dreams would he have pictured how horny she looked as she soaked her face and head and when she took his dick into her mouth and literally sucked the rest of his pee out of him he knew there would never be anybody else for him, so in the end when she had stood and shared her last mouthful he felt such an overwhelming feeling of love for her his legs nearly buckled. Looking round h.... more

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