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This is a true story about an ex girlfriend of mine whose name was Maria. She lived in a on an estate in a small villiage about 20 miles outside the city where I live and where we both worked. I used to stay at her house on the weekends and we drank in her local pub which was dirt cheap compared to prices in the city. Being a bit out of the way the locals seemed to have their own set of rules and it was not unusual for the landlord of the pub to have a lock in for regulars after hours.

One night after just such an event we left the pub quite a bit the worse for wear in the early hours of the next morning. No sooner had we got outside than Maria announced she needed a pee, why she hadn't gone before leaving I don't know. Straight away I started to hope she might have a public pee somewhere where I could see her but she set off up the road in the opposite direction of the estate which confused me. We hadn't got far when we reached an old fashioned open air Gents toilet which basicaly consisted of just four walls with two narrow doorways at either end. "In here" she said poking her head in to check it was empy which let's face it was pretty likely at this hour. I was a bit dissapointed as I guessed see she was going to squat over the urinal but it was better that nothing and I follwed her in.

Inside there was a dim light on one wall which revealed a stainles steel trough bolted to the other wall which quite high up really. I could see that Maria was going to struggle to use the men's facillities but I shouldn't have worried because she ignored the trough and backed up the the back wall. Then with a drunken grin she hithed up her skirt slipped down her knickers and dropeed into low squat with a practised ease which made me think this was not the first time she had done this! I couldn't belive my luck and as I watced a dark puddle started spilling out accross the floor a she empied her bladder over the concrete. Maria peed for about half a minute and clearly found it very funny. I told her she was a dirty cow with mock severity but really i was loving it. she just replied "Needs must when the devil drives".

By the time we left there was a huge foaming puddle by the back wall with little rivulets snaking across the floor. I was hard a a rock and. we had reat sex when we got home I can tell you. I soon found out to my joy that Maria had a very relaxed attitude to late night peeing on the way home from the pub with the bus stop and the stairs to the salvation army hall all getting a watering on various nights. Shamethe relationship did not last the test of time!

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