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Reality Fetish Get Together - Part 1

Submitted by sungirl1985, Straight Couple - Ohio

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This is Emily, married to Josh and writer of the "REALITY PEEING" stories. The things I'm writing about here today took place before Josh and i were engaged to be married.

Back a couple of years ago when I was in college I took a class on Sexaulity. Part of the class covered sexual practices here in the US and part of the class covered sexual deviations (translation: Fetishes).
It was a small class, only 15 participiants, three of whom dropped out as soon as they realized what the class was about. Of the 12 left in the class, 7 of us were girls, 5 guys. Althought from diverse backgrounds we formed a tight bond as we had to meet outside regular class for various assignments. Most assignments were to research various fetishes and report back to the class on them and turn a paper in on our findings. The professor gave us several contact names of people who were into various fetishes and were willing to be interviewed for our projects.

Several fetishes like BDSM were quite east to find people willing to talk about them, others like Golden Showers were not. At that time I knew nothing about Golden Showers other that what I had previously read which was people into pee are sick weirdos. My parents wholike me are longtime nudists have neighbors into BDSM. I really wished I had been assigned BDSM as a topic of research instead of Watersports. Figuring i would never be able to come up with a contact I called my moms friend and explained the situation, She told me not to dispair she could find someone willing to talk to me. Two days later I received an E-mail with a phone number in it, I called the number and asked for Mary, the name on the E-mail. Mary and I talked for an hour. She told me she and her longtime husband had discovered Golden Showers as a means of ratcheting up their sex lives. We talked two more times before she told me she lived in the Cleveland area. One of the things I found out was she was an RN. She was pleased to find out I was studying to become an RN also. She invited me to come to their home next time I was home for a weekend.

I was somewhat afraid to do this since I knew nothing about either her or her husband. I contacted my moms friend who connected us in the first place and she vouched for both her and her husband. She (my moms friend) suggested that Mary and her husband get together with me and her husband at their home, not too far from my parents home. I also asked Chad, a guy from my Sexaulity class who was majoring in dentistry, His class assignment was BDSM so we both figured we could get some terrific information at the same time. As a sidebar, I'm a nudist and I figured I could introduce Chad to the nudist lifestyle also that same weekend.
Chad and I drove up to my parents home. Chad whom I had never dated was nervous as hell not knowing what to expect.

We arrived an my parents home about 7:00 on a Friday evening. Immediately I took Chad to my sisters old room where he would be staying while I went to my old room and got naked. AfterI undressed I got chad who was fully dressed andwe went downstairs, soon my parents came home and I introduced them to Chad before they got naked. Usually in a case like this where guests are present our family does not get naked in order not to offend the guests, but since Chad was learning about the nudist lifestyle we made an exception. Of course he was quite uncomfortable being around me and my parents. He remained dressed all evening. I the AM i got dressed and Chad and I went out for breakfast where we continued to talk about the nudist lifestyle. That afternoon Chad and I hottubbed in my rents hottub. He wore shorts in at first but I talked him into removing the swim suit. He finally relaxed as we talked and talked. We left the hottub and showered before dressing to meet my parents neighbors and the couple into Golden Showers.

We arrived at my rents neighbors and were greeted by them and Mary and James her husband. I introduced Chad to everyone and Chad and my rents neighbors who are into BDSM went to the living room while Mary, Bill and I stayed in the family room. First thing Mary and James explained they had been married over 20 years and had three children. They explained their love of Golden Showers was strictly between themselves even tho one other couple knew about it. I learned Golden Showers was not dirty or sick or even perverted but an expression of their love between them. I learned Mary and James particiapted in GS about every two or three weeks always as a prelude to a wild sex session. The three.... more

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