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Selected Excerpts From the Diary of Leslie Kay Part 2 (m/f watersports)

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Here is the second part of my Leslie Kay story. In order to get a better understanding of Leslie, her lover Denise, and family friend and father figure Don, please read Part 1. Warning, part 1 is a f/f watersports story. If that is not your thing please skip the last two entries in her diary (June 8 and June 10).

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Please let me know your opinion of this story. I gladly accept both praise and complaints.

Please understand that the story is fiction. The Leslie Kay depicted in this story is purely a figment of my imagination.

[B">Selected Excerpts From the Diary of Leslie Kay Part 2[/B">
September 4, 2007

Dear Diary,

Wow, my first day of college! I’m excited, but with Denise attending San Diego State I’m really second guessing my decision to go to Miramar Community College. It still is the best financial decision to attend Miramar for my basics, and then transfer to SDSU for my junior and senior year. It would be so awesome, however, to be able to go to school w/ Denise. Oh, well, I will still see her some evenings and all weekends.

I still haven’t told Mom and Don about us. They think that we are just friends. I think Don could handle the truth, he’s more open minded, but Mom would go through the roof if she found out I was dating a girl. It hurts to hearing her spouting off all that anti-gay shit, and she’s even done it a couple of times when Denise has been over. How will I ever tell her about us?

Anyway, Denise and I are going bike riding on Saturday. I’m going to spend all Saturday morning drinking water in preparation! It should be fun.
November 17, 2007

Dear Diary,

Denise finally told her parents about us. She was worried about how they would react, but it all worked out fine. They were very understanding and accepting. I only wish I could tell my Mom.

Denise keeps encouraging me to tell Don, hoping that he will be able to help me tell Mom. It seems so weird telling Don. I’m sure he would understand, but I still have the humongous crush on him. It would be like telling the boy you really, really like that you’re seeing someone else. I haven’t yet told Denise about all my feelings for Don. She still thinks I see him only as a father figure.
March 20, 2008

Dear Diary,

I finally told Denise about my gargantuan crush on Don. I was afraid she would think I was weird or something. She didn’t. She like totally understood. She thinks Don is cute too. She also thinks that maybe I should go for it. She doesn’t see anything wrong with the occasional fling w/ a guy, as long as we still maintain our feelings for each other.

I don’t know how she expects me to go for it. How do you seduce a guy that thinks of you as a daughter? There’s no way that this will ever become anything more than a fantasy.
May 16, 2008

Mom just told us earlier today that she won’t be able to get a week off of work this summer. She insisted that Don and I still take a week and go to the cabin. At first I was kind of bummed. It won’t be the same w/o Mom there. Then I told Denise about it. She told me that now was my chance. I will be up there at the cabin alone w/ Don. Denise and I are going to get together and try to come up w/ ways I can try to seduce him! Now I’ve never been so excited to go up to his cabin. The question is, will I have the nerve to try?

June 28, 2008

Dear Diary,

Yes! Phase 1 of the plan worked! Today Don and I drove up to his cabin. After unpacking, I suggested that we go for a hike. We were out hiking when, as he often does out in nature, Don got distracted by a squirrel, a bird, something. While he was distracted I sneaked off into the woods. When I got far enough away I pulled down my shorts and panties and squatted. I waited until I heard Don call for me, and then yelled “I’m over here!”

As soon as I heard Don coming closer I reached down, spread my pussy lips, and started to pee. As Don cleared a tree he had a straight shot at seeing a powerful stream of my piss hit the forest floor. It was making that great hissing sound, and hitting and splashing on some leaves and twigs. I saw Don stare at me for a moment, and I know I saw a bulge growing in his pants. Just then he got red faced and turned away, apologize to me profusely.

“Sorry Leslie,” he said. “If you were going to do that, why’d you call me over here?”

“I didn’t call you over here,” I replied. “You called for me, and I was just letting you know I was OK and was over here. I didn’t expect you to come.” I was, of course, lying. I knew he would come.

So there you have it. Don got all hard and flustered when he saw my pussy. Better yet, it was when he saw me pissing. I’m not out of the woods yet, so to speak, but at least there was some sexual attraction on his part. And that means I’ve got a chance.
June 29, 2008

Wow, so far, so good. Don has a little pond next to his cabin. He, Mom, and I swim in it at least a couple of times during our vacations every year. I suggested we go for a swim today. As we went into our rooms to change, I yelled out “Shit!”

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I forgot my stupid swimsuit,” I replied. I then walked out of the door wearing a white tank top and a pair of white cotton panties. “I guess I’m going to have to swim in this.”

“You can’t swim in that!” he said.

“What, you want to have all the fun while I sit and watch? Hell no! I’m going swimming. What’s wrong with this anyway? It covers more than my bikini?”

He stammered, but relented, not saying the obvious, that my outfit would become see-through in the water. We made our way out to the pond and jumped in.

After we jumped in I played with him the same way I did when I was a little girl – splashing him, jumping on his back trying to dunk him, wrestling w/ him in the water. The difference is now I’m a full grown woman, and I was wearing a see through shirt and panties (he got quite a few good looks at my tits, unfortunately my panties were too far under the water most of the time). During the horse play I was able to brush up against him sometimes, and could feel his hard dick in his swimsuit. He was constantly trying to move away from me, telling me to stop it, etc. Of course I didn’t listen, acting like I was only having some childish fun.

I was getting desperate, but I kept swimming like nothing was happening. Finally I said “Oh, god, I waited too long!” I jumped out of the water. At first he watched me get out of the water, but turned away when he saw all of my assets on display. I stopped at the shore of the pond and shouted “Shit!”

That caused him to look back toward me. “What’s wrong?”

I stood facing him. My tits were clearly visible beneath my shirt, and my nipples were poking out, rock hard because of the cold water. My red strip of pubic hair was clearly visible through my wet panties, and, if he would have been closer, he would have been able to see my pussy lips. What he unmistakably saw was me pissing through my panties.

“I really waited to long!” I exclaimed. The piss was coming through my panties and breaking up into two streams. One was falling directly into the shallow water at my feet, making a wonderful splashing sound. The other was running down my leg, feeling so nice and warm against my cold skin. I resisted the temptation to reach down and rub myself while I was pissing. I’ve stood in front of a mirror and pissed my panties before. I know I looked hot!

Don obviously thought so too. He stood there staring at me for a few seconds, his mouth open. I know that if he wasn’t neck deep in the water I would have seen a tent in his trunks. Finally he looked away. “Leslie, why didn’t you go sooner? Now look at what’s happened?”

“It’s no big deal,” I said. “The water will wash the piss out of my panties.” I then jumped back in the water. He avoided me as much as he could, not wanting to give away the big hard-on I knew he had. He finally got out, probably just has his dick returned to normal.

“I’m tired,” he said as he climbed out. “I’m going to go relax inside.”

“I’ll join you,” I said, making sure to climb out at the same time and give him one more look at my body.

This is going better than expected. I can’t believe that the plan that Denise and I put together is working so perfectly. Hopefully I’ll have more good news tomorrow.
June 30, 2008

Fuck!!!!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! Damn it, I moved too fucking fast! Things were going so well that I diverted from the plan and jumped ahead. Now I might have ruined it. FUCK!

Tonight, after dinner, I told Don that I had something I really needed to tell him.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I think it might be easier to show you, rather than tell you,” I replied. With that I got up, turned on the TV, and put a DVD into the player. It was a video that Denise and I had made of us making out. You know, I told you about how we often set a camera up on a tri-pod. Anyway, we weren’t naked yet, but we were going at each other hot and heavy, and the clothes would all be coming off soon.

I was hoping that Don would start getting all excited by what he saw. Instead he just jumped up and turned off the TV. “Thanks for sharing this with me, Leslie,” he said. He then talked about how I shouldn’t keep my relationship w/ Denise from Mom, and went over what I should say to her, and offered his help. All nice things, but he gave no indication that he was turned on at all. FUCK!

I’m going to go now. I’ve got to lie down. This night really sucks.
July 1, 2008

Wow! OMG! The most amazing thing happened last night. Yes! It finally happened!

When I finished writing to you I laid down and turn off the lights, but I was too upset to go to sleep. After a while a heard the door creak, and pretended to be asleep.

“Leslie. Leslie, are you up?” I heard him say softly. I still pretended to be sleeping. “Leslie” he said one more time, this time a little bit louder. I didn’t stir. Finally he walked away from the door.

I waited a couple of minutes, then walked to the door. I peeked through the crack, and could see Don sitting on the couch. I squinted, and then realized what he was doing! He was rubbing his dick! He was watching the DVD and jerking himself off!

I quickly changed into nothing but a silk robe, silently opened the door, and walked into the living room. He was so preoccupied with the TV that he didn’t notice me, that is, until I sat down beside him.

“Leslie, oh, fuck, honey, I’m …” he stammered.

“Don, it’s OK, I understand. Denise is hot. You’d be crazy not to be attracted to her. I obviously am, and I thought I was straight until I met her. Sit down, join me.”

I pulled him down and sat back on the couch. I hoped that talking about Denise instead of me on the screen would reduce some of his panic. I then opened my robe and fingered my pussy as I rubbed my tits.

“Leslie, I, uh, I …”

“Quiet, Don. I obviously have nothing to hide from you anymore,” I said, motioning toward the TV. “Stay seated, enjoy the moment. Enjoy watching Denise. I am.”

It worked. Don had been so turned on that all he needed was an excuse to rub off to Denise and me. I had given him one. An added bonus, one that he wouldn’t have admitted to, was having me playing with myself right next to him. It wasn’t long before he started masturbating himself again. He was a little conscientious at first, but as he kept watching the movie, he became more and more comfortable.

I knew a part was coming up soon that would either disgust him or blow his mind. I hoped it was the latter. I took the opportunity to push things further. Quickly, I grabbed his cock, knelt down in front of the couch, and took that beautiful dick into my mouth. He was shocked, and tried to struggle away at first, but I was persistent, and soon he gave up. I could hear him moaning, obviously enjoying the moment. I then heard what was about to happen in the movie, and wondered what Don’s reaction would be.

Don watched the screen and saw Denise stand above me and start to piss on my tits. I remembered the feeling, how I had rubbed it all over myself, and then started to drink from her wonderful stream. I had watched that particular scene many times, and thought it was hot. What would Don think?

I heard him exclaim “What the fuck!” as the scene started, and then heard his moaning getting louder, his breathing more shallow, as it continued. Without warning he lost it, spurting a strong stream of cum into my mouth. I kept my mouth clamped on his cock, swallow all of his sperm as it spurted into my mouth.

As he finished cumming I looked up at him. “How was that?” I asked.

“Fuck, that was wonderful, Leslie!” he replied. “But …”

I wasn’t about to let him ruin the moment. “Piss on me!” I ordered.


“Piss on me! Piss on my tits, like Denise did in the movie. You know it turned you on. Piss on me!”

He was now standing, I was still kneeling in from of him. I grabbed his cock, now only partially hard, and pointed it toward my tits. He looked at me, and then tried to piss. It took him about thirty seconds, or so, and then a small stream of piss trickled on the floor. Fortunately it picked up in strength, and soon I had a torrent of his piss hitting my tits. His hot piss hitting my nipples and soaking my tits was awesome! I rubbed it into my tits, and then directed the stream to my mouth. I looked up at Don as I was drinking his piss. He had this amazing look in his eyes, I think it was half surprise and half lust.

His piss .... more

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