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Sophie's first public wetting !

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Submitted by SophieRxx1, Bi Female - Leeds

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Hello PeeSearch. I have another wet story for you. This is completely true, typed up yesterday (17/07/2009)

I had my first public wetting today! Iíve tried to do this many, many times in the past but lost my nerve at the last minute and decided against it. But not this time, I did what I wanted to, and actually enjoyed it. Since it was my first experience, I decided to jump straight into the deep end. I squeezed myself into a pair of tight jeans and met up with my friend, Emily.
Emily is a rather tall blonde, slim and with a large chest. We met up and she climbed into my car. A day of shopping was on the menu. We had never been to this part of the city before but we had heard it was a good place to shop. I parked up in the multi-story and the shopping began.

There were so many shops, selling everything I could possibly think of buying. Plenty of places to drink too, so Emily and I kept our fluids up. This of course made her need a wee, so we stopped in some public loos and she did her business. I didnít want to use these, my jeans were my toilet today. So I just fixed my hair, checked my makeup. Did what girls do =3.
We finished our shopping but unfortunately we got lost. I guess luck wasnít on my side. We had a lot to drink and I began to get pretty desperate, Emily was too. (She has a small bladder.) She asked me where the toilets where and I told her I had no idea. Even if I did know, I wouldnít use them. We both went on a search for the toilets but didnít really have much luck. As we continued to walk around, trying to find somewhere we knew, Emily suddenly stopped, crouched down and began to tie her shoe lace. I leant against the wall, squirming, waiting for her to finish. I find it easier to control my bladder when walking, so standing still was doing no favours. She cried OH NO. Just as I was about to ask what was wrong I saw a puddle begin to form under her skirt, she had lost control. Watching her do this was such a turn on for me, I couldnít believe I had just watched her totally flood her panties.
She just stayed in that position, motionless waiting for her bladder to drain. She got up about 30 seconds later and casually began to walk away like nothing had happened. ďGood job you were in a skirt, eh?Ē Having just seen her relieve herself, I was busting to let go too. I couldnít even walk straight. I went into a shop to ask how to get back into the city centre, having received my directions I proceeded to the exit. A young woman wanted to come in so being a lady, I held the door for her.

That is when it happened, I began peeing. I just froze. A patch formed on my jeans and was rapidly growing. Normally I would try to stop this, but since I wanted to wee, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I completely shut off from the outside world. I was in my own dreamland. My jeans were getting a soaking and the feeling of wetness/relief was incredible. I slid one hand down to my crotch to feel how wet they were, and wow they were very wet indeed. And then I realised what I was doing. I were wetting myself in front of many other people. My light blue jeans had pretty much turned black, I had never peed so much. Once my bladder was empty, and the dripping off my bum had stopped. I said sorry to everyone in the room and quickly walked to my car, Emily following me. We were closer than I thought to the car, maybe a two minute walk. I sat on a plastic bag so I didnít damage my seats and began to drive home. Emily asked me why I did it, I simply answered it was an accident.

I dropped Emily off at her house after the silent drive, and went home myself. I peeled my still wet jeans off and my tops before jumping into the shower. I discovered I had a small amount of pee left inside of me, begging to escape. I was feeling very naughty so I grabbed my clothes that I had just removed and put them into the bathroom sink. Once I was comfortable on the sink, I began playing with myself knowing that whatever is in my bladder when I climax will be ejected. Itís just the way my body works. I soon reached my orgasm causing pee and cum to shoot out of me, soaking my clothes again. After 10 seconds my stream had died down to nothing that was it, I was completely empty. I recovered from my orgasm then climbed into the shower, got myself clean before typing up this very story.

Hope you enjoyed it
Sophie x

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