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I developed my panty fetish early in life when I discovered my sister's lingerie drawer. Like most young males, I began to discover masturbation around puberty. Discovering my sister's panty drawer added a whole new dimension to my methods of masturbation. The feel of satin drove my dick wild. I would either wrap her panties around my dick or jack off, or I would put the panties on a pillow and fuck them until I came. I visualized girls in my class or women I saw during the day while jacking off with my sister's panties.

As I got older I began to filch panties from other women and use their panties to masturbate. Generally I would visualize the owner of the panties I swiped and spend hours in my room making myself come several times. My appetite for panties seemed to have no end. The more panties I had the more I would masturbate. This habit lasted through my college years and beyond. Needless to say I had quite a collection of women's underwear. It was a habit that eventually led me to get caught by my best friend's wife.

Mike has been my best friend since third grade. We were both popular in high school and had many girlfriends. My panty fetish did not keep me uninterested in girls and was mainly a source of release by way of masturbation. It was a secret only known to me. A secret that would certainly bring great humiliation if I got caught masturbating with women's panties.

After Mike's first marriage failed, it didn't take him long to jump right back into marriage again. His second wife Tammy was a goddess. She is about 5'10'' blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a body to die for. The only thing I found somewhat strange was her exceptionally large hands. Her hands were not masculine by any means, but larger than mine. Tammy was not only beautiful, but also much cooler than Mike's first wife.

I was dating a girl named Maria at the time of their marriage. Tammy and Maria hit it off right away, so we all spent a lot of time together. We would go out on double dates and, since my house was about thirty minutes away, Maria and I would spend the night at their house if we had a late night. I caught many glimpses of Tammy in sexy lingerie or t-shirt and panties. My fascination for her grew every time I witnessed such a wonderful site.

One weekend we got back to mike and Tammy's house late and I was too drunk to drive home. Maria had to visit with her folks the next day and decided to go home, but I decided to crash at Mike and Tammy's. Mike coached soccer and had to leave early the next morning for practice, but he said it was cool if I slept in and he would see me afterwards. Tammy mentioned that she had some errands to run the next morning too, but that I could just make myself at home as usual.

Since I am now in my late twenties, I don't masturbate as much as I use to, but my affection for panties hadn't dwindled in the least. The next morning however, I woke up with a raging hard on. Since I knew no one was supposed to be there that morning, I decided a quick wank session was in order since Maria hadn't stayed over with me. The only problem was that I needed a little visual stimulation or something else to get me going. Mike had long since thrown out nudie magazines and porn would be too hard to find. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. I would check the laundry room for some of Tammy's panties. I would have just gone to her room and went drawer shopping, but the laundry room was in the basement right down the hall from the extra bedroom.

To my delight it was easy to find a pair of Tammy's panties. There was a sexy green pair right on top. I pulled them up to my nose and took in her aroma. My dick got hard instantly. Not only were the panties themselves sexy, but the owner was an object of my desire as well. I wasted no time in wrapping those panties around my dick and started masturbating furiously. I was on the verge of blowing my load when, to my horror, I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I knew I should have either checked the house first or went back to the privacy of my room before I started, but in my haste and desire I did not. What a mistake!

When I turned around there was Tammy looking straight at me with a look of shock on her face. Here was my best friend's wife catching me with her panties wrapped around my dick in its full purpled-headed glory.

"What do you think you're doing Pete?" she said.

"I..I...I.." was all I could stammer.

"You should be ashamed of yourself! Do you like the way my panties feel on that little cock of yours?"

"What a little sissy you are jacking off in my panties. I never would of thought you were a little panty freak!"

"Tammy I...."

"Shut up", she screamed. "Wait until I tell mike and Maria what you were doing!"

"Please Tammy don't say anything I am sorry. I didn't mean...."

"Why shouldn't I tell them? Just give me one reason why I shouldn't expose you for what you are. A little sissy panty boy."

"Please. I'll do anything you want. Just please don't tell mike and Maria. They will be crushed!"

Suddenly a wicked little smile came across her face. "Well maybe I can have a little fun. A little fun never hurt anybody!"

"I want you to put those panties on." I was dumbfounded. "What?".

"You heard me you little dick sissy. Put those panties on so you can feel what it's like to be a panty boy. I know you're dying to see what they feel like against that little prick of yours. Hurry up or I will be forced to tell!"

By this time my dick had shriveled to nothing. I was completely embarrassed, but I couldn't let her tell my friend and girlfriend. So I slowly pulled the little green panties up on my waist. They were tight, but I managed to get them all the way on. The feel of the smooth satin against my dick soon made me realize that my dick was beginning to harden again. I was actually enjoying being dressed in women's panties.

Tammy noticed this and began to laugh. "See I knew you would enjoy it you little sissy!" just hearing those words come out of her mouth and the combination of her panties on my body was making my dick ache! My face turned beat red. And Tammy was enjoying every minute of my humiliation.

She slowly walked up to me and raised her t-shirt. "See now we both know what it feels like to wear panties." Seeing her in that little sexy string bikini was doing a number on me. My head began to feel a little light. What she did next completely blew my mind and my load. She reached down and began to rub my dick through the panties. Don't forget that I have said that her hands were large. Her hands completely swallowed my dick. "I would of thought your cock was bigger than this since I know you have had many girlfriends! You're not a man. You're a little sissy boy. My panty boy." I couldn't stand it any more. The combination of standing there in her panties and her comments about my dick sent me over the edge. I came all over the front of her panties. Again Tammy began to laugh at me. "A little dick and a premature ejaculator! How funny. You should be ashamed of coming on my panties, but I guess that's what you had in mind in the first place isn't it?"

"Now that you've made a mess of that pair of panties, I have something else for you to do. I want you to get down on your knees and clean up this other mess that you've made." With that statement she exposed her panties again and the crotch was soaking wet. Apparently the ability to humiliate me in this situation had caused an effect on her as well.

"I want you to like my pu.... more

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