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The first time a guy wet himself for me (true)

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Submitted by Lacy_Panty_Girl, Bi Female - "too worldly for my tastes, madam"

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(I told this story in abbreviated and somewhat confusing form in the chatroom a few weeks ago, and at the time several people requested that I write it up and post it in the forums so that more than 6 or 7 people could enjoy it. I've been extremely busy since then but I'm finding time now to catch up on some things, including writing.)

In my late teens/early 20's, I dated a very open-minded guy for a few years off and on, and ended up exploring a lot of my sexuality as a result - including, to some extent, my pee fetish. I had only had one partner before him who was into it at all, and she was...a she, for starters... and also specifically into Adult Baby and not any other aspects of peeing or related fetishes, although she did indulge my curiosity a few times by letting me pee on her hand, or wetting herself for me (not in a diaper). (Yes, I'll get around to writing up and posting the stories of those experiences later - but they don't belong in this story.) He wasn't into the pee fetish at all and was really a bit confused by it, but willing to try just about anything once, as long as it was within his limits. At the time (I was 19 when this story takes place, so a little over 10 years ago), there were plenty of pee sites on the internet (trust me, I think I looked at ALL of them), but information on introducing a partner to the fetish was - and sadly, still can be - difficult to find, or not terribly useful when it is found. I found exactly one "Intro" sort of article and to my dismay it was almost entirely focused on pee-drinking, specifically male drinking of female pee, and while I now know that I like that quite a bit, at the time I wasn't sure how I felt about it, having never experienced it, and I definitely wouldn't want to push it on someone who wasn't interested. I nearly turned him off peeing altogether by sending him to that site! There were a few other sites, or stories, that were more helpful - but I had the best luck with getting him to understand and approve of peeing on each other (below the neck only) before or during sex, or of letting me watch him pee or hold his cock for him while he peed (I tried to get him to watch me peeing too but he just didn't find it interesting or a turn-on at all, so I stopped after a few tries). He was quite good at drinking a lot and holding his pee for a long time, because he had a (semi-reasonable) theory that peeing too frequently when drinking (alcohol) would lessen the alcohol's effect, and we were both fairly serious party kids at the time so it was common for us to tell each other how many drinks we'd had without peeing, or how badly we had to pee (but were choosing to hold it) - it was a turn-on for me and more of a source of pride thing for him, but we both enjoyed it and holding our pee until we absolutely couldn't any more was standard party behavior for both of us. I could hold all night (most of the time - unless I wanted to have an "accident"), and he would usually pee once, but almost never more than that.

Having got all of that backstory out of the way.... one night we'd had one of our standard "parents out of town so invite lots of friends over to drink and play in the pool until very late" sort of parties, and I hadn't noticed him peeing at any point, but assumed that he would have, as usual. The last guest had left, and we were doing some quick basic cleaning-up before going to bed. I noticed that he was walking sort of slowly and carefully, but I just attributed it to sobering-up and didn't think anything of it. As I finished putting bar supplies away, I told him that I had to pee, and asked if he wanted to do anything "special", or if I should just go to the toilet. He turned around with a funny, slightly angry sort of look on his face, and said - rather forcefully - "Of course I want to play, why do you think I've been holding it ALL FUCKING NIGHT!"

(And you know how, when you raise your voice, your abdominal muscles sort of contract, and if you're very full or have a weak bladder you might leak a bit?)

As he said (well, shouted, really) the last few words, the loveliest wet patch spread from the crotch of his khaki trousers most of the way down his right thigh. He stopped speaking and looked down, then looked up at me, blushing bright red and starting to apologize. "Damn it, I was trying to save up as much as I could so I could really soak you, I know how much you love it, and you've been swimming so you're not wearing any clothes to get wet...."

I crossed the room and hugged him. "I don't mind getting clothes wet, you know."

"I know, but... that's you, wetting yourself, so it's different."

"It's not that different. Look at me." I reached down and stroked him through his wet trousers. "Can you tell how turned on I am by this?" I could tell he was really struggling to maintain control - that wet patch wasn't anywhere near what he was capable of producing, he must have cut the flow off as soon as he realized what he was doing.

"If we don't hurry, I'm going to end up wasting the rest of it too." He started to unfasten his trousers.

I grabbed his hand to stop him. "Don't. They're already wet enough that.... more

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