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The Girlfriend Chronicles (Pt. 1)

Submitted by Sarrim, Straight Male - Oregon

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Just as a primer: These stories are true. Names, obviously, are changed. I've always been pretty open with my kinkiness, and I tend to attract girls who are compatible, in both the sexual and relational sense, to accept and indulge me, . I guess I just never really saw the point in pursuing a relationship where such a big part of the sexuality would be repressed. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. I'm not too old, but I've had some fun times.

The first time that I ever saw a girl pee was right in the senior year of high school. One of my family friends, a girl by the name of Autumn, I hung out with on a fairly regular basis. Hormones being what they were, and the awkward, overweight, overly chivalric kid that I myself was, meant that she was a font of unrequited love. It, of course, helped, that she was smoking hot.

But really, that was secondary to the way she moved. I don't know what it was about her, but she had this sort of...Liquid grace to her that just made me half-retarded every time she caught my attention. She was a little lanky, and waifish, but beautiful nonetheless. Pale skin, flawless skin, deep green eyes, absolutely beautiful reddish-brown hair.

I'm kind of a faces person. Well, face and butt. Her face was angular yet soft. Distinguished features that made every part of her identity stand out. She was my fantasy for a number of nights. Of course, back then I was the definition of "insecure nice guy", so she and I never had a chance. But I always glanced at her when I thought she wasn't looking.

The irony of it is that the moment that it happened, when I caught her, I wasn't even trying to be a pervy teenager. It was in Florida.

You see, back before my family lost any of the small amount of wealth it had, we used to take trips - often with friends and the like. One of those times, Autumn and her family came with us. It was fun, it was wild. I was always kind of an innocent, almost geeky kind of a kid (Hell, I still am to a degree), so I never got into trouble. Most of our stuff was restricted to theme parks and shopping centers. And dinner theater. It was fun though. Anyway, one late afternoon, my parents and Autumn's parents are out on the town, and we ended up hanging at the resort, playing in the pool.

Autumn was wearing a green bikini, the kind held together with rings, that really accentuated her ass. For my part, I mostly stayed in the water to hide the ridiculous result of my raging teenage hormones. It didn't help that we were splashing and throwing each other around the pool. Our relationship was something of an innocent friendship borne from knowing each other since we were 5. There was a sexual tension to it...But that didn't stop us.

After awhile, we called it quits and headed back to our suite. I had showered off at the pool itself, but she wanted a bit more of a thorough clean, so I had opted to make some sandwiches. I did, and by the time I had finished the sandwich, so had she with her shower. I called out to her, and she told me to just leave it by the door. Famous last words.

Now, windows are wonderful, wonderful things. The world outside revealed and all that. But, if one side's dark (In this case, a shady outlook as twilight sets in, and the other is brightly lit, it's a perfect mirror. I rounded the corner to her bedroom, and nearly dropped the damn sandwich.

In the reflection of the mirrored window, in perfect, clear detail, stood Autumn, freshly dried from her shower, completely nude. Her breasts were beautiful, perky and round, her nipples erect from the cold. and her body, I noticed, curved lasciviously well, all the way down to a small, neatly trimmed body of pubic hair that was a light red color. A little voice in me screamed that propriety and modesty demanded I twirl the other way, but another part of me coolly dismissed it, rooting me to the spot as I watched her in a sort of dumbstruck, hormonal fascination. She was still spot drying her arms when she saw me. I think she was wondering why I had stopped my banter midsentence (I still can't remember what the hell I was talking about just then). When she saw that I saw her, she jumped back, startled. The towel, which she tried to cover herself with, slipped from her blessedly butterfingery hands. And then, it happened.

Her legs were drawn together in an attempt at modesty. But that just made the entire experience that much more sensual. A small jet of liquid trickled down her creamy thigh, and then another, and then a steady stream. It had a pale gold color that somehow accentuated the marble-cream color of her skin. It took her a moment to realize that she was doing it; I had literally scared the piss out of her. But when she tried to stop it, it made it all the more erotic for me (And probably played a bit into my dom streak). Her hand clasped toward her pussy, and I had a brief look at her nether lips before she grabbed on for dear life, trying to stop. She half-squatted down, her knees together, but none of it stopped the flow, and the golden liquid streamed between her fingers. Finally, she regained enough control to settle herself onto the toilet, which snapped me from my trance as well.

I realized at once a number of things: First, my breath drew in ragged and deep. I hadn't taken a breath for this entire incident, and my heart pounded. An aching, physical need permeated my whole body and, as I whirled around, back to the doorway, my cock twitched in my swim trunks. Second, I realized that my mind was babbling incoherently, from a million imagined voices of friends and family as if they had a backseat driver's view of this whole thing. That right there I put a stop to. That was just weird.

The third, was that I realized that I must look like a giant, complete pervert.

"Jesus, Autumn, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to...Uh....Um."

She didn't say anything.

In a broken sequence of ums and ahs, I said that I would close the door, and her sandwich would be on the counter. I wen.... more

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