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Transformers 2 Alternate Ending

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This is a true story. Names have been changed.

I went to see the midnight showing of Transformers 2 at midnight with a large group of friends. We filled 2 rows in the theater, and I saw friends I hadn't seen since high school, (I'm 21 now, a senior in college). My friend Aaron was bringing his secret girlfriend to introduce her to everyone.

Less than a year ago while drunk I told all my friends about my golden shower fetish, and how I've wanted a girl to pee on me for years now. They joked about taking me to a bar and finding a girl squatting in the alley for me. They joked about that a lot since then in good humor. But 2 days before Transformers 2 Aaron texted me about how he was going to bring his girlfriend to see it, and then in another text asked me if I wanted her to pee on me. I told him "sure! but would you have a problem with that?" Aaron sent back, "i don't give a fuck! I'll let you know."

Since then the anticipation for the night grew. My heart was racing just thinking about it, not knowing if he was serious. He send me a few messages the day of the movie, asking if I've ever been peed on before, and telling me she would only do it if I kept my eyes closed. I agreed and told him she could aim at my face

They arrived 20 minutes before the movie started, and I met his girlfriend Felicia for the first time. She was 28, blonde, slender, and very attractive. I'd rank her an 8. They brought in cups filled with vodka and a large tub of popcorn.

I still wasn't sure if the two of them were serious. 20 minutes into the movie they walked to the bathroom and Aaron send me a text asking "u in?" I figured maybe that was the time they were going to do it, so i walked out to "go to the bathroom." They were nowhere to be found. When I returned they were sitting again and I figured the whole thing was a joke and they just wanted to see if I'd actually go through with it. I saw down and then tried to enjoy the rest of the movie, disappointed.

After the movie, Aaron texted me again. "pee time?" My heart jumped. Everything was a blur as i texted him back "hell yeah!" and asked him where. I realized they must have been planning on doing it after the movie all along, after all it would only make sense to not want to skip out on the movie to do it. They had an apartment right next to the theater and he guided me through the gate and to the building they were staying in. I was so excited that I had trouble parking my truck in the lot, and it took me 3 tries. I went up to their door and called him to let me in.

He opened the door. "Okay," he told me. "Here's the deal. She'll go pee on you quick. Then I fuck her."

"Cool," I replied. I hurried into their room and saw her still wearing the cute dress she wore to the movie. She was trying not to giggle as she saw the huge grin on my face.

I laid down in the shower and took off my shirt and pants but left my underwear on. Aaron turned off the lights and said she'd be in in a minute. I braced myself.

Felicia and Aaron came back in talking. She had never done this before either. She was mostly curious about what I saw in golden showers. I told her it had something to do with reaching a level of intimacy normally not attained in most relationships. She asked what I did to Aaron to have him set this up for me, and I told her, "we're bros"

With that, she stood on the tub right over me as i lay there. I closed my eyes as per agreement. She asked again if I had ever done this before, and when I told her no, she voiced concern that she might be the girl to ruin it for me if it turned out I actually didn't like getting peed on. I told her that wouldn't happen, I've dreamed about it for years. Felicia said, "then this is a big deal. what if I pee on you and you throw up because you don't like it?"

"If it's too strong then I don't have to drink it," i said. "I'll just let it pour over me then. I won't puke." That set her min.... more

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