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As tired as I am, when you walk in the door the sight of you makes me smile and my spirits lift~! I had come home and showered before you came home, and when you walk in the door I am wearing only my cuddly cotton robe. You see my curls hanging loose, a little damp still, the odd drop of water on my skin. As I walk towards you the robe opens slightly and you glimpse a gold brown slightly freckled thigh, my red toenails flash as I walk barefoot to you. I pull you in the door, smiling broadly, and pull myself against you.

I kiss your cheek, lay my head on your shoulder. You smell the sweet scent of papaya from my slightly wet hair, the bouquet of cocoa butter from my skin, still soft from me rubbing the lanolin into it. My face is clean, shiny, from my shower, my lips naturally pink and soft, shiny from a light gloss. My dark dark eyes look up at you, tired, but with a fire sparkling deep inside, my teeth flashing white, the freckles on my nose clearer than usual because of my shower.

Your hand moves from my waist to cup my buttocks, firm and round to your touch. The robe finishes half way down my thigh and your hand moves up beneath it to find my warm slightly wet skin, to knead the firm round cheeks of my buttocks. You are watching my face, you see the flash of lust as passion ignites in my eyes, hear the soft intake of my breath followed by a husky soft moan. You smile down at me and my smile changes to an impish one, dimples forming in my cheeks~!

You love fact that no matter how tired I am the mere touch of your hand makes me quiver and sigh and come alive. It makes your cock stir in your trousers, and I see the movement and giggle. I step away slightly and watching your face I until the belt holding my robe closed. You watch, holding your breath as the robe falls open, but only leaving a strip of skin visible in the centre s it sways open then almost closed again. In that moment you saw whiter skin of my tummy, rounded, above the redness of my nether curls, the round heaviness of my breasts.

I smile even more at the movement in your trousers~!. I slowly slide off the robe and stand there before you. Although I have issues with my curves, you have made me realise and cherish just how much you love every round curve, the taut roundness of my belly, the round firmness of my butt, the sound heaviness of my breasts, and the arc of my pubis with its soft curls. I love that you love my body, and it makes me feel safe and free with you~!

Your tongue juts out unbidden as you watch the light catch my curves, gleam on errant drops of water caressing and running down my skin. Your eyes trace the oath of a pregnant drop on the end of a long curl just above my breast. You follow as it drops, sliding over the roundness of my breast, hanging swollen from a hardening rosy nipple, splashing on my rounded belly, curving in towards my rounded pussy and its shadowy velvet cleft, before it veers away and down my thigh. You see my belly shudder as I watch you watching me.

There is a soft guttural sound as you reach forward, hand behind my neck and pull me in. My curves fit tight against you, and our lips meet, mine soft, yielding, surrendering to your harder firmer kiss. Your tongue slides against my lips tasting cherry then mint, and I open my mouth to you. as I do my body sags against you slightly s I give into the kiss, surrender completely to you as our tongues touch, taste, dance, as my passion explodes and I hungrily suck your tongue, let you suck mine. Your hands push against those rounded butt cheeks and grind me against the hardness of your cock confined in your clothes still.

I groan as I feel your hardness against me, my groan in your mouth as you kiss me. I break the kiss, open my eyes, dazed and confused from being so lost in the moment. I look at you and slowly unbutton your shirt, pulling it free then sliding it off you. I kiss and bite your shoulder as I slip it off. My hands run across your chest, lightly, leaving sparks of electricity in their wake, goose bumps erupting at my touch. I bend and suckle each nipple, making you moan loudly.

My hands fin the belt buckle and I unbuckle and unzip, pulling away again and using both hands to slide the trousers down your legs. Your cock bounces free, hard, bobbing, almost rubbing against my nose. I laugh and kiss its tip, making it buck even more. I haunch down and untie your shoes, take one off, then the other, sliding off your socks. You are mesmerised by the sight of my wet gleaming pussy, cleft opening enough to show the wet pink centre as I squat near the floor, helping you undress. All too soon you are kicking your pants and other encumbrances away and I am standing again.

You pull me too you, your hot skin against my warm still damp skin, your head bending and suckling engorged pink nipples. I moan against you, your cock rubbing my lower belly. I move down to a kneeling position, my eyes on yours, and slowly cup your balls, licking them slowly, softly, suckling on them as you moan and precum erupts from your tip. I move up and using the tip of my tongue taste the glistening drop at the end, the touch of my tongue making you throb.

I lick slowly, softly, like eating a soft-serve ice cream, rolling my tongue along the full hard quivering length of you. You are barely able to breathe. Slowly I let the tip push against my soft cherry glossed lips, allowing your head to push itself past the soft lips into the wet hollowed out heat of my mouth, and you groan again as I slide you deep into my throat, so deep your balls touch my chin, and I have to consciously breathe around the fullness in my throat.

The love and desire in your eyes makes me moan, full mouth or not, and I start to slowly slide you in and out, my hand on your shaft, one hand on your balls, playing softly, tracing that line behind your balls~! Your hands come down and tangle in long wet curls as you guide my head along your shaft. I resist enough to control the strokes, to vary them from long and hard and deep, to shorter and quicker. I feel your body tense, realise you are battling for control, and I hold you still in my throat, my eyes on your face, eyes closed in concentration.

After long moments you slide out, pull me up, and help me move backwards, as if we were dancing, until I hit the back of the sofa. You push against me and kiss me slowly, lingeringly, leaving me wet and quivering when you finally break the spell. I open my eyes and look at you with all the love and passion and lust that I feel. Still looking at you I smile, then turn and bend over the back of the sofa, legs splayed, on my toes, bent almost in half, but my head comfortable on the soft cushions.

You look at the round firm ass, the quivering thighs, and the red painted toes on which I stretch my legs, the warm wet pinkness of me in the v under my rounded butt cheeks. Your lust overtakes you and you push against me, feel me yield again to you. You feel the warm tight wetness of my muscles envelop and enfold you, as you fill and stretch me, you murmur as I squeal in delight. You moan softly as I rotate my hips and tighten my inner pussy muscles on your cock, pulling it in even deeper. You stand still for a while, allowing me to milk your cock, feeling the different sensation as I sway my hips against you.

Then you pull out and thrust in hard, deep, as deep as you can, and hear my breath intake as you do so. You try to control yourself but fail and you pound inside me hard, deep, over and over, lost lust. But you desire to see my face, watch my eyes as I cum, as you cum, and reluctantly you pull out with slight plopping sound, your cock dripping with precum and my juices.

I turn to face you, we kiss, and then move you around to the front so I can push you down on the couch, sucking my juices and your cum from your reddened throbbing shaft, suck your balls clean, and then lean in and let you suck my tongue, tasting us both there. I manoeuvre so I can kneel, legs wide on the couch cushions, pussy poised over your cock, my breasts in your face. Your teeth catch and graze a nipple, causing my pussy to drip on your cock and balls.

Slowly I slide down onto your cock, and it slides so deep I feel it touch me deep inside, taking my breath. I look at you, the intense expression you have on your face, the anticipation. We kiss again as I slide up and down, harder, faster, furiously abandoned. I arch my back, throw my head back, curls whipping the air, and your teeth latch onto a nipple and you suck hard.

I force my eyes open to look at you, and in a husky voice, distorted by the frantic thrusts of my hips as I impale myself on you cock again and again like the sea beating against the rocks, I tell you how much I love fucking you, how I would die without you deep inside me, how I want this to never end and that all I ever want is to have you buried inside me. I tell you I love you, and that I love fucking you, two not entirely inclusive things.

I feel your cock buck, thicken, and open my eyes. My eyes find yours, forcing you to release my nipple, leaving it wet and red and swollen, as your eyes find mine, and, as if mesmerised you cannot look away. Slowly out lips meet again in hot wet sloppy open mouthed kisses intermingled with groans. I feel you tense, feel your cock busk and feel your warm wet cum shoot inside me as you groan loudly, almost biting my tongue. I let go at the same time, giving in .... more

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