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Submitted by sanyo, Bi Female - Ireland

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Back when i was 18 in school studying for my A levels it was school rules for us to wear a uniform. For a girl it was shirt, jacket, skirt and tights or pantyhose. Anyway i had discovered my interest for peeing since i was very young and untill then i had wet myself lots of times even in front of my friends and family but just passed it off as accidents. One day in class the science teacher wouldnt let me use the toilet and i was absolutely busting to go, i pleaded a couple times but she still said no. I knew what was gona end up happening and after a while my body started trembling and i just knew i was losing control of my body. Next thing was my knickers were getting wet. I did not want my skirt getting wet so i stood up crossed my legs and started crying. Only ones that were sitting close could see what was happening because of my tights. The teacher asked what was wrong with me now as i stood there wetting myself. My best friend said Sanyo has had an accident and she looked and seen the puddle. I felt somewhat embarassed but naughty deep inside as i had never done it in front of a room of strangers. I just sat down again and continued working and the teacher asked if i wanted to go to the toilet. But i told her ist a little late now i have already had a pee. Luckily it was near hometime so when the bell rang i just got up and left the puddle for someone else to clean. My tights were black and nobody could see the big wet marks down my legs. By that time my knickers were absolutely cold as i walked home. When i got home i was in the kitchen talking to my mum i couldun resist letting out the tiny dribble that had built up in my bladder since the wetting and she was totally unaware.

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